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It is necessary because while undergoing any other standard and regular treatment for cancer you may not be able to take up this herbal cancer treatment. A recently study found that a herb commonly used by breast cancer patients, called black cohosh, can be toxic when combined with chemotherapy drugs.
It is commonly used by breast cancer patients who are also taking anti-estrogen drugs to ease hot flashes and other side effects. Research is till going on to find whether this herb has the ability to treat the disease in conjunction with chemotherapy or not. Experts from King’s College London said the treatments from various parts of the world have properties which may help treat conditions such as diabetes and cancer.
However, full clinical trials would have to be carried out to confirm the treatments’ benefits, as per the complementary medicine experts. The researchers examined Ghanaian wound healing agents and cancer treatments used in China and Thailand and also the various Indian diabetes treatments. They suggest their findings could lead to potential new compounds pharmacists to study and at the same time help local people identify which plants to recommend. The herbal remedy for cancer or herbal cancer treatments involves use of herbs with very high medicinal value. These Herbs may be obtained in various forms ranging from the plants themselves harvested in the wild or grown in gardens which are later processed into herbal products. Each herb may contain active chemical ingredients which may help to fight back the ailments or the disease and it may also have some dangerous chemicals at the same time. Herb used in the restoration of immune function after chemotherapy is Astragalus root, a well-known Chinese traditional medicine.
The specialist of this disease should create an environment of openness and trust, and also help the patient in making informed decisions about the various herbal remedy for cancer or herbal cancer treatments available.
It is confirmed that collaboration will improve the safe integration of all therapies during the experience with cancer. If you are the patient suffering from advanced cancer and you did not have any benefit from chemotherapy, cancer herbal remedy will provide beneficial effects in this situation.
This remedy not only treats affected area but also helpful in treating different levels such as physical, mental, spiritual and emotional problems. The herbs present in the PS-SPES are used in improving your immune system and you have anti tumor activity. If you use chemo therapeutic treatment (treatment based on drugs), it will produce uncontrolled abnormal cells. This herbal therapy for treating cancer believes that cancer is caused due to the problem in the immune system and due to the imbalance of the body.
Hoxey therapy (one of the therapy in herbal therapies) with all internal and external preparations (includes diet, vitamin and mineral supplements, and psychological) counsel to strengthen your body and fight against cancer. Essiac herbal therapy supports essiac products and these are used as an effective product for fighting against cancer. The below remedies are present in your surroundings and you can use them as self medications. You can use green tea for esophageal cancer, liver cancer, skin cancer and for pancreatic cancer.
These herbal remedies are emphasized on the immune system and imbalance of your body and are used for strengthening your body’s ability to eliminate cancer cells. Sherrie and Anjali, you can’t go wrong taking many natural infusions and remedies, together with changing your diet to one specific for cancer fighting. Grass jelly (Cyclea barbata Miers) is a plant that is easy to grow in areas with high rainfall. Cansitol™ contains herbs which work in a synergistic manner to help fight the body with the cancer.
Effectiveness: Clear away blood stasis, promote blood circulation, relieve pain, and clear toxic materials. Patient is advised to consume green vegetables, fruits, nuts, fresh salads, juices of carrots, beetroot, wheatgrass and aloe vera juice.
Cansitol™ is a herbal remedy for cancer made by combining valuable herbs and nutrients. Although there are lots of advancements made in recent times in treating various types of cancers but still there are many cancers which are not curable and difficult to treat. Today herbal remedy is one of the commonly used complementary and alternative therapies by people suffering from cancer. The powerful herbal ingredients of Cansitol™ capsules boost patients' immune system to help chemotherapy and radiotherapy work more efficient and achieve best results.
Cansitol™ is a strong immune boosting supplement that helps support the body's natural immune defenses. Cansitol™ can be used along with the conventional medical treatment, radiotherapy or chemotherapy. This can be ascertained and observed within 2 to 3 months by the general feeling of the patient. While undergoing the course of Cansitol™, if the patient is struck by any other disease apart from cancer, he or she may be taken to the concerned doctor for consultation. The patient is not advised to eat foods that are sour in nature or have sour properties while taking Cansitol™ because foods sour in taste or nature are acidic. Examples of sour food are: lemon, tomato, grape, tangerine, plum, haw, cherry apple, curd, pomegranate, mango and vinegar. When you determine that your immunity is on a desired level you can reduce the dose of this natural remedy in half or take a total of 4 small teaspoons a day following the same schedule.

