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London, Dec 31: As new European regulations come into force, hundreds of herbal medicines, except for a small number of popular products for `mild' illness, will be banned from being sold in Britain next year. With just four months to go before the ban is put in place, thousands of patients are set to lose access to herbal remedies that have been used in the UK for years, reports the Daily Mail.
From May 1 2011, traditional herbal products need to be licensed or prescribed by a registered herbal practitioner to comply with an EU directive. This means almost 2,500 qualified UK herbalists and Chinese medicine practitioners will lose the right to supply a wide range of herbal medicines, because they are not signed up to the statutory regulation scheme.
Many traditional medicines are made up of a number of herbs and the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) estimates the cost of obtaining a license at 100,000 pounds per herb. But herbal practitioners have warned that patients may end up buying potentially dangerous supplies from the black market. Have you been feeling lately that the beauty products you purchase from a store are only costing you are fortune and are not doing any real good.
With all the health scares making their way in the news, it’s no wonder why people are now choosing more natural herbal products for their health needs. People who want to try natural herbal products should always consult their doctor first to see if the doctor will approve. While there are many companies advertising their products as natural, you should still read the labels carefully. Another cautionary measure you should employ is to see if the marketed natural herbal product falls under FDA guidelines.

It depends on where you’ll buy it because some stores may charge higher prices than the others.
The directive was introduced due to rising concerns over adverse effects caused by many alternative medicines. The best solution is to make your own beauty products using a few inexpensive herbal ingredients.
When properly soaked, properly macerate the ingredient you are using to make an aromatic herbal bath soak. Your doctor is your first and perhaps your best shot at getting the healthy lifestyle you crave.
You can try contacting this government agency to see if this product is legal in the US to safeguard your health. This situation happens because of factors such as store prestige and location, which can inevitably add to their prices. If you think this can be for you, it may be useful to buy it in small portions first to see its effectiveness. To prepare the herbal facial scrub for usage, make a paste by combining 2 tablespoons of the herbal ingredients, 1 tablespoon of oatmeal and 1 tablespoon of honey. Another way to add aroma to the bath tub is to tie a muslin bag filled with lavender, rosemary or thyme under the spout of a tap. You can also check the manufacturer’s background online to see if they have business and health licenses to operate in your area.

For instance, if the store is in a popular mall or in a well-known business center, then chances are they could charge customers higher for their location convenience.
Goosegrass is known for its cleansing properties, camomile make a great anti-inflammatory agent, lavender helps prevent germs from attacking your skin and roses add a moisturising touch to facial scrub. Since your doctor is an active medical professional, he has more experience and more knowledge regarding health and supplements than you can even imagine. Knowing this should have you checking which stores near your home or workplace have the best prices offered. You can also try buying herbal supplements online as there are some herbal online companies that offer bigger discounts.
Some web-based companies can even provide lowered prices especially if you buy their herbal supplements online by the bulk. There may even be a chance that you can just keel over and die if you decide to take this risk.

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