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It is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) that people rarely talk about but are often aware of.  The cold sore is one of its common presentations, although many do not use the true medical term to identify this skin lesion. Canadian statistics about the prevalence of herpes are not readily available because it is not legally required for health centers to report such data to government agencies. The term “herpes” originates from Ancient Greek and means “creeping”.  The herpes simplex virus has been known for at least 2,000 years, and was very common around 14 AD in Rome. The two most common types of the herpes simplex virus are type 1 (HSV-1) and type 2 (HSV-2) based on the site of infection (see picture below).
Type 2 usually attacks the genitals, and visible blisters often appear after a person is infected. When an infected person has sex with an uninfected partner, skin to skin contact is the typical means of transmission of herpes.  Tiny breaks in the skin or mucous membranes in the mouth or genitals allow an entry point for the virus. The viruses enter the body via the sensory nerves to the sensory nerve cell bodies and lodge in the ganglion.  There, the viruses become “latent” or dormant and stay there for a life-time. Herpes typically presents itself with periods of active disease that last between 2 to 21 days with periods of remission; most people have an average of 4 to 5 outbreaks per year.
Triggers of a herpes outbreak are often linked to a weakened or immature immune system such as when someone is very stressed, has AIDS, is a transplant recipient, or is taking drugs for cancer.  The very young and the elderly are particularly vulnerable when infected with the herpes virus. A mother has a 30% to 60% risk of transmitting herpes to her newborn baby if her first outbreak is during labour.  However, the risk falls to 3% if it is a reoccurring outbreak and to 1% if she is not exhibiting symptoms.
The herpes virus is easily transmitted by direct contact with lesions or bodily fluids of an infected person.  However, genital herpes (HSV-2) is often asymptomatic or what is termed “subclinical herpes”.
Being infected with oral or genital HSV-1 prevents a person from being infected with the same virus in another body part.  This primary infection causes the body to produce antibodies to the virus. As with most STIs, women are more vulnerable (odds 8-11%) than men (odds 4-5%) in contracting herpes on a yearly basis without using any type of protection or antiviral medication.
The consistent use of a barrier method such as the male condoms is used to reduce the risk of transmitting herpes by about 30%.  The female condom gives the advantage of covering the labia, and therefore offers a greater area of protection.
It is important to understand the method of transmission of HSV-1 and HSV-2, the population most at risk of contracting this STI, how best to protect ourselves from getting infected and how to treat this viral infection.  With an estimated 536 million people worldwide infected by the herpes simplex virus, it is unlikely that this virus will be eradicated in the near future. Certain individuals who have a rare gene variation (APOE-epsilon4 allele carriers) are very vulnerable to HSV-1 and have a higher incidence of Alzheimer’s disease. Although herpes zoster (or shingles) is in the same herpesviridae family as HSV, they are different.  Herpes zoster is caused by the reactivation of the dormant varicella zoster virus, not the herpes simplex virus. Canker sores are not herpes lesions.  Canker sores are found only inside in the mucosal tissue of the mouth. Based on the research done by American MD Bruce Soloway, suppressive therapy with high doses of antiviral agents (acyclovir or valacyclovir) does not fully prevent asymptomatic transmission of HSV-2. A promising vaccine against HSV-1 is being developed at the University of Florida.  This vaccine targets and cleaves the mRNA of essential genes in HSV-1. Herpes: Beyond Cold Sores Sexual Health Site was a good read, I certainly intend to come back again and read your future posts.

Any interesting discussion is worthy of attention, this blog is definitely worth adding to your favorites. However, extrapolations of statistics estimate that about 8 million or 1 in 4 Canadians presently have genital herpes. Prostitutes were often infected with this virus, so much so that in the 18th century, it was labeled “a vocational disease of women”. During a herpes outbreak, only a portion of these viruses become active, which is why herpes is considered an incurable STI. Over a period of several years, an infected person often has fewer and less intense herpes outbreaks. Because babies have immature immune systems, HSV causes unusual clean linear erosions in the skin creases. Even during periods of remission, an infected individual can transmit the virus to an uninfected sexual partner through microscopic virus shedding. A blood test is often required to identify antibodies to the virus and confirm that a person is indeed infected. It takes about 6 weeks after the initial infection for the antibodies to provide such a protection.  Also, being infected with HSV-1 helps reduce the severity of an HSV-2 infection if a person contracts this type of virus. One explanation for this difference between the sexes in infection rates is due to the larger mucosal skin area in women’s genitals.
The use of dental dams during oral sex is also recommended to reduce the risks of spreading herpes. Herpes is a life-long disease, therefore the best way to limit the spread of this infection is still prevention.
Younger people are more likely to adopt and maintain safe sexual behaviors than are older people with well-established sexual habits, making youth excellent candidates for prevention efforts..
48 hours after you have sent her urine screening labs, a positive probe for Chlamydia is reported to your office…………. Providers should: Inquire about sexual behavior Ask for specifics and avoid heterosexist language Do not limit their patient interview to questions about heterosexual vaginal-penile intercourse Assess risk for STIs. Careful counseling and thorough discussions are particularly important for adolescents who may not acknowledge that they engage in high-risk behaviors. A 16 year old female comes into the clinic with a complaint of vaginal discharge for one week. Atlas of Infectious Diseases: Urinary Tract Infections and Infections of the Female Pelvis. The intracelluar parasites thrive off a low oxygen, and acidic environment within the body. The visible blisters that it produces are often referred to as “cold sores” or “fever blisters”.
The new Immunodot glycoprotein G-specific herpes test is 98% specific in determining if someone is infected with HSV-1 or HSV-2.

However, since the herpes virus can reside in the whole pubic and anal areas, both types of condoms only offer limited protection. This kind of sore has a grey or tan area with a bright red rim right around it.  They disappear after a couple of days, and are easily treated with topical antibiotics. Treat adolescent patients utilizing treatment guidelines for many of the most common STIs seen in adolescents.
Reducing adolescent infections will ultimately result in fewer infections among all age groups. Repeat testing in adolescents 3-4 months after treatment for Chlamydia due to high rate of reinfection.
Newer screening tests, including nucleic acid amplification tests and nucleic acid hybridization tests, have demonstrated improved sensitivity and comparable specificity when compared with cervical culture. Counsel about risk reduction, and Screen for asymptomatic infection during clinical encounters.
She is sexually active with two partners, using condoms “most of the time…” She is sexually active with two partners, using condoms “most of the time…” The discharge is described as thick, whitish, with a “bad smell”. Men Most men do not have symptoms When present, include discharge from the urethra, urge to urinate, and burning sensation while urinating.
Mertz found that the risk of transmission of the virus from a male partner to a female one in a monogamous relationship is 30% per year.
Some newer tests can be used with urine and vaginal swabs, which enables screening when a pelvic examination is not performed. On exam, you find a homogeneous discharge, cream color, non-specific odor On exam, you find a homogeneous discharge, cream color, non-specific odor On wet prep you see WBCs, normal epithelial cells and no hyphae. WBCs WBCs Organisms Organisms Hyphae Hyphae Trichomonads Trichomonads What other clinical findings on pelvic exam can help you? We will teach you how to build your immunity with some key vitamins that will get you to 15 drops of MMS in one week, or less. Then we starve the parasites of the very foods they need to thrive on, and last we saturate the blood with MMS, and DMSO.
The holes in your intestines is how the herpes parasites entered into the interior of your body. This condition came from the way you have been eating all your life, parasites, and improper bowel movements.

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