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Based on the fundamentals of GICA and used specific sensitive HSV1 IgM capturing to detect the antibody of human serum.
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Patients and Methods: We considered 60 new or in first recurrence patients with NHL at the Hospital Nacional Guillermo Almenara from August 1999 to December 2000. Results: Median age was 59 years, two thirds were men, 65% were new patients and the primary site was extranodular in 58% of the cases.

Conclusion: The prevalence of seropositivity for herpes I or II in patients with NHL was 25%, usually associated to B cells, on the other hand we have an elevated percentage of T cell NHL (25%) as well as extranodular NHL (58%). We need more studies specially a case-control study to define the association of herpes virus I or II with NHL.
La efusión linfomatosa primaria (PEL por sus siglas en Ingles), inicialmente catalogado como linfoma de cavidades fue reconocido como entidad independiente en 1995 (9). The seroepidemiology of human herpes virus 8: Distribution of infection in KS risk groups and evidence for sexual transmission.

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