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This is a collation of information on Marek's Disease with a few pictures from BYP members for use as a reference.
Hi Cathy,thank you for you precise response basically you gave me the answer i was looking for, and that is yes you can breed for resistance. I can see why breeders might choose to go either way with Marek's, and I feel it's a personal decision.
Hi Cathy,I'm all for science, but sometimes it is hard to do an autopsy, i think this would make your skin crawl, also it is pretty clear from the external examination what is going on here.
We have stopped vaccinating babies for Mareks now too, I have spoken to several poultry veterinary specialists all over Australia over the past several months who told us, on the side, that none of the vaccinations here in Australia will guard against Mareks 100% and they had seen many birds who were vaccinated at day old contract the disease full on by 4 to 12 months. The problem being that how does the hobby breeder get their line tested, to see if these genes are present in their line.
That is that eighty percent of all sick birds have one of the conditions that covers only twenty percent of all possible diseases and conditions.

We also vaccinated heavily for ILT in the past, we are letting that one go too, we have now introduced a resistance program into the flock so by the time they are ready to be moved into the breeding paddocks at 24 plus weeks we feel that they have built up enough immunity to cope, I must admit that we have never had any signs of Mareks or ILT in the flock but they have previously been very susceptible to other respiratory virus', it will now just be survival of the fittest so to speak, anything not growing properly or showing signs of being weak or sick is culled.
It is especially appreciated that you took the trouble, so that we can all learn more about this disease, while you had the sad task of dealing with your own affected bird. If not, finding a line in a current example of your breed may be tricky and also the added problem of outcrossing to another similar breed and then multiple genetic tests to see if those two genes are present? We simply dont commonly see eighty perecent of the diseases.Lymphoma and other types of cancers can occur in just about any animal including humans and in those cases its simply the luck of the draw. Probably sounds a little harsh to some but we want to breed a strong bird that is not going to drop dead at the first signs of a weather change, it needs to suit our climate. Currently, i do not vaccinate my birds but, they are isolated and i do not introduce new birds i try to keep a closed line. I have assumed that i have some resistance but, i do not know as i would really need to do a genetic test which until i know where, when, and how much it may not be economically viable.

So the dilemna continues, i am starting to lean towards vaccination, but would much rather natural immunity approach . As Cathy said - the mareks vaccine does not vaccinate against the virus causing it, its action is to interupt the tumour causing process. As for predictive tumour genetic marking products, that science is in very early days in any form of medicine (veterinary or otherwise).
While I don't fully understand all of that, it does seem clear that there is a real basis to genetic Marek's resistance. Source: The Chicken Health Handbook by Gail DamerowSome photos of birds from BYP members with typical Marek's posture.

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