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It is funny how they get mad at you but not the creators of the real ad that really makes the woman look like a slut. First, I think you should read about how Obamacare works because I think you’re confused about how taxes work. I should point out that using birth control for sex related benefits does not make someone a slut either.
My critique of this comic has nothing to do with my stance on Obamacare (which I don’t support) and everything to do with the fact that it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. You support Obama and you probably did support Obamacare until you woke up and realized it was a POS. Where in the Constitution does it state that the Government has the power to force the citizenry to purchase anything? That is a state demand, and in addition, I don’t have to own a car or a business, etc.
During the current administration, increased drilling has boosted oil production from about 15 million barrels a day to over 19 million.
The International Energy Agency forecasts that the United States will become the world’s largest oil producer by 2015. The states that teach abstinence-only sex ed classes have the highest rates of teen pregnancy. Would you kindly point out any evidence that encouraging birth control creates such an environment as you claim? Um, actually, the groups most at risk for STI infection are people who have sex with men, poor people, and racial minorities. The choices are clear: choose to do with your body as you will and deal with those consequences or beg for others to subsidize it and give them the power to control what you do with it. I just wanna know when the law was passed that says we get to pick and choose where our taxes go.
And WHY are so many people here convinced that paying for people’s birth control (whether or not you approve of their sexual relationships) is somehow MORE EXPENSIVE than paying for the resulting pregnancy, birth, health insurance, social security, and other myriad social services the mother and child are likely to receive?
Do you realize that people can get birth control any day they want for free at planned parenthood?
In addition, kindly point out any straw-man arguments I used in my last comment, and I will be glad to clarify or amend my statements.

Are you twelve, or do you just not understand that willy-nilly laws need to be based in some Constitutional authority? Discouraging risky behavior could certainly benefit women, but being realistic and understanding that not everyone is going to take that advice, it is not fair to dismiss out of hand the benefit also given by readily available birth control. Also, please do not discount the fact that millions of women who are married or in otherwise stable, monogamous relationships also use contraception to space or prevent children. And you never raised a complaint about having paid for men’s Viagra this entire time because…?
No, some of the ads talk about bicycling, mothers taking care of sick children, team sports, and others. Please, go back to Media Matters and HuffPo and post there, as certainly logic and parody escapes you. Birth control at 600 times the original cost adjusting for the higher insurance premiums… Nothing is TRULY without cost. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results.
Could that be because it was created by a liberal and they never have a beef with their own kind. If you’d take your hater glasses off for just a minute, and try to find your logic center, I think you could concede that at least some of the arguments that Herbie Hind made are valid.
While I think the original ad was tacky, it does say that the pill doesn’t protect you from STDs, and that condoms and common sense do.
Actually, maybe a cartoonist, should learn about tax law before he draws cartoons based in fallacy. He is upset about getting an STD but they obviously took measures to protect themselves and the condom broke (which happens and is no one’s fault) AND he is upset about the fact that she uses birth control (putting aside the fact that condoms are a form of birth control). But at least its proponents can feel good about themselves while they go about tearing down everything that doesn’t fit their utopian delusions. According to The New York Times, Citigroup lobbyists drafted at least 70 of the bill’s 85 lines. Low income people could get it FREE at planned parenthood and as low as $9 dollars at Walmart. The states that mandate that schools must offer a comprehensive sex-ed class have the lowest rates of teen pregnancy.
I would be more than happy to point you to numerous reputable sources that show that an encouragement of contraception leads to better quality of life (higher education, wages, etc.) for not only the women taking it, but their families, communities, and countries. I said if YOU are sleeping around or have a steady partner then YOU should pay for your birth control and std prevention because I wasn’t there with you to enjoy it (eewww). Biology has worked very, very effectively over millions of years to ensure that it’s a lot more complicated than just making a choice to keep it in your pants. It is entirely possible to do both, and in fact, I champion mandatory *comprehensive* sex education in addition to contraception being freely available.
Yes, there were a few sexually charged ads, and yes some (myself included) will find them tacky. Our local PP closed a couple of years ago, along with the factory that provided work for a huge portion of the town.
Access to contraception has been shown repeatedly to correlate with higher education and earning potential for women the world over.
Try something other than sticking your fingers in your ears and name calling for a change, you might like it. For all you or anyone knows, that woman was a virgin before him, but she got herpes by kissing one one of the many men who sleep with as many women as possible.
Socialism would be a single-payer system like they have in Canada or the UK… or like Medicare. Compulsary when you accept the responsibility of an item and compulsary when you are breathing are VERY different.
Also – you pay much more for increased health care costs and social welfare programs for poor children and adults than you would for providing birth control for everyone.
Encouraging the use of birth control creates a culture that thinks sex has minimal repercussions… It is not teaching adolescents that sex can in fact spread disease, cause heartache, and change lives.
There are plenty of examples in both developed and developing nations where contraception was encouraged and conditions improved in myriad ways.
Also, not everyone has a freaking STI, so no, a culture with birth control does not inherently promote STIs.
Do you not realize that we’re already forking over billions that could be prevented by some comprehensive sex education and universal access to contraception?

