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This weekend, the Boston Christmas Festival returns to the Seaport World Trade Center, bringing with it early tidings of seasonal cheer, gifts of every variety and some truly mind-blowing gingerbread houses. For early shoppers and families in the area, ita€™s a cornucopia of opportunity and entertainment. Now entering its 28th year, the Boston Christmas Festival is a celebration of the holiday season and what makes it so special.
Out of the extensive lineup, a handful of artists have been selected as Featured Artisans, and shoppers would do well to scan the list before they attend. Even with all enticing the gift options at the Boston Christmas Festival, the stars of the show just might be made of gingerbread.
Given the Seaport World Trade Centera€™s central location in the city, ita€™s easy to get to and from the festival.

Of course, one day of shopping can easily turn into two or three, and fortunately, therea€™s no shortage of accommodations in the area for when that happens. Starting on Friday, November 7 and running through Sunday, November 9, the 2014 festival will feature 300+ craft artists, with something for bargain seekers, lavish consumers and everyone else in between. Although the featured folks represent a small fraction of will be on site, the breadth of their specialties paints a pretty good picture of the festivala€™s variety; soap, Celtic crests, clothing, glasswork, jewelry, custom dog collars and decorative woods are just a few of the offerings, and thata€™s just from the featured group of twenty. Each year, several top chefs take part in a Gingerbread House competition, tapping into an entirely different kind of culinary creativity. On the T, Bostona€™s subway, the trade center is a few stops away from South Station along the Silver Line.
The Boston Seaport Hotel hosts the event on its premises, so thata€™s definitely the easiest place.

The results are consistently spectacular, and, best of all, the proceeds go to Housing Families as a part of the greater effort to end homelessness. The site is also accessible by bus and the festival website has some good suggestions on parking nearby, too. The Harborside Inn is another convenient spot, while the Boston Omni Parker House Hotel makes three.

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