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Nowadays many ladies take on the traditional female roles of single mothers along with the masculine roles of breadwinners and business women respectively.
The energy stagnation and deficiency usually occurs with tension oft he smooth muscles, as with menstrual pain.
Herb and flower leaf selection with an aromatherapy essential oil glass bottle, over white background. Because herbs are not regulated, the strength and preparation of herbal remedies are not standardized.
Herbal therapy is a broad term used to refer to any type of healthcare treatment using fresh or dried herbs. While the origins of herbal therapy are unknown, just about every culture has used herbs as a means of dealing with different physical and emotional illnesses. One of the strengths of herbal therapies in general is that the use of herbs helps to provide the body with essential nutrients that may be lacking in the daily diet. Herbal aromatherapy is a specialized type of herbal therapy that utilizes herbs to restore the balance between the body and the mind. Various schools of alternative medicine also utilize herbal therapy to treat severe ailments such as cancer and diabetes. Opinions on the efficacy of herbal medicine range from complete skepticism to full confidence in the healing properties of herbs. Tradtional Chinese Herbal Therapy is the basis for medicinal therapy in the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine. If a person is feeling uncomfortable, the energy becomes imbalanced, which leads to pain, injury and diseases.

This often means doing too much in too little time with too little resources, which invariably leads to stress. Conditions found in the holistic approach of shiatsu massage are mirrored in conditions described in biomedicine. The relation between the energy, or blood stagnation and gynecological disorders is shown in similar pattern of elevated prostaglandin (hormone tissue) levels and the pattern of blood stagnation. There is no true correspondence between the shiatsu massage concept and its seemingly equivalent medical approach. These often provide healthy antioxidants which filter out your body of unhealthy substances. Chinese herbal therapy can be used complimentary to acupuncture or as a stand alone therapy in the treatment  and prevention of disease. The raised PG level stimulates the uterus causing excessive contractions, which is when women start feeling lower abdominal pain. These medicines have been around much longer than most Western medicines, and have been proven by time. The traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) emphasizes the role which emotions play in gynecological health and pathology, stating that emotional disturbances are a major cause of gynecological diseases.
It comes as no surprise that most women with PMS or endometriosis have more than average levels of emotional stress due to unresolved conflicts stretching back to puberty at least. If the pressure is applied on certain body points (meridians), the painful contractions are alleviated, and the energy flow revived. In this regard, the findings from medical research can help clarify and extend diagnoses based on the shiatsu and TCM principals.

Herbal therapy can be used in the treatment of conditions from the common cold to menopause and headaches. This emotional stress may have happened in the past and is now over, but it may still linger in the subconsciousness making the woman´s life even more difficult.
Herbs can be added to this process to strengthen the blood flow, as well as to reduce PG-levels.
Die unerlaubte Verwendung einzelner Inhalte oder kompletter Seiten wird straf- und zivilrechtlich verfolgt. Herbal supplements form a good part of a healthy diet, but soon we will recognize that we can use medicinal technology to defy death itself.
The beauty of an herbal formula is that the ingredients can be modified and taylored to the eliminate the symptoms that the patient is experiencing. The Shiatsu massage alleviates stress and harmonizes both body and mind, and treats the gynecological problems issuing from emotional stress. Nevertheless, in shiatsu practice energy flow is restored, which harmonizes mind and the body.

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