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Newswise — It's one of the most common viruses in America, and one that causes the most guilt and shame. An electron microscope image of the herpes simplex virus (HSV) that clearly shows the viral envelope (membrane) and the protein "keys" that interact with receptors ("locks") in human cell membranes to allow binding, fusion, and entry into the cell. Representative electron densities for both the complex and the free nectin-1 structures solved in this study. Figure 7: Representative electron densities for both the complex and the free nectin-1 structures solved in this study. It can get inside almost any kind of human cell, reproduce in vast numbers, and linger for years in the body, causing everything from recurrent genital blisters to sores around the mouth.

The N- and C-terminal extensions within gD, which contains nectin-1 binding site, are highlighted in blue and gold, respectively. Its complications can kill, and it may increase susceptibility to many nerve and brain disorders.But until now, scientists haven't fully understood how the herpes simplex virus (HSV) manages to do all of this.
The three-domained nectin-1 was labelled as in a recent report by Narita et al.21 The first V-set Ig domain (first Ig) of nectin-1 is coloured cyan. And that has stood in the way of developing more targeted, effective treatments against it to help those infected. The second (second Ig) and the third (third Ig) domains, both exhibiting a C-set Ig fold, are coloured orange and magenta, respectively.
An estimated 45 million Americans have genital herpes and millions more have the more visible oral variety. The V-set Ig core of gD and the first Ig domain of nectin-1 are also shown in a surface representation in (b) to highlight the N- and C-terminal extensions in gD (including the nectin-1 contact residues). New medicines for herpes infection are badly needed; currently, antiviral drugs can quell symptoms of an outbreak, but not eliminate the virus. The residues bordering these terminal extensions (P23, I55, A185 and A253) are indicated and labelled.
And, there's increasing evidence that HSV may damage the nerve cells in which it hides between outbreaks, possibly contributing to neurological disease.In a presentation Sunday at the International Congress of Virology and in two new papers in the Journal of Virology, U-M researchers are reporting the discovery of a receptor that appears to function as one "lock" that HSV opens to allow it to enter human cells.

They've also found the gene that controls the production of that receptor, deciphered some aspects of the receptor's structure, and developed a pig-cell system that could be used to test new anti-herpes drugs.
The findings may help explain why the oral and genital herpes virus has such a successful track record: The receptor, dubbed B5, is made by most cells for another purpose not yet understood. HSV appears to have evolved a way to latch onto it, and fool the cell into letting the virus in.
And since most cells express the gene for the B5 receptor, this may be a reason HSV can get into most kinds of cells. We can use the receptor molecule to try to understand the process and perhaps combat infection at this vulnerable site," says A. The Italian team has identified a region of a viral surface protein that matches the U-M team's predictions of what the virus likely would use to bind and engage the B5 receptor. Unlike other viruses so far, HSV seems to have evolved to take advantage of a broadly present cellular protein that has properties like that of known cellular fusion machinery," says Fuller. The many possibilities for virus binding to cells make deciphering the entry process a difficult problem to solve.

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