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Many women feel nervous about this stage but the process of menopause is natural and it is not a disease. During this stage, which occurs before menopause, a woman might experience some menstrual irregularity. Through the transition observed with perimenopause, the menstrual cycle will start to dissappear and the menopause diagnosis will be confirmed when the menses will have stopped for one year.
Acupuncture and herbal medicine are another option to treat symptoms without disrupting the course of menopause and without causing any side effects. Smoking and alcohol are causing stress by increasing toxins and they will cause an increase of heat.

In this category, acupuncture will be a great therapy, due to its calming effect on the sympathetic system. Sage has been used by herbalists for centuries but is better known today for its use in cooking.
As the condition improves, within a period of a few months, the patient will have the option to decrease her acupuncture therapy and also her herbal medicine dosage. A diet, including: spicy(hot) nutrition and high proteins will increase hot flashes and night sweats. Life changes, work stress and poor sleep habits will also increase the symptoms of menopause. Acupuncture will provide a solution for women who have some addictions and it will reduce stress.
Other symptoms might be present as well: hot flashes, insomnia, irritability, vaginal and bladder changes, decreasing fertility, loss of bone and changes in cholesterol levels. If it is modified, with an increase of 85% vegetables, and a more moderate proteins intake, symptoms won't increase.

Acupuncture and herbal medicine provide a gentle and a soft approach to protect the human body during the course of menopause. Recently sage has become a popular ingredient in supplements for women going through the menopause.
Menopause needs to be addressed medically with a soft and gentle touch without disturbing its course. Sage also contains an unpleasant naturally occurring compound called thujone, but the sage extract we use in this Lamberts® product is carefully manufactured to have very low, insignificant levels of thujone.

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