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The thing to remember with Get Rid of Herpes book written by Sarah Wilcox is that it is not a cream or ointment that you apply on the affected area of your body to get rid of the blisters. The thing to understand with herpes is that it is a condition resulting from a virus attack. Sarah asks you to go through a blood test to ascertain the type of herpes you are suffering from.
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It can be very debilitating for the victim both physically as well emotionally as he finds it embarrassing to accept that he is suffering from this medical condition.
Ironically this health expert who knew herpes problems much suffered from genital herpes for more than 2 years but failed to get permanent treatment from the commonly used clinical medicine.

If you suffer from this infection and tired of trying all sorts of treatment methods, you must buy the book Get Rid of Herpes written by Sarah Wilcox.
This is the reason why the medications available over the counter are only able to provide temporary relief as they cannot reach deep down to kill the virus. However, if you are disillusioned and disappointed with traditional treatment methods, this is an excellent book for you. After years of researching and tesing herself, she finally found the true effective natural treatment with affordable price. In fact, Sarah Wilcox makes it easier for the readers by writing about her experience with antiviral medications.
These are the methods that have been devised by Sarah herself who suffered from herpes for many years. This means they can avoid the mistakes committed by her in her battle against genital herpes.

Get Rid of Herpes is a small 46 page e-book that contains safe and effective natural remedies for different types of herpes such as oral herpes, genital herpes, HSV-1 and HSV-2. If you have tried a lot of treatment methods but failed to get rid f herpes permanently, the time has come to take help of Get Rid of Herpes to remove herpes virus permanently from your body.
This system to treat herpes works equally well on both men as well as women patients of all ages.

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