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In my practice, I  have discovered many herbal and natural supplements that enhance sexual passion in my patients.
Herbal supplements are effective, but must be taken with caution because certain side effects may arise or they may potentially react with other medication. Zestra – is plant based arousal oil for women made from a blend of borage seed oil, evening promise oil, vitamin E, and other herbs. Arginine – An amino acid that is involved in the production of the neurotransmitter nitric oxide. Muira Puama – A herb that is believed to increase libido, orgasm intensity and skin and genital sensitivity in men and women. Over the counter lubricants for vaginal dryness are astroglide, K-Y-Silk-E, Replens, Vitamin E suppositories and Gyne-Moistrin. A physician can prescribe hormone treatments which are very effective in treating vaginal dryness.
There is an FDA approved by prescription clitoral therapy pump like device called Eros-CTD, assists in bringing blood to the genital area.
Herbalogic's mission is to help the world discover the healing benefits of natural, plant-based remedies by making them easy to understand and simple to use. FREE TODAY Natural Remedies for Anxiety: Herbs for Anxiety (Anxiety Symptoms and Natural Anxiety Relief) - Kindle edition by Melissa Help. The Top 55 Herbal Remedies For Just About Anything - amazing, detailed list with scientific information and many useful tips!
Anxiety and Depression: 8 Effective Steps to Overcome Anxiety and Depression Naturally for an Amazing Life.
Essential oils are amazing natural remedies that can help with headaches, ear infections, heartburn, acne, anxiety, and much more!
Lewtress products can help you deal with Anxiety.Lewtress Rhodiola offers you relief when you need a helping hand from mild stress or nervous exhaustion.

As a powerful adaptogen, Rhodiola increases the bodies resistance and resilience to stress while at the same time, normalising body functions.
Having enough sleep is crucial to help tackle the adverse effects that stress has on your body.
Lewtress products contain NO artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, chemical excipients, binders, fillers and no added starch, sugar, salt, lactose or gluten.
Our herbal supplements are practitioner developed to be amongst the most effective on the market. Aptly referred to as 'The Sunshine Herb.' It is widely used in Europe and America and has been recognised as an effective mood enhancer for hundreds of years. Anyone on prescribed anti-depressants should consult a doctor before taking St John's Wort. Because St John's Wort and oral contraceptives are broken down and used by the body in the same way, the effectiveness of the oral contraceptive may be compromised. Experience what the Chinese have known for hundreds of years: the healing and soothing effects of herbal teas. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly.
It acts as a relaxant and offers a calming effect by mimicking the action of the neurotransmitter GABA. The Adrenals produce hormones, which affect genital circulation, modulate emotional stress and increase over all libido and energy. Our minimally processed, small-batch formulas for everyday health concerns combine multiple herbs long used by traditional healers to support the body's ability to achieve and maintain a healthy, balanced state. Here are some great self-help tips on how to handle anxiety in bipolar disorder from our bipolar blogger, Natasha Tracy. Rhodiola Rosea can help you to sleep more soundly without the burden of worries keeping you awake.

Lewtress products are totally additive-free supplements of medicinal quality and are also totally free from ingredients that have been genetically modified.
From cleansing the colon to detoxifying the body to soothing anxiety, herbal teas offer a variety of powerful health benefits and healing properties.
It has been shown in small clinical trials to enhance sexual function in women with sexual arousal disorder.  It works by increasing blood flow and improvers the working of the genital sensory nerves. It also boosts nitric oxide production, which increases genital blood engorgement increasing sensitivity. This weed contains protodiosin a chemical compound that is thought to increase production of testosterone in men and women.
Learn more and discover which herbal teas are right for you.Herbal teas are one of the most effective and pleasurable forms of herbal supplementation. It also has a blood thinning effect, therefore should never be used with anticoagulant medications or before surgery. Some women who already had yeast infections at the time of usage developed skin irritations. In addition arginine can promote viral replication and can increase flair ups of cold sores and herpes virus. Side effects include anxiety, insomnia, increased heart rate and blood pressure, tremors, nervousness, irritability, and dizziness.

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