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A bipartisan group of Arizona lawmakers wants to ban two substances increasingly being used to get high. The real challenge, drug-education experts say, is creating a ban that is broad enough to cover new drugs but that keeps products with legitimate uses on the shelves. The House Judiciary Committee on Thursday unanimously passed House Bill 2167, which would expand the definition of dangerous drugs to include 10 chemicals used to make synthetic marijuana products sold under the names "K2" or "spice." The product is sold as an incense or potpourri and labeled as not for human consumption, but it is known as a synthetic - and legal - marijuana.
Joranda Monta?o, the prevention director at the Mesa-based substance-abuse treatment and prevention agency Community Bridges, said she had never seen something spread as quickly as spice had among kids.
The American Association of Poison Control Centers reported that centers received more than 2,700 calls nationwide about the substance in 2010, compared with fewer than 100 in 2009. Heinz told the committee that he admitted a 21-year-old into the hospital this summer who couldn't walk and was twitching after taking spice. Reported side effects include seizures, stroke, headache, visual disturbances, racing heartbeat, elevated blood pressure and anxiety. Bobbie Cassano, a member of the spice task force, said the Legislature needed to tackle the whole subject of synthetic drugs.

The newest trend is a chemical drug product being sold as bath salts but snorted as a cocaine substitute. Herb 'N Legend Smoke Shop owner Tim Martin sells spice and salvia products at his two Phoenix stores, but he said he had refused to sell the salts. He said he didn't oppose a spice ban but didn't think the chemical was as dangerous as the salts. Bags of synthetic marijuana, commonly nicknamed "spice" and sold as "herbal incense," at the HIGH Maintenance Smoke Shop in Gilbert. Follow our latest Twitter activity on topics ranging from breaking news to great deals around the Valley. You can share your full access digital subscription with a friend by simply entering in their email address. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, at least 11 states took action in 2010.
Drug Enforcement Administration announced it would institute a 12-month ban on five of the chemicals used to make spice and consider a permanent ban.

Eric Meyer, D-Paradise Valley, also a physician, introduced a bill to make it a crime to sell or give the drug Salvia divinorum to anyone younger than age 21. It is typically smoked and produces a hallucinogenic trip that lasts for about five minutes.
It worked with lawmakers on the spice bill and is expanding its goals to conduct compliance checks on smoke shops and learn about new products. You also will be able to select feeds ranging from what's happing in your town to sports and entertainment! It gained national attention this week when the New York Times reported that Tucson-area shooting suspect Jared Loughner had used the drug, according to friends.

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