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Experimenting with herbs can unearth your creative side, getting you cooking, planting, and healing in new ways. A variety of herbs in your garden serves many needs – culinary, medicinal, aesthetic, aromatic, and even natural pest deterrents. Hyssop serves well as a companion plant for cabbages and grapes, as well as an insect repellent.
When planted near brassicas (the broccoli and cabbage family), thyme discourages cabbage worms.
Oregano and sage target the cabbage butterfly and cucumber beetle if planted near cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, and grape vine. Garlic and other members of the allium family (leeks, onions, chives, shallots, etc.), have few natural predators, thanks in part to their strong odor, and are effective as companions to fruit trees or tomatoes. Rue protects flowers and vegetables particularly prone to Japanese beetle attacks (but may cause allergic reactions similar to those from poison ivy).
Bergamot, a fragrant perennial, attracts a plethora of beneficial visitors to your garden, including hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees. Calendula and borage provide a succession of long-lasting, beautiful blooms, and have many medicinal qualities.
While you’re at it, don’t forget parsley and chives, two culinary staples, and useful for garnishes and bright, flavorful accents for any dish. Herbs can be both good companions in the garden and aesthetically pleasing as an ornamental border. The Free George is the online magazine and visitors’ guide of Upstate NY, covering things from Albany to Lake Placid, including Saratoga, the Lake George region and the Adirondacks.
Mint and chamomile are the most common herb teas, but you can brew tea from almost any garden herb. Herbal tea is easy to make: put a handful of fresh herbs (about ? cup) per cup of tea into a pot.
Many herbs have edible flowers than can be used as a colorful garnish for salads and for both sweet and savory dishes. Add herb flowers to delicate salads and salad herbs such as lamb’s lettuce and chervil.
Add herbs to wine or cider vinegar to make herb-flavored vinegar. Basil, chervil, chives, dill, garlic, marjoram, mint, rosemary, sage, and tarragon are ten common herbs well-suited for making flavored vinegars. My name is Steve Albert and I created Harvest to Table for the beginner and veteran gardner alike.
Easy Measurement ConverterThe Measurement Converter can help you figure out the metric equivalents for the measurements used in the recipes on this site. My book is a veritable encyclopedia that provides simple guidance to the kitchen gardener and cook to bring fresh, inexpensive, and healthy food from your garden to your table.
Herbs are plants that have several uses including culinary, medicinal, spiritual and for the production of perfumes.
Culinary herbs are different from vegetables as they are used in small amounts to add flavor to foods not for substance.
Chives are part of the Allium genus that includes onions, garlic, scallions, shallots and leeks. Cilantro is the Spanish word for coriander and is a common term in North America for coriander leaves due to their extensive use in Mexican cooking. Parsley is a biennial or annual depending on the climate and is a member of the Apiaceae family which includes celery and carrots.
Rosemary (Latin for "dew of the sea") is a woody, perennial herb which is part of the mint family Lamiaceae. A general guideline when using fresh herbs in a recipe is 3 times as much as you would use of a dried herb.

