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Late Swamy Dheerendra Brahmachary researched and formulated a syllabus and popularised it all over the world. We observe that, this systematic concept is creating a revolution in the health conscious people all over the world. These kriyas help in reducing the impurities of the body through the process of forceful breathing. It helps in eliminating the impurities of the abdominal and chest areas and especially the lungs. Each Kriya can be practiced 3 – 4 times While performing the kriyas eyes should be closed for better concentration.
In the following exercises eye balls are moved quickly to look at alternate thumbs, keeping the fist closed. 3) Repeat the above with left arm raised on left side and right arm downwards on right side. 5) One thumb is positioned in front of the center of the eyebrows, near the tip of the nose. 3) Raise the right arm on top of right side with the thumb pointing upwards, slowly move the right arm towards the ground level of the left side. 4) Repeat the above with left arm raised making a diagonal movement towards ground level of the right side.
In these Kriyas, thumb is placed at 10 different positions and gazed constantly till the eyes are tired. 3) Stretch the arm in the front with the thumb pointing upwards now lower the hand to the ground level.
5) Raise the right arm to the nose level onto the right side with the thumb pointing upwards.
6) Lower the right arm down to ground level onto the right side with the thumb pointing upwards. 13) Rub your palms to each other and massage the eyes and face with warm palms and fingers.

Note : Backbone and head should be straight and eyes should not move in the above exercises. By practicing the above Kriyas, blood circulation in eye region is regulated and the eye sight is improved. All About Health related problems and healthy lifestyle, different types of diseases, its causes, signs, symptoms and treatments.
The symptom may involve inflammation of throat or swelling on the throat which seems on the outer surface of the neck.
Larynx cancer can be prevented by escaping the risk factors such as any form of tobacco consumption, exposed to sulfuric acid mist, asbestos etc.
Before practicing any Yogasanas or other physical exercises, micro Yoga should be practiced as a warming up process.
Veteran Yogasanacharya Revered Deekshitulu studied this set of exercises and then trained thousands of people in A.P.
Micro Yoga can he practiced in sitting position either on the floor on a spread carpet or a chair.
Looking at the thumb, quickly rotate the arm in anti clock wise direction, without bending the elbow.
In all the following kriyas, both eyes should be continously focussed on the slowly moving thumbs. Looking at the thumb, gradually rotate the arm in anti-clock wise direction without bending the elbow. Burning of eyes, water coming from eyes, dry eyes, weak eyes and other eye problems are solved. Move the lower jaw towards left and right side 8 to 10 times, holding for one second on either side.
Swallowing problem or uneasiness, and sometimes pain at swallowing liquids are signs of throat cancer.
They provide good exercise to the organs as a result, the efficiency of functioning of the organs increases and man feels energized.

After further research at Gandhi Gyan Mandir Yoga Kendra earlier syllabus of Sukshma Yoga was modified and since 1987 onwards the following program is being taught to the aspirants. As these are very subtle exercises they need lot of awareness and total concentration for full fledged benefits. Look at both the thumbs alternately in quick succession (up and down movement of eye balls). The throat cancer disease is also known as laryngeal cancer, vocal cord cancer and the cancer of the glottis.
The most effective treatment through surgery is done, when removal of the tumor is required from the concerned area. These exercises can be comfortably practiced within 20-30 minutes during which entire body is relaxed and recharged.
For whichever part of the body the process is done, the mind should be focussed on movement of that part only.
People who frequently exposed to sulfuric acid mist, nickel or asbestos are also at risk for larynx cancer. The surgery is generally complete together with the radio therapy to eliminate any minor bulge that cannot be eliminated by the surgery.
Doing physical labor or regular exercise to maintain the body fit and strong, meditation, morning walk, having the nutritious food in the diet, avoid pollution and smoking area.
Loss of blood from the throat and Pink sputum (sputum mixed with blood) is another signs of throat cancer.

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