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An easy to get and reliable herpes test for under $25?  If Theranos has it’s way, you may soon be able to walk into a local Walgreens and simply order one.
Right now, the majority of the Theranos Wellness Centers are located inside Walgreen locations in and around Phoenix, AZ with a couple in California and one in Pennsylvania.  They plan on opening more locations soon. Are you living with herpes and dated someone off of a herpes dating site or found love from one?  Are you between the ages of 18-27?  If so, MTV wants to hear from you! MTV is looking for people who have looked for love or found love using a herpes dating site to be interviewed for our new web series, premiering later this year. In her article in Women’s Health Mag, Miss Dawson recounts an incident at a party when a guy offered her the rest of his beer. Genocea:  GEN-003 is a first-in-class T cell-directed immunotherapy intended to reduce the transmission risk and clinical symptoms of genital herpes.
HPV Epidemic –  “I wish the cancer would have killed you!” These are the chilling words of Susie’s husband when he learned that her cancer was caused by HPV, a sexually transmitted virus. The Human Papilloma Virus HPV may be the most widespread, misunderstood and potentially dangerous epidemic that most people hardly know anything about. Membership is also up!  Sure, it does slow down a bit in the summer but since the temperature has started to drop we have been picking up.  It is always great to see the new members! We update the blog every couple of weeks with news, events and other things that may be of interest.

Smart phone and iPad Friendly!You can access a condensed mobile version on your smartphone. Many herpes people have had a lot of questions about statistics, risk factors and transmission that STD experts have not been able to answer. Every day thousands of people meet people with Herpes for romance, dating, friendships, support, community, and to learn about Herpes medical treatments and information. She is a Wesleyan University graduate and has a unique way to tell a potential love interest that he has herpes. I could laugh his comment off and pretend it didn’t hurt, but that would mean laughing at myself.
The good news is the study is still going on and Genocea has updated their website with some promising information. Narrated by Vanessa Williams, this poignant documentary takes a look into the lives of five women affected by HPV, the widely misunderstood and controversial virus that causes several types of cancer, including cervical.
80 percent of all people under 50 years of age will have a strain of the virus at some point in their lives and most will not even realize they have it. It has services of Herpes blog, Herpes forum, Ask counselor, Herpes treatment stories, Photos of Herpes and Herpes dating. We had to euthanize our pet hamster, Cocoa, and say goodbye to ourFree Herpes Testing?What do you do when your herpes test results are inconclusive or confusing?

For Susie, Tamika and Christine, it’s a story of survivorship that comes with misconceptions, stigma, shame, heartbreak, pain and triumph. If you both have the same type of STD, there will be no chance for any of you to get another type of STD.
Herpes doesn't detract from your many desirable qualities, which have drawn people to you in the past and will continue to make you a great catch.
For the Forbes’ family, it’s about coping with the loss of their daughter Kristen and trying to prevent it from happening to others like her.
When you are ready for a herpes dating, please make sure you are honest and don't talk other topics if you are for dating. The cameras follow Kelly on her epic battle to save her marriage, her career, her family and ultimately, her life.

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