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Many nurseries grow plants in containers — pots or baskets that restrict thesprawl of roots and allow plants to be efficiently stocked and sold. A team of researchers from Michigan State University (MSU) AgBioResearch is working to address both the environmental and financial concerns by developing a system to purify and recycle water and fertilizers. Fernandez and his students are conducting experiments on nursery beds to determine the efficiency and impact of various irrigation techniques. Reducing the volume of inputs is important, but remediating those already present is of equal significance. While Fernandez’s team collects runoff, Cregg will study the impact of that water on the plants grown in the nursery beds, comparing the water treated through remediation techniques to that of untreated water. Behe is studying how consumers incorporate information about the water usage and sustainability of greenhouse and nursery products into their purchasing decisions. Behe uses eye-tracking technology, which employs infrared light to follow the motion of a subject’s pupils, to determine which parts of a product display consumers look at most. By studying how consumers read plant displays that highlight water use information, Behe can begin to understand how important it is to the economic success of nurseries and greenhouses. Improving the capacity for recycling and remediating water has numerous potential benefits.
Then it's time to GET THE RED OUT!As a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, and Personal Fitness Trainer, I am your personal advocate for living an energized and passionate life. I invite you to an initial consultation to discuss your health history, your concerns and goals, as well as what you have always imagined for your life. Be sure your listing is up on all the key local directories with all your important content (social links and product info).
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Marcos Osorno  Chief Technology Officer at Skyward Launching a commercial operation in a new (and highly regulated) market requires calculated choices about business goals, the regulatory environment, the competitive landscape, and timing.
Hilary Golston , WKYC CLEVELAND — The first authorized commercial drone flight took off in downtown Cleveland Thursday evening.
Science Farm, a smart farm solution provider, announced on April 20 that it is considering entering markets in the Africa and Asia regions based on the experience it has accumulated through its domestic business activities. While consumer demand for organic products continues to increase so does the demand for locally grown produce.

Growers Supply, active in greenhouses, high tunnels and hydroponic systems, introduced a new growing structure, the GrowSpan Roll-Up Low Pro Tunnel. Nature Fresh Farms continues to grow as the Canadian operation adds on another greenhouse at its site in Delta Township.The farm produced its first crop of OhioRed tomatoes earlier this year and more is forecast in 2016. At the top of an empty 1950s office block that once belonged to the Dutch telecommunications powerhouse Philips, above an abandoned reception desk and six floors of vacant office space, is a shock of green.
The German strawberry season has started, with a small delay due to the weather, with the first deliveries of strawberries grown in greenhouses, on the twelfth of April. With the opening of a state of the art facility, the Australian Costa Group has enlarged their acreage to 30 hectares of greenhouse. Sentera, LLC, a leading provider of sensors, data management software and integrated drone platforms, today introduced its Double 4K sensor, bringing a small, fully-customizable twin-imager sensor to the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) industry. SLANTRANGE, pioneers of a smarter approach to aerial remote sensing and analytics for agriculture, today announced its $5 million Series A equity financing from a consortium of investors led by The Investor Group, a leading San Diego based investment firm.
Even though field growing cannot guarantee you a yield, and protected cropping can, the Australian climate is well suited for growing in the field. In the Netherlands, and especially the province of Zeeland, people are thrifty, it is often said. Founded in 1958, the Beijing Vegetable Research Center (BVRC) is an agricultural research institute affiliated with the municipality of Beijing. Since the beginning of April 2016 Wageningen UR has been studying the impact of growing conditions on the cannabidiol yield of medicinal cannabis.
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An unintended consequence of this approach, however, is that such plants need more water and fertilizing nutrients to keep them healthy than those grown in the ground.
Excess water can wash out of the nursery and into lakes, rivers or groundwater, carrying the phosphorus- and nitrogen-rich fertilizer with it.
Department of Agriculture Specialty Crops Research Initiative grant to help greenhouse and nursery growers use water efficiently and sustainably. The beds are designed so that runoff water can be captured on the surface and approximately 1 foot below. This session is a great way for you to get a feel for how I work with clients, and to see if we are a good match.

For the past four years, the FAA has required commercial drone operators in the United States to have a 333 Exemption. Although the figures are intended for Dutch horticulture suppliers, they provide an insight into the Italian greenhouse horticulture market for anyone interested in it.
Great down the pub discussion topic for a Friday night drone building fans.I can see lots of folks copying this and coming a cropper. The main advantage of this fogger over the ordinarily used Pulsfog is that no petrol fumes are released. Such a pity the original report came almost perfectly timed to coincided with an FAA UAS meeting and debates in congress. In 2010, 89% of the Australian vegetables were field grown (Practical Hydroponics & Greenhouses, 2016).
Such runoff has been the basis of significant environmental hazards in recent years, most notably the toxic algal blooms in Lake Erie near Toledo in 2014. By combining technological, pathological and marketing expertise, the team is working to create a system that benefits growers, consumers and the environment. As your Personal Counselor, I will work with you to help you find balance in both Primary Foods and Secondary Food, which are the foods you eat on a daily basis.
It took a year to get authorization, but they successfully did it with approval from Burke Lakefront Airport and the Federal Aviation Administration. Your photos can show a little or show a lot.Quality photos will be published on the Atlas website, catalog and promotional material.
The idea that is was in fact a plastic bag was widely reported last week has spawned many memes on the Book of Face. The team will compare the chemical and physical impact of 10 common nursery pesticides, and determine the minimal level of necessary irrigation.

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