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Herpes is usually a condition, which is known to affect the sex organs and it appears as a rash.
Simply one drop of tea tree oil can be applied on the area that has been affected by herpes. Apart from the tee tree oil, you can also opt for a mixture of peppermint oil, lavender oil and olive oil and apply it directly on the infected area at least twice on the regular basis for best results. The herb of the Echinacea, which is also called the purple flower is widely used in the United States as a treatment option for a range of ailments. If you are infected with herpes, you can eat raw garlic daily as it is very vital for improving the defense system of the body. You should also opt for bathing regularly with warm water that is mixed with some amount of baking soda. Herpes simplex 2 or genital herpes is a viral infection that appears in the form of sores and blisters around the genitals. There is intense itching and burning and the fluid oozing out of these sores is very infectious. The first outbreak of the infection is very severe and can spread to any area below the waist. Amla has been used since time unknown for it multitudinous healing and curative properties. Vitamin C increases the quantity of serum in three main antibodies which are produced by the immune system and which are present on the moist surfaces of the body through which the herpes simplex 2 enter.
Garlic has potent antioxidant, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties which prevent the outbreaks of the infection. Turmeric abounds in curcumin which is a phenolic compound and which inhibits the activity of the herpes simplex 2 and counteracts it. This honey is rich in nonperoxide antibacterial compounds which heal the sores and blisters very quickly and effectively.
This remedy helps in reducing the symptoms related to sores. Using soap and water on the affected area would be a good herbal remedy for treating herpes simplex 2.

Those who are affected with kidney or liver disease should not take it in higher doses. Milk is one of the natural cures which are helpful for treating herpes simplex 2. Both of these are easily available in the shops and are inexpensive as well. Baking soda can be applied over the sores using a cotton ball. Patients suffering from herpes simplex 2 can consume three to four cups of herbal tea prepared from Echinacea on a daily basis. Consumption of two capsules of Echinacea three times per day is recommended. Pau d’arco is a medicinal herb which is helpful for the treatment of herpes simplex 2. This article will give you a brief insight into some of the natural remedies that are known to cure herpes. Good food will help you to boost up your immune system and this will fight the virus and eliminate it. Include papayas, mangoes, carrots, apricots, figs, cabbage, beet-root, nuts and other healthy food in your diet.
The lymph nodes become inflamed and there is vaginal and urethral discharge accompanied by chills, headaches fever and general weakness. The antioxidant properties help to strengthen the immune system which in turn prevents the viruses from invading the body. You should also make a paste of garlic and smear it over the infected areas three or four times daily for fast recovery. Herbal tea can be prepared using four parts of nettle, three parts of chamomile, one part of skullcap, three parts of oat straw, one part of passion flower, one part of St. It can be prepared by adding one ounce of chaparral leaves, four tablespoons of baking soda and one to two drops of tea tree oil. All the ingredients can be mixed together and added in oil. In case of herpes, it is advisable to consume foods that are rich in vitamin B and C, iron, zinc, and minerals. Genital parts are usually affected when hand washing and hygienic precautions are not taken care of. For using these tea bags, water should be heated long enough to douse the tea bags. Afterwards, cool the tea bags immediately.

These remedies are helpful in drying the sores and reducing itchiness associated with herpes simplex 2.
Applying ice on the affected area would help in reducing the symptoms associated to this disease. Take a plastic bag and put crushed ice cubes in it.
Prolonged exposure to ice would cause damage to tissue as the genital area affected with herpes simplex virus is very sensitive. John’s wort and one part of passion flower. Four to six tablespoons of this herbal mixture can be added in one quart of water. Mix the ingredients well, strain and drink three to four cups of this herbal tea on a daily basis. This herbal bath would definitely provide relief from the symptoms associated with the virus infection. The initial sign of this infection is a mass of blisters in the genital area like the head of the penis, anus, cervix and labia. In addition to this, apply lemon balm salve to all the rashes and the sores three or four times daily. It would help in providing relief from the pain associated with the disease and promoting the healing effect.
Four parts of pau d’arco can be combined with two parts of Echinacea and one part of burdock root.
Herpes simplex virus is the virus that causes skin infections and infections in mucous membranes.

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