Your favorite herbs stay fresh and flavorful for longer in this innovative keeper,the Cuisipro Herb Keeper designed to fit neatly in your refrigerator door. Farm & Fork Society Members get 10% off at Green Nectar Juicery in Millburn for the CSA season.
The strong scents of many common herbs can discourage insect and rodent pests when planted as companions to vegetable crops, either because they contain chemical compounds that are unpleasant or harmful to many little foragers, or because they may simply mask the aroma of vegetable crops.
That being said, many of them also produce beautiful flowers which attract an abundance of beneficial insects and birds that can out-compete many common pests. It is often used in potpourris and teas, and a common feature in roadside plantings and conservation projects.
Basil, chives, cilantro, dill, common and Florence fennel, garlic, lemon balm, mint, oregano and marjoram, parsley, rosemary, sage, French tarragon, and thyme are excellent choices for container growing.
The goal here is to find easy solutions to common garden problems and to help you bring great food from your garden to your table.
It is also called Chinese parsley and is an annual herb that is part of the Apiaceae family.
The plant itself has fragrant evergreen and needle-like leaves that have an aromatic but bitter and astringent taste.
Stems are immersed in water for hydration that extends shelf-lfe beyond refrigeration alone, and the lift-out tray provides easy access to herbs.
In fact, most plants that we commonly think of as “herbs” likely evolved, by natural or human selection, to produce these unique chemical compounds as a means of self-defense against their most proximate would-be predators. As with any garden, the key is to plant a broad diversity from several plant families, making strategic use of intercropping and companion planting.
Depending on your needs, some insect-deterring herbs can be grown in pots surrounding an outdoor seating area or patio, or hung in dried bundles or garlands near windows, doors, and entryways. Herbal tisanes are made in much the same way as herbal teas but usually in smaller quantities. They differ from spices (usually dried) which are from other parts of a plant --  either seeds, berries, bark, roots or fruits. It plays a role in Italian cuisine and a part in the Southeast Asian cuisines of Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Taiwan. It is commonly used to season mild flavored dishes and is part of the mixture of French herbs called Fine Herbes.
Dill weed and dill seed is a widely used herb in Europe and Central Asia to add flavor to many foods including Gralax and other fish dishes, soups like Borscht and as we know, the classic pickle.
Oregano is native to West and Southwestern Eurasia and the Mediterranean region and prefers a hot and dry climate. Summer Savory is used more often than Winter as Winter has a more bitter and intense flavor. Cultivated in hot, sunny locations, it is native to Asia, Southern Europe and the Mediterranean. For strictly culinary uses, site your herb garden close to the house, with easy kitchen access, or use indoor pots or windowboxes. In culinary use the Scapes (flowering stem) and the unopened flower of the plant are diced and used for an ingredient for fish, potatoes, soup and other dishes.
Coriander is native to regions spanning from Southern Europe, Northern Africa and Southwest Asia. Harvest herbs in the morning, after dew has evaporated but before the sun has warmed the leaves. Chervil is used widely in France to season poultry, seafood, spring vegetables, soups and sauces.

There is more than one variety of chive including Garlic Chives, Giant Siberian Chives and Siberian Garlic Chives. There are several varieties of Oregano including Mexican Oregano which is actually a member of the Lemon Verbana family.
About a half liter of coriander seeds was recovered from the tomb of Tutankhamen lending proof that it was cultivated by the ancient Egyptians. There are two main groups of parsley grown and used as herbs - curly and flat leaf or Italian. Sage has been used for several purposes since ancient times, to ward off evil, for snakebites and to increase the fertility in women to name a few. Sweet or Knotted Marjoram which is used abundantly in French cuisine and Wild Marjoram which is also known as Oregano.
Did you know that chives have an insect repelling property that can be utilized in a garden to control pests?
Did you know that Greek athletes used a tonic made of dill to improve the tones of their muscles? They were enjoyed by the early Greeks and Romans as well as in England in the 14th and 17th century. The fresh leaves and dried seeds are used in the cuisine of South Asia, SE Asia, India, the Middle East, Caucasian, Central Asian, Mediterranean, Tex-Mex, Latin, American, Brazilian, Portuguese, Chinese, African and Scandinavian. Mint essential oil and menthol are used widely in breath fresheners, drinks, antiseptic mouth rinses, toothpaste, chewing gum, desserts and candies.
The spread of thyme throughout Europe can most likely be attributed to the Romans who used it to purify their rooms and give aromatic flavor to cheeses and liqueurs. Summer Savory can be used in omelettes, soups, stews, marinades and with meats, poultry and fish.
It is one to the five herbs that make up the French Bouquet Garni which is used to flavor fresh stocks, soups and stews. In both British and American cooking it is used to make a savory stuffing to accompany a roast turkey or chicken on Christmas or Thanksgiving Day. According to Greek legend the goddess Aphrodite was draped in rosemary as she ascended from the sea as the offspring of Uranus. Did you know sage was used as a meat preservative in ancient Greece and Rome because it has antibacterial properties?
Did you know that in Medieval times it was used to enhance pies and cakes for a touch of spiciness? Thyme matches well with beef, carrots, chicken, figs, fish, goat cheese, lamb, lentils, onions, peas, pork, potatoes, soups, tomatoes and venison. The bride would wear a headpiece and the groom and wedding guests would wear a sprig of rosemary. In the days of the ancient Egyptians, Summer Savory was stirred in as a powdered herb as an ingredient for love potions.
The Greeks, Romans, Scottish Highlanders and the Knights of the Middle Ages all thought thyme brought strength and courage.

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