Forcing other people’s plans to become more expensive because of this fake issue is wrong.
It’s one thing to encourage a poor or lower-economic status woman to utilize contraception, but if she can’t afford it or access it, how can she use it?
Men can be sluts as much as women, and I agree that the double standard of not holding men responsible for their promiscuity is wrong. However, to be fair, the ad in question has a big star beside the line about getting the guy under the covers, and the disclaimer at the bottom reminds people that the pill does not prevent against STDs, and that condoms and common sense do that. All he had to do was kiss her in order to get oral herpes – so birth control is actually irrelevant here.
The artist isn’t making any implications further then trying to paint that picture in one frame. For example, ortho low costs $40 per month in addition to the unnecessary gynecological exam that was mandatory to have before a prescription could be written because insurance companies required them, so even with a good copay we’re looking at an extra $15, any additional labs, not covered by insurance, etc. Also – he is in no way a slut for having slept with a stranger who obviously has oral herpes.
Since you do not have the choice to be born, it is simply ridiculous to be required to purchase something for that. Why is it that the woman and partner should be helped instead of taking full responsibility for THEIR own birth control and prevention of STDs?
Ads like the Obamacare Ad [this cartoon is spoofing] make it seem flirty and fun for people to go get some free contraceptives and use them.
Men inserting their sperm into other people is the #1 risk factor, but the fact is that straight men don’t care. What La-La land are you living in that you think it’s a crying shame that some of the pot of money is going to the most effective way to reduce those costs?
I assure you that the idea that people can just walk into the closest clinic and get contraception is wishful thinking.
I would argue that neither of them are sluts – the guy in this comic just had poor decision making skills (obvious oral herpes) and blames everyone else for them.
This comic (loose interpretation of the word) shows a guy angry because he got oral herpes from a girl after his condom broke (not science) and also she takes birth control but got pregnant anyway (because BOTH forms of birth control failed) and now he has to pay child support and THANKS OBAMA!! It looks quite childish, when you try to make up those irrelevant implications, and even go so far as challenge his understanding of biology and reality.
It seems to me that if that guy is interested in having sex with random women he should support the use of birth control so he decreases the risk of impregnating strangers and having to pay child support. A lot of you are very explicit when you say people should stay out of your womb and let you have “choice” so why should we NOW be involved in those choices? Also, condoms probably protect men against herpes more than women, so men need to take responsibility for their own safety instead of blaming women. In addition, what do you suggest that all the millions of people that live in states that have systematically de-funded groups like PP do? If we’re going to have a system like ours, then the fact is that everyone is going to have to chip in, whether or not they receive the services based on their gender. Many women use birth control for the non-sex related benefits including easier menstrual cycles. Because I know more women who take birth control to have an easier menses, than women who take it to sleep around.
Pay for your own birth control (all of them fail) or keep it in your pants or your legs crossed because that’s the only sure way to not become pregnant or acquire an STD. I also can promise that NOT covering contraception drives up your medical costs more than you can imagine.
Come to think of it, I don’t know *any* women who take birth control simply to sleep around a lot.
The perpetuation of the human race requires both genders, the fact that one disproportionately has costs associated with that process is irrelevant…we all have a vested interest. Show me how the cost of universal access to free contraception somehow costs more than paying for unplanned and ill-advised pregnancy and birth and then maybe I might reconsider my position.
Maybe, *gasp!* maybe men should accept responsibility for their own actions instead of blaming a woman?

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