There are numerous facts proving the healing power of this natural remedy, including its power to cure hormonal and blood disorders, purifies the blood vessels, literally enhances the immune system, cleanses the liver, improves the brain function, protects from heart attack and cardiovascular diseases. Preserves the freshness of the body, keeps the beauty and gives youth and energy because it contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals, bio active substances, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. The 5 whole lemons should be grind together with the lemon zest, from the other 10 lemons, only the lemon juice is used.
Before taking any herbal remedy for cancer or herbal cancer treatment it is very important that you discuss with your doctor.
For example the remedies reputed to treat diabetes included India’s curry leaf tree. Herbal formulas can be taken orally in raw form or as capsules, tablets, teas, drops and syrups. It is said that herbal medications used for herbal remedy for cancer or herbal cancer treatment are said to work by causing neurochemical responses in the body. Further, a particular chemical may be therapeutic in one amount and deadly in a slightly larger amount. Another herb most commonly used is aloe which is considered to shrink the tumors and reduce the rate at which this malignant cells spread. Other countries, notably Japan, France, and China, continue to screen new plant materials.
All material provided on this website is provided for informational or educational purposes only.
Cancer herbal remedy is used to strengthen the body’s ability and to eliminate the cancer cells. My wife has been fighting a pancreatic cancer for 8 months now ONLY with alternative means (she refused any biopsy, chemio or surgery) and is now doing very well. The cancer can be of any type but this supplement works to perform optimum function at cellular level and helps to stop the spread of cancer to various organs. Cansitol™ capsules are helpful in shrinking tumors, restraining growth symptoms of cancer, enhancing the body's immunological ability, thus increasing life expectancy. Cansitol™ is a mix of various herbs which have been known to have anti-cancer activities. Enhance metabolism, promote immunity, strengthen physique, anti-bacterial, and enrich vital energy. Patient is also advised not to take frozen, packaged or processed foods, citric acid fruits, fried foods, alcohol and non-vegetarian diet. Though it is generally taken by people with cancer or tumors, it is safe herbal formula and even non-cancer patients can also take it. Even if there are curable cancers but still the lifestyle is badly affected by the side effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Studies have shown that as many as 60% people with this disease use herbal remedies alongside conventional cancer treatments. Cansitol™ is a natural and non-toxic herbal formula that treats the whole person, not just a part of body.
The herbs present in Cansitol™ capsules inhibit tumor growth and metastasis, reduce tumor size, and increase patients' immunity. Any medicines prescribed by doctor may be taken without discontinuing Cansitol™ provided that a gap of half an hour is given between these two medicines. Whether Cansitol™ will cure cancer or not, one must remember that it will not do any harm to the patient.
It has already been tested at major Laboratories in India and has been cleared of causing any side effects on human body. Taking sour foods unnecessarily adds more acids to the body which are not needed and will only hamper the progress made by Cansitol™. Some doctors may advise any of these foods, but please bear in mind that these sour foods may hamper the action and effect of Cansitol™. However, if you are taking any non-vegetarian food, please make sure that it is easily digestible and that it is not sour in nature. This herbal remedy for cancer is beneficial in treating and removing all the symptoms and side effects caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
One should not be under any misconception that 100% patients would be fully cured by Cansitol™. It is rich in active ingredients that help the body fight all kinds of illnesses, but it can be consumed by healthy people also.
Then grind the garlic and walnuts together, and add five lemons with the zest (do not peel them). Cansitol™ can be consumed even if the cancer has already spread and it is a malignant cancer. This herbal formula is rich in natural cancer inhibiting polyphenols, alkaloids and free radical scavengers which help the body to fight the cancer.
If there be any difficulty in swallowing the capsule, the contents of the capsule may be mixed in milk or honey and taken. It is also helpful in treating and removing all the symptoms and side effects caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
Even if a person having no disease whatsoever may safely take this herbal preparation for 6 months with no harm done. Cansitol™, a breakthrough herbal remedy for cancer, aims at providing nutritional support, immune support and helps by blocking the natural cancer pathways and prevents the spread of cancer. This herbal remedy for cancer relieves the symptoms association with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, prolongs the patients' life and improves life quality.

Only when the patient feels satisfied of the improvement, then only he or she should continue the course beyond two months or else it must be stopped henceforth.
It means that Cansitol™ never reacts with any of the other medicines being taken by the patient.
Obtained and made from completely natural ingredients, it can never cause any side effects. Cansitol™ is a natural product prepared on the guidelines laid down by the Drugs Act in India. Many of these acids are already present in the body and your body does not need any additional acids. Those patients who have whooping cough or difficulty in swallowing food may take Cansitol™.
We have clearly mentioned that we have seen a 30% to 40% success rate with Cansitol™ in cancer patients. But there was something in the scan that the doctor was suspicious of so she ordered a pet scan and it came back with live cells still in my spleen.
Cansitol™ is one of the most popular natural remedies for cancer made by combining valuable herbs.
This herbal remedy for cancer can be consumed even if the person is undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
This herbal remedy is to control cancer, to improve life quality and to extend life expectancy. Cansitol™ helps to stop at least 60 different inflammatory pathways which lead to cancer. Take one or two capsules twice or thrice daily with water or milk after meal or as directed by the physician.
Nature has blessed us with many precious herbs which can work along with modern methods to improve the health of cancer patients and prevent side effects of chemotherapy.
This herbal formula is not only helpful in restricting the cancer cells but sometimes helps to shrink the cancer tissue as well. Herbalists do believe that this specific formula may help control or cure cancer on early stages and prolong life and improve quality of life on late stages of cancer. Cansitol™ fits for all stages of cancer and when used as an adjuvant cancer natural remedy can give miracle outcome in cancer patients.
If this herbal remedy for cancer proves to be effective within two months, continue the course. It has no metal, intoxicating elements, remains of any burnt objects or chemicals of any kind that may injure or impair human life. These acids affect the effectiveness and action of Cansitol™ and are not good for healing tumors and cancers. You can reach me if in doubt fotolub ~at~ yahoo~dot~com (you correct mailing address spelling).
Cansitol™ would rather help to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
These herbs also posses anti-allergic properties and help prevent inflammatory and allergy pathways, thereby helping to control the spread of cancers and inflammation. This herbal remedy for cancer helps to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy as well as radiotherapy.
However, in case of sickness, if the doctor prescribes a medicine which is sour or Vitamin C, there is no bar to that.
Even women who are suffering from monthly gynecological disorders, liver damage due to alcohol, poor appetite or any type of vaginal disorders may also take Cansitol™ with good results. Hence only 30% to 40% patients who take Cansitol™ course are generally benefited and the rest do not. Cansitol™ is a perfect blend of potent and rare herbs with wonderful anti-cancer properties.
Cansitol™ is uniquely developed herbal formula which has the ability to dramatically lower the risk from cancer.
The herbal ingredients of Cansitol™ capsules also promote strength, stamina and muscular energy.
It contains standardized herbal extracts useful to block many inflammatory pathways to prevent and treat cancers of all body organs. In other cases, where there might not be a complete healing of cancer, there are strong chances of a significant improvement.
This herbal formula helps to shrink tumors and reduces the side effects of radiation therapy and chemotherapy. It has been shown to be a powerful herbal remedy for cancer as it helps to restore immune system function which begins to weaken in most of the people.
Cansitol™ modifies the immune responses, improves immune system and fights almost all types of cancers.
We believe that even if 40 out of 100 patients are benefited, Cansitol™ has played its part well in relieving the symptoms.
Cansitol™, world's leading herbal remedy for cancer does not focus on killing cancer cells with chemicals and radiation but instead works to balance the systems of the body naturally. Patients who feel frustrated, despondent or give up hopes of their lives are advised to try Cansitol™ for minimum 2 to 3 months.

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