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Facebook user Claire Henderson is now raising awareness, after her baby was hospitalized for 5 days after contracting herpes.
With a thorough assessment on the baby, the doctors found out that Baby Brooke’s sores are caused by Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV-1). Warning: Never allow your newborn babies to be kissed by anyone on the lips—it can be deadly!
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Last September, a two-week old Brooklyn baby died from herpes at Maimonedes Medical Center, shortly after he underwent metzizah b’peh. Prosecutors have not had an easy time making cases against mohels who infect babies, because the families often protect the mohels’ identities.
The doctors had to put the Brooke on an antiviral drop for several days to prevent complication.
Research have shown that, the HSV-1 virus which causes cold sores can result in high fevers, seizures, liver damage and brain damage in very young babies. There's one particular, long-standing problem in the US and it's a notable human rights violation of children.

Though it is advisable that parents be with their children at all times, relatives and friends wanting to carry or play with the baby is inevitable.
Some babies are born with an immunity to the virus, but for those who aren’t, the risks can be very severe. So, let this article be a warning to all parents out there, to take precaution when letting other people kiss your babies, especially on the lips.

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