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New research into a 2,000-year-old Chinese herbal remedy derived from the roots of the blue evergreen hydrangea, has shown that the medicine could be used to help treat autoimmune disorders. Also known as Chang Shan, the herb weakens the defective immune response related with many autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and psoriasis. Used in China for centuries to help reduce fever and fight malaria, the herb’s active ingredient, febrifugine, is considered too toxic for use by Western standards, so the U.S. In 2004 scientists managed to pinpoint the cells targeted by halofuginone, cells known as Th17.
Previous studies in mice have shown that halofuginone protects against harmful Th17 cells without affecting other beneficial immune cells. The new study has shed light on how this process works – the herbal extract appears to trigger a series of events critical to immune regulation, by letting cells know when they need to conserve resources. Whitman likened the situation to how we conserve our energy during a power outage, only using power when absolutely necessary. By triggering this response, researchers say halofuginone may also help them understand how the pathway affects autoimmune disorders and lead to better treatments. Trimming nails is one of the natural cures that would help the patients suffering from hangnails. Soaking the fingernails in water for some time would provide relief to the patients suffering from hangnails. Herbs which can help treat nephritis include Uva Ursi, Goldenrod, Buchu, Astragalus, White Peony, Cinnamon, Nettle Leaf, Ginseng, Rehmannia, Echinacea, Juniper Berries, Corn Silk and Horsetail. Its leaves are particularly effective in treating kidney inflammation found in patients with nephritis. This herb is also a very useful remedy for nephritis because it possesses antimicrobial properties. Known in Chinese as huang qi, this herb has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for curing inflammations and support immune system activity. Astragalus contains saponins and polysaccharides which help to fight kidney ailments such as nephritis with ease and rapidity.
Rehmannia also referred to by its Latin name Rehmannia Glutinosa is a herb with many healing properties.  One of its many benefits is that it restores proper renal functioning in persons suffering from nephritis. White Peony is a herb whose root has many medicinal benefits including the ability to treat the symptoms of autoimmune nephritis effectively.
You need to combine the root of White Peony with Tangerine peel, Cinnamon bark, Astragalus root, Schisandra berry and Poygala root in a herbal mixture which helps persons to recover from autoimmune nephritis.

Army scientists created a derivative called halofuginone (HF), but it was abandoned when research failed to uncover how it actually worked.
One should maintain one’s hands as well as toes to prevent dirt and dryness from getting accumulated.
Moisturizing in excessive amount and washing hands frequently would lead to weakness in the nail beds. Hangnails are more likely to occur to those who bite nails as this leads to infection caused due to fungus.
Patients of hangnails should not use acetone based nail polish remover as it can dry out the nails as well as hands. Vitamin E oil has a number of beneficial properties and can be used for treating hangnails as well.
One can dip the scissor, which is to be used for snipping the hangnails, in alcohol to make it sterile. Scrub can be prepared using oatmeal that would help in soothing and softening the hangnails.
To prepare this message oil, take one and a half ounces of olive oil and mix it with twenty five drops of essential oil like chamomile, lavender etc. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Whether the inflammation of the kidneys may be due to autoimmune factors or infection, nephritis can be cured through the combination of medical treatment and herbal remedies. Herbal remedies are very effective in treating the symptoms of nephritis, especially the inflammation and pain. This herbal remedy can be used to treat inflammations of the kidney and problems of the urinary tract. Known for its immunity enhancing powers, Echinacea is also referred to as Purple Cone Flower.
Therefore, in cases where this kidney disease is caused by bacterial or fungal infection, nephritis can be treated successfully using Echinacea. This herbal remedy can be used for bringing down the inflammation and enhancing the ability of the body to fight back against infection induced nephritis.
This herb is very beneficial for treating nephritis because it possesses amazing medicinal properties. It has been used extensively in traditional Chinese medicine to strengthen the kidneys and boost their optimal functioning.

It contains astraglin, potassium and zinc which make it an effective cure for nephritis caused by autoimmune factors.
White Peony is an excellent herbal remedy because its root contains many nutrients and chemical compounds which aid in reducing the severity of symptoms of autoimmune nephritis and facilitating recovery from this kidney disease.
Sundrud, PhD, Anjana Rao, PhD, and their colleagues showed that halofuginone does indeed inhibit Th17 cells.
In this article, we will discuss some of the best herbal remedies for combating nephritis and getting relief from the symptoms of this kidney disease.
Buchu has been used as a herbal remedy for chronic kidney inflammations and infections as it has anti-inflammatory properties. Nephritis is also characterized by fatigue and Astragalus is a herb which revitalizes the body and increases energy levels. Then you should strain the liquid off the top and consume it for beneficial effects exerted by this herbal remedy. Nettle Leaf contains a vast number of nutrients including zinc, chromium and magnesium as well as important minerals and vitamins. A mixture comprising cooked Rehmannia root and Astragalus root is very effective in treating nephritis. Mix the two ingredients well together and then consume this herbal mixture for best results. Dry skin, nail biting and peeling away the skin are some of the causes that lead to hangnails. One can use creams, natural oils and lotions that can be applied on a daily basis for moisturizing and cleansing the nails.
You can take this herb in the form of supplement or liquid extract for improving the health of your kidneys and battling nephritis in cases where it is caused by infection.
Stinging Nettle tea made from the leaves of this herb can also be used as a remedy for nephritis. These hangnails can be painful and may cause infection when exposed to different substances like water. Consume this herbal tea at least twice in a day to obtain gradual but lasting relief from the symptoms of nephritis.

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