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White wine has many of the same health benefits as it’s red counterpart, but some to a slightly lower degree. The Michelada is a seemingly strange combination of beer, worcetershire sauce, and lime juice.
The Mojito is a combination of sugar syrup, fresh lime, rum, and garnished with mint leaves. Being as Champagne is essentially carbonated white wine you get all the same health benefits as a standard glass of white wine, with one very interesting added bonus. Of all the drinks on this list, the Hot Toddy is the only one believed to serve as a cure for the common cold and the flu.
Mimosa gives you all the previously covered benefits of drinking champagne and infuses it with the added benefit of vitamin C from orange juice. It might sound surprising but there are actually several health benefits to drinking whiskey. The fizzy lemonade is a mixed drink that offers a lot of vitamin C, and the carbonation can actually help with digestion. Marin County is the healthiest county in America for children, according to a new ranking by U.S.
The rankings of 1,200 counties in the United States were developed with the help of the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute, which in a separate analysis has rated Marin the healthiest county in California for four years running.
Larry Meredith, director of the Marin County Department of Health and Human Services, was not self-congratulatory, however.
Meredith said Marin's access to parks and open space helps promote kids' health by encouraging an active lifestyle.

Marin earned its perfect score by ranking high on such statistics as babies born with low birth weight, infant death rates, teen birth rates, children in poverty and injury death rate for children under age 19.
The report found that 10.8 percent of Marin's children live in poverty compared with 24 percent for the national median.
The report said that even the highest-ranking counties, such as Marin, have areas where they could improve. The material in this site is intended to be of general informational use and is not intended to constitute medical advice, probable diagnosis, or recommended treatments. Much like beer, there is a lot of evidence that 1 or 2 glasses of red wine a day will put you at a much lower risk for heart disease. It contains slightly less antioxidants than red, but it has similar effects in preventing heart disease. The vitamin C in the orange juice will help boost your immune system and keep you hydrated while drinking. This super drink gives you all the positive effects of beer with the antioxidant and vitamin C benefits of worcestershire sauce and lime juice. Rum, when consumed in moderation, has the ability to lower your risk for heart disease and the fresh lime contains vitamin C and antioxidants.
Scientists have recently discovered a corelation between 1 or 2 glasses of champagne a day and a sizable increase in spacial memory.
Sangria takes all the benefits of red wine, which has already been described on this list as one of the healthiest alcoholic beverages in existence, and fortifies it with the essential vitamins and minerals of a variety of fresh fruit.
It’s a concoction of water, whiskey, brown sugar, and honey, served hot on a cold wet day.

The Bloody Mary is a great way to get all your servings of veggies and get a buzz at the same time. He said the county deserves some credit, however, for its efforts to discourage smoking and promote healthier eating.
For example, it pointed out that though Marin has relatively low rates of teen births and children in poverty, they are almost twice as high as fifth-ranked Ozaukee County in Wisconsin. See the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (Your California Privacy Rights) for more information.
It has been proven that drinking up to 3 beers a day decreases your risk of heart disease by around 30% and it also lowers your risk of getting diseases like diabetes. It contains even more of the antioxidant ellagic acid than red wine and studies show that drinking 6 glasses of whiskey a week significantly lowers your risk of dementia. The health of children within Marin can vary dramatically depending on their ZIP code, he said. Maybe the most surprising health benefit of red wine is that it’s really good for your teeth.

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