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Herpes may spread to the hands, since they come into contact with the other affected parts of the body.
Herpes infection on the hands is most likely to be caused on the thumbs or the index fingers.
It is extremely important to take care of the condition and not let it spread to other parts of the body.
If someone in your family is affected with this condition, care should be taken to stop the infection from spreading. Disclaimer: This Buzzle article is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.
Acetaminophen or ibuprofen may help reduce fever and pain caused by the herpes simplex virus sores.
If you develop a tender, painful sore on the finger, see a physician, especially if it is not going away or if it seems to be getting worse.
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After a person contracts chickenpox, the virus may remain in the body in a dormant condition.

It is best to wash the clothes of the infected person separately, along with the bed linen. Herpetic whitlow is caused by infection with the herpes simplex virus (HSV).Infections with HSV are very contagious and are easily spread by direct contact with infected skin lesions. You should definitely seek medical attention if you have a finger sore as well as typical symptoms of oral or genital herpes. On occasion, however, a swab from the infected skin may be sent to the laboratory for viral culture, which takes a few days to grow. HSV infection usually appears as small blisters or sores around the mouth, nose, genitals, and buttocks, though infections can develop almost anywhere on the skin. Children often contract herpetic whitlow as a result of thumb- or finger-sucking when they have a herpes infection of the lips or mouth. Small (1–3 mm) fluid-filled blisters develop, often clustered together on a bright red base. Blood tests may also be performed.Untreated HSV infections will go away on their own, but medications can reduce the symptoms and shorten the duration of outbreaks. The most commonly seen are herpes zoster, oral herpes (also known as cold sores, fever blisters), genital herpes, herpetic whitlow (commonly called herpes on hands), etc.
It is better to consult your health care professional to know about the one suitable for you. Dental and medical workers may contract herpetic whitlow by touching the contagious lesions of a patient with herpes simplex virus infection. The most common cause is spread of the infection is through touch, as it is very contagious.

HSV-1 infections usually occur around the mouth, lips, nose, or face, while HSV-2 infections usually involve the genitals or buttocks. Recurrent herpetic whitlow is rare.However, people with recurrent HSV infections may report that the skin lesions are preceded by sensations of burning, itching, or tingling (prodrome). Health care professionals are often at risk of contracting the infection from the patients.
Because it is so contagious, the herpes simplex virus causes a primary infection in most people who are exposed to the virus.
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However, only about 20% of people who have a primary infection with the herpes simplex virus actually develop visible blisters or sores.
In some cases, the lymph nodes present in the elbow or in the underarm area may be swollen. But in some cases, certain triggers like sun exposure, hormonal changes, trauma, stress, etc., can cause the disease to recur.
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