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According to a recent study, the genetic variability of a worldwide sample of type I herpes simplex viral strains (HSV-1) provides independent support for the Out-of-Africa hypothesis for human origins—and along with it, added credibility for the biblical account of humanity’s beginnings. To better grasp the relationship between virulence and genetic make up, the researchers sequenced and compared the entire genomes (consisting of about 152,000 base pairs, or genetic letters) for 31 different HSV-1 strains collected from around the world. The geographic distribution and time scale for the origin of the various viral strains corresponds closely to the results of human genetic variability studies that track the origin and spread of humanity around the world. Anthropologists interpret the results of these studies as support for the Out-of-Africa hypothesis.
Though often presented and discussed within the context of the evolutionary paradigm, this model has profound biblical implications. The agreement between the genetic variability pattern of the HSV-1 strains and human genetic variability provides independent support for the Out-of-Africa model (and consequently for the biblical account of humanity’s beginnings).

As researchers continue to study our origin using the human genome and the genomes of human surrogates, such as HSV-1, the scientific credibility of Genesis 1 and 2 continues to advance.
Reasons to Believe is a ministry devoted to integrating science and faith and to demonstrating how the latest science affirms our faith in the God of the Bible. The mission of local chapters is to strengthen and equip fellow believers for productive dialogue with doubters and skeptics.
Get equipped with powerful new reasons to believe and enjoy content-rich apologetic material delivered to you, wherever you are. This time of the year a lot of attention is focused on why some viral strains can be so deadly while others elicit a relatively minor response. The scientists discovered that the viral strains clustered into six groups that corresponded to different parts of the world.

Briefly, this model (also called the replacement model) maintains that modern humans evolved recently (about 100,000 years ago) in East Africa from a small hominid population and then migrated around the world to replace pre-existing hominids. If humanity’s genesis happened in the way Scripture describes it, then genetic diversity patterns observed among people groups around the world would be very similar to those discovered by anthropologists. Your donation helps our ministry take this life-changing message to skeptics around the world while encouraging and strengthening the faith of Christians. Researchers have also been able to trace the origin and migration patterns of humanity using several other types of human pathogens and parasites.

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