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Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. Se conoce que la Graviola combate el cancer, la diabetes, las bacterias, los virus y tiene acciones antiinflamatorias. When there is an outbreak, the virus is then transmitted from the nerve roots to the nerve fibers where the infection originally occurred. As pointed out earlier, there are generally two types of herpes which are commonly linked to genital lesions.
Herpes simplex virus – type 1 is known to trigger sore and blisters in the mouth, and as such is commonly referred to as cold sores or fever blisters.
According to a recent study that was released by the CDC (Center for Disease Control), it is believed that there are roughly 50 million individuals in the US, majorities of whom are women that suffer from genital herpes. One of the reasons why there are high numbers of people suffering from genital herpes is because majorities of women infected with HSV-2 do not even know that they are carriers.
According to the CDC, infection rate can be controlled and curbed if only people took time to learn more about the signs and symptoms. The signs and symptoms of genital herpes in women include formation of small, fluid-like sores and blisters on the vaginal area. La creacion, gestion y diseno