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Chinese herbal therapy employs proven formulas consisting of various medicinal herbs, minerals, and animal products to increase the body’s health and resistance to disease. Many herbal remedies on sale in the UK lack important safety information, researchers have warned. A new EU law which came into force in April this year requires herbal medicinal products to be licensed, or to get Traditional Herbal Registration (THR), which means the information with the product has been approved.
The information provided with the herbal product should clearly explain the risk of side effects and possible interactions with prescribed medicines.
The products were chosen because they can cause potentially harmful effects in some people.
St John’s wort can reduce the effectiveness of the contraceptive pill and can also affect warfarin, a drug used to prevent blood clotting. Asian ginseng is not suitable for people with diabetes and Ginkgo and Echinacea can cause allergic reactions. Even garlic can cause problems for some people as it can thin the blood and interfere with drugs used to treat HIV, the researchers said. The study found that 93 per cent of the products looked at were unlicensed, which meant they did not have to meet any safety or quality standards, and over half were marketed as food supplements. Only 13 per cent contained an information sheet and just three contained an acceptable amount of safety information. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) said there were concerns about some products, including Instant Slim and Sport Burner, being sold on websites and shipped around the world. Some contain the prescription-only drug sibutramine, which has been withdrawn across Europe due to an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. Safety warnings about herbal slimming aids have been issued by several international agencies. The Swedish Medical Products Agency has issued warnings over Slimline Soft Gel, Acai Berry ABC, Hygia Fit, Sport Burner, Health Slimming Coffee, Instant Slim, 3X Slimming Powder, Li D Daidaihua and Botanical Slimming.
In the US, experts have issued a warning over Celerite Slimming Tea, while in Australia, Pink Lady for Women capsules and St Nirvana Herbal Slimming capsules are under scrutiny.
The Hong Kong Department of Health has issued warnings over more than a dozen products, including a range called Super Fat Burning Bomb. The science of herbs in China is one of the oldest and long-lasting healing systems in the world. Each herb or extract has its own characteristics, related either to Yin, material, heavy, solid, cold, descending, dark and passive elements, or to Yang, immaterial, light, hollow, hot, ascending, bright and aggressive elements. With an estimated 30,000 flowering plant spices, China possesses a diverse and rich flora to form the basis of Traditional Medicine. Some of those herbs can be really common and most of the time used for cooking, as ginger, green tea, cinnamon or garlic, while others, such as peony flowers, ginseng or chrysanthemum, are less known by the population of China. The herbal traditions also adapted to the modern life and modern practices of the Chinese medicine.
In Chinese Herbal Medicine, the traditional Chinese practitioner customizes every prescription. Herbal Medicine have been used in China for thousands of years to treat various types of diseases, such as hormone disturbances, infections, breathing disorders, common cold and influenza, chronic headaches, allergies, and others.

In addition, Chinese medicinal herbs can also be used as illness prevention, and enables to maintain general health, by strengthening immunity and enhancing normal body functions. After such a long history, practices of herbal medicine in China is still adapting to modern lives, completing latest medicine coming from the West. Posted in Market research China and tagged Chinese traditional medicine market, healthcare market in China, herbal medicine market in China.
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This Philippine Herbal Medicine Site list the most popular medicinal plants used in the Philippines. Sabila (Aloe Vera), Saluyot, Sambong, Silymarin (Milk Thistle), Tsaang Gubat (Wild Tea), Ulasimang Bato (Peperomia pellucida) and Yerba Buena (Mentha Spicata). Featured as well on this site are the ten (10) herbal medicines approved by the Philippine Department of Heath (DOH) as alternative herbal medicine. These list of medicinal herbs has been clinically tested for their efficacy against many common ailments and disorders afflicting many Filipinos especially in rural areas. This Philippine herbal medicine site is presented in a layman's language for easy understanding. We welcome contributions and we will continue to add more medicinal herbs as we develop this site. Ben has practiced Chinese Herbal Medicine in Manchester since graduating from his Herbal Masters Degree (MSc) from The Northern College of Acupuncture in York in 2006. Alongside Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine is another major pillar of Chinese Medicine. Herbal formulas are an effective way to treat many disorders such as skin problems, irregular bowels, infertility, menopause and period problems, pain etc. Chinese herbs can improve the efficacy of the treatment and often used in conjunction with Acupuncture to support treatment in between visits. To ensure your local Herbalist meets these standards contact The Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine.
What is Herbal Medicine?Western Herbal Medicine is a treatment system based on the idea that plant-based medicines can be used in their natural, unmodified forms to help the body while it heals.  It has its roots in the traditional medical practices of Europe, and generally relies on orthodox, or Western, methods of diagnosis. Herbal Therapy is a central part of Oriental Medicine and the decision of what formula is right for you is based on the same principals of physiology and pathology as your Acupuncture treatment plan.
These formulas are available only by prescription from a health professional with additional training in herbal medicine. The first main belief is that a vital energy, called “Qi”, circulates in the body and regulates our vital functions, and the second one consist in the existence of two opposite forces and manifestations of the “Qi” that make up existence and harmony: Yin and Yang.
The role of the practitioner is to restore the harmony within the body and the spirit, in order to maintain health, rather than treating a particular disease or medical condition. However, even if as indicated Chinese herbal medicines are mainly plant based, some preparations also include minerals or animal products. Some substances are no longer used, for example the products that were derived from endangered species, which are now replaced by remedies with similar actions, but with less environmental consequences. Some practitioners claim that this type of medication has the power to treat a variety of cancers, or at least to minimise the unwanted effects of the standard cancer treatments.

In this way, herbs can be used to fight againstinsomnia and fatigue, loss of appetite and digestive difficulties, skin problems, anxiety, depression and stress or many other disorders. It is more and more used, as an alternative and complementary way of treatment all over the world. Do not hesitate to contact us for any request or information related to China’s fast moving markets. This popularity will continue as medical science validates the affectivity of many medicinal herbs as alternative medicine. Laboratory test show that some herbal medicines have adverse reaction when mixed with other drugs. As with the points used for Acupuncture, Chinese herbs have specific functions and are combined together to mutually assist each other. Over the centuries doctors have compiled detailed information about the pharmacopeia and placed great emphasis on the protection of the patient. Most herbalists take into account the complete physiological and psychological make-up of an individual along with their environment and lifestyle during treatment. We only provide herbal prescriptions to patients who have been seen by one of our practitioners. Indeed, we can find the first traces of herbal medicine in China 5000 years ago, and it is still a type of health care commonly used nowadays by Chinese people, but also more and more around the world.
Before choosing a treatment, he will typically ask about symptoms and examine the patient, mostly focusing on the skin, hair, tongue, eyes, pulse, voice, and sometimes dreams, in order to detect imbalances in the body. Herbal formulas often comprise of several herbs, which are not only highly specific in their actions but also target, several aspects of the patients’ disharmony.
The first book gathering this ancestral knowledge with herbal medicines was written under the Ming Dynasty (1152-1578) by Li Shi-Zhen, and listed around 2,000 different ingredients.
In China nowadays, more than 3,200 herbs and 300 mineral and animal extracts are used in more than 400 different formulas, which may contain 4 to 12 medicinal herbs, to be taken in the form of decoctions, powders, pills, lotions or syrups.
The practitioner will then prescribe either a single medicinal herb, or a mixture of herbs, which take into account the individual therapeutic action of each herb and the effects when combined together.
Now, in the latest edition of The Pharmacopoeia of the People’s Republic of China, written in 1990, we can find more than 500 herbs and extracts, and nearly 300 complex formulations of herbal medicines. In most of the herbal remedies of China, the formula is based on one or two main ingredients that has an effect on the targeted problem, when the other ingredients are targeting the other aspects of the symptom, helping the main herbs to work better or directing the formula to a precise part of the body.
In addition, as condition changes or improves, the treatment needs to be adjusted and modified until the symptoms disappear completely. Herbal medicine is also very helpful for many children’s complaints and can be used in many of the illnesses experienced by the elderly. Your herbalist is happy work together with your other primary care practitioners in cases of more serious illness. Practitioners who adhere to strict ethical and safety guidelines and have acquired a high level of training belong to the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (RCHM).

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