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Although symptoms of mouth herpes can be very unpleasant, there are also some symptoms that are so mild that you would not suspect that you have contracted the virus.
Once you have had your initial outbreak, you will continue to have recurrent episodes as there is no cure for the disease; it only can be treated. Mouth herpes is extremely contagious; therefore, you should ensure that you seek medical attention, and avoid contact with persons when you have an outbreak. Herpes Labialis starts with prodromal symptoms such as burning, tingling, soreness or swelling on the lip and is followed by the formation of tiny blisters, called vesicles, which coalesce and break forming a crusty sore. Systemic drugs like these are generally used in very severe cases in immunocompromised patients, or in herpes infections of the eye. Recently, the Food and Drug Administration has approved penciclovir 1% topical cream for the treatment of herpes labialis. Laser treatments for cold sores have only recently become widely available because of the development of inexpensive diode lasers which can now be found in many dental offices.
All material on this web site is protected by copyright and is registered with the US Copyright office. Written requests for publication on the internet or other mass media (including printed publications) will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Web developers may NOT copy the content or images from this website for use in developing commercial websites for other dentists or health care providers. DISCLAIMER: Statements made on this web site are for informational purposes only and are not intended to be substituted for the advice of a medical professional. If you come into contact with a shingles rash, and you have not contracted chicken pox earlier in life, you will develop the chicken pox virus, and not shingles. Shingles is an infection that occurs when the varicella virus (chicken pox) is reactivated from it’s latent or dormant phase in the body. Treatment, like most viral disorders is much more effective when given in the first 48 hours. In most cases a person's first indication that a cold sore is developing is that they notice a sense of Tingling or soreness, tautness, or swelling in the location where their cold sore will form. This stage of the disease can be seen as blisters that are filled with a clear serous  fluid resembling serum which is watery in nature. The type I herpes virus normally causes infections on the area of the body above the waist, while type II is responsible for causing infections on the area of the body below the waist.

Well, it is through mucus membranes, saliva or cuts; and once the virus enters your body, it broods for approximately 4 days and then symptoms start to appear.
For those persons who do have symptoms, outbreaks usually appear in clusters of small red sores inside of or close to the mouth.
Over time, the symptoms of recurrent outbreaks will become milder, and the only symptom you will have may be blisters. This is applied every two hours while awake, and will help to shorten the duration and severity of the cold sore. In most cases this involves the nerve of the face (trigeminal);however it can effect all areas of the body where the rash was present. The treatment does not resolve the symptoms but does shave one or two days off the duration of the illness and decreases the severity of the symptoms. For the most part, this area looks normal, but can become slightly reddened compared to the surrounding tissue. Generally, there are a series of scabs that will form and then drop off as the wound gets smaller and smaller.
Even though the type I herpes virus is the main cause of mouth herpes, infections above the waist can also be caused by type II of the herpes virus. Once the outbreak of symptoms is under control, the nerve cells of the virus travel to the top of your spine and stays dormant until something reactivates it.
There have been cases where individuals have developed blisters at the back of their throats. The pain associated with these sores is relieved immediately, and the lesion itself heals within 24 to 48 hours. Furthermore, treating the soreness of the lip does not treat the other flue-like symptoms of the viral infection.
Chicken Pox and Shingles are caused by the herpes virus, specifically the herpes virus type 3. More often the neurons or sensory receptors (nerves) are now infected which causes the pain. When the virus is reactivated, it produces another outbreak once it travels down the nerve pathway. You may also develop bleeding gums, aching joints, headaches, fevers and swollen lymph glands.

Furthermore, once an area of the lip is treated with a laser, that area is less likely to ever again be the focus of another cold sore.
These symptoms generally disappear within 7 to 10 days on their own, and can be relieved to a certain extent using acetaminophen and drinking plenty of fluids.
Chicken Pox is the acute phase of the illness and Shingles is the reactivation of that virus. The fluid from this wound contains the highest concentration of the "free" viral particles and anyone that comes in contact with the fluid could very well get infected.
The course of the infection can be shortened substantially with a course of acyclovir or another viral antibiotic.
If permission is granted, you must credit me for the use of the material and link to this website prominently from your own. It is more common in the immuno-compromised and elderly; however this author has seen it in teenagers and young adults. They are usually raised small bumps on a red base and then usually turn into vesicles or blisters. Narcotics are very helpful to resolve the pain and will make one much more comfortable.Corticosteroids also help with postherpetic neuralgia and have been found to help reduce inflammation. The common exchange of body fluids comes from kissing any moist tissue (lips, nasal tissue, eye lid, vaginal etc.).
Mouth herpes pictures are available on the Internet, so that you can compare the symptoms you are having to those in the shown in the pictures. Pain management, and allowing this illness to run it’s course is the best treatment at our disposal right now. They are redness at the injection site, mild pain and possibly a low grade fever for twenty four hours. No website is a substitute for a visit to a living, breathing dentist or physician who can deal with you personally. Peace and healing highly recommends the vaccine due to the serious complications that the elderly can get from Herpes Zoster.

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