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An enclave set into the region's rocky hills, Maaloula changed hands several times in the war.
Mucho se dice sobre la violencia fisica y sobre la mujer golpeada, pero existe otra forma de agresion, mucho mas sutil porque no deja marcas visibles, que es el maltrato verbal: el insulto y la humillacion hacen que la imagen de uno mismo se deteriore completamente. The finding rebuts earlier scientific assumptions that Valacyclovir (Valtrex) required the presence of the other infection to benefit patients with HIV-1, researchers said.
The result not only means that Valacyclovir can be used effectively with a broader range of HIV-1 patients, but also suggests promising new avenues for the development of HIV-fighting drugs.
This insight is particularly significant given that some forms of HIV-1 have become resistant to existing medications. Rodriguez said studies by these groups helped illuminate exactly how the medication decreases HIV-1 levels. Valacyclovir is activated in virus-infected cells, and then blocks the ability of HIV to reproduce. Scientists previously thought that Valacyclovir helped reduce HIV levels and worked by decreasing the immune activation caused by HSV-2.
After conducting laboratory studies with Acyclovir, an earlier sibling drug of Valacyclovir, Leonid Margolis, of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), saw that the medication clearly blocked HIV-1 reproduction, even when HSV-2 was absent. Beginning in June, 2009, patients from University Hospitals Case Medical Centre and from IMPACTA, the Civic Association for Health and Education in Lima, Peru, started participating in the trials, which lasted until July, 2012. Under its protocols, half the patients took Valacyclovir twice daily for 12 weeks, while the other half took a placebo for the same period of time.
After a two-week break from any medications, the two groups switched: those previously on placebo got 12 weeks of the Valacyclovir, and those who already had taken the medication now received placebos. When study participants took Valacyclovir, their HIV viral loads went down, and when they took the placebo, their HIV viral loads went up. May people are asking if tea tree oil, a potent natural antiseptic oil, could be used to kill the genital herpes virus. Although there are prescription anti-viral medications available, they are generally quite expensive and many people would prefer to try the natural alternative first.
Our detailed article Benefits of Tea Tree Oil reveals all the health benefits so we won't discuss it here.
Let's just focus on the potential benefits of using this popular antiseptic liquid in fighting off herpes infections from a scientific perspective. Tea tree oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) has been suggested for treating herpes including genital herpes.
Animal and lab studies show that tea tree oil solution is able to kill off the herpes virus.
One lab study done at the University of Heideberg in Germany showed that tea tree oil was effective at stopping the spread of the herpes simplex 1 and 2 virus.Another animal study showed that it is about 99% effective in stopping the spread of the herpes virus. All these lab and animal studies are wonderful to have but as you know, we have to find out if it actually works in human subjects infected with this virus. However, the benefits were modest and the authors acknowledged that tea tree oil treatment was started far too late during the course of the infection. They said that it probably would be much more effective if the therapy started at the first sign of a cold sore.
This is only a preliminary study so additional follow-up studies will need to be done to confirm this inital finding.

Make a 6% solution by mixing 3 mL of tea tree oil and adding sufficient distilled water to make up to 50 mL.
As always, test the tea tree oil mixture first on one spot first before applying to the entire area. The risk of using tea tree oil is low and there are animal studies to suggest that it does prevent the herpes virus from spreading.
There's little downside risk (skin irritation) and the upside benefit is high (quicker recovery). Needless to mention, the best way to prevent herpes outbreak is to keep your immune system strong. The causative agent, varicella zoster, is the same virus that is responsible for chicken pox. A person suffering from shingles can transmit the disease to others who are not immune to chicken pox, by direct contact of the affected site.
You should consult a doctor if you develop pain and rash, especially in areas surrounding vital organs such as eyes. A new born baby may have higher risk of developing shingles for the first two years if her mother was suffering from chicken pox during pregnancy. There is no cure for shingles, but immediate treatment may help lower the duration of illness and also prevent complications. Anti-viral medications: These agents do not kill the virus but can prevent multiplication of virus, thereby limiting the duration of illness. Anti-depressants: These medicines are not prescribed here for depression, but for its nerve pain relieving property.
Steroids: Prednisolone and other drugs belonging to steroids category can be used to relieve pain and swelling.
Others: Numbing agents like lidocaine can be used topically over the affected area to ease the pain.
Sores can be dried by application of corn starch or baking soda to speed up the healing process. Vaccines can help prevent you from the condition or at least reduce the symptoms if it cannot be prevented completely.
A new breakthrough in the way we fight sexually transmitted diseases could be a complete game changer.
Right now, the condom has received approval for release in Australia and marketing approval in Japan, which means it could be hitting the shelves there within a few months. According to the CDC, 1.3 million people are living with HIV in the US and a fifth of those people are unaware.
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Maaloula, an ancient Christian town 60 kilometers (40 miles) northeast of Damascus, changed hands several times in the war. The government recaptured it from militants in early 2014 in an important propaganda victory for President Bashar Assad's government in its quest to be seen as protector of religious minorities. The anti-HIV activity of valacyclovir does not depend on blocking the inflammation caused by herpes simplex virus 2,” said Michael M Lederman, also a senior author. A combination of tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil was effective in preventing the herpes virus from multiplying in a cell culture.

Carsona showed that a 6% tea tree oil gel showed benefits in reducing the duration of recurrent herpes labialis (cold sores).
Tea tree oil is cost-effective, beneficial, had no risk of developing resistance against the herpes virus and acceptable to patients.
It is not recommended to apply the solution with the included applicator, if there is one. If discomfort or skin irritation is noticed, avoid using it or considering using a more dilute solution.
It usually appears in a strip, a band or an area on the skin that is supplied by the affected nerve.
Even after getting treated from chicken pox, the virus can enter into the nervous system and lie there for several years before getting reactivated to cause Shingles. The initial symptoms can be headache and sensitivity to light, which are followed by rash, pain, itching and tingling on the affected site. However, in certain cases, your doctor may recommend Herpes test, which involves collection of skin scrapings from the affected area, to determine the cause of infection. Tricyclic class of anti-depressants like amitriptylne, nortryptiline and imipramine can be used.
Within the next few months, condoms that can kill HIV, HPV and herpes could be hitting the market.
Australian firm Starpharma created the gel alongside Ansell, a major condom producer in the country. And while infection rates have remained fairly stable in the US, other viruses are still major health threats.
Its historic churches pillaged by jihadis and buildings riddled with shrapnel reflect fierce fighting that devastated the town two years ago. Some Maaloula residents still speak a version of Aramaic, the language of biblical times believed to have been used by Jesus.A Christian cross is seen at a Greek Catholic Mar Sarkis monastery in Maaloula, Syria, Thursday, March 3, 2016. These drugs are recommended for use within 72 hours of development of rash and are mostly taken for a week.
Topical creams with anti-bacterial properties can be prescribed if the affected area gets infected with micro-organisms. An Australian biotech firm has developed a gel called VivaGel that actually fights STDs and has proven effective in killing 99.9% of viruses.
HPV remains the most common STD in the US and at least one in every six people in the US is infected with herpes, so the condom has the potential to improve countless lives in the US and the world. Its historic churches pillaged by jihadis and buildings riddled with shrapnel, this ancient Christian town north of Damascus still bears the scars of fierce fighting that devastated it two years ago.
El tema es cuando la violencia verbal recae sobre los hijos, el producto de su vientre o de su simiente, ahi hay que preguntarse por que en lugar de alentar se menoscaba y se basurea.Para un chico la verdad es la que le dicen los padres y si le dice “basura” el chico se va a identificar con un objeto de desecho, porque es el lugar en el que el otro lo posiciona. Takla Convent, a Greek Orthodox monastery that dates back to the early centuries of Christianity, the dome and walls of the church were gutted by fire, its frescoes damaged by bullets and its windows broken. Sergius, known locally as Mar Sarkis, which sits atop a steep mountain towering over the town, was also vandalized and its rare icons, one of the oldest in the world, were stolen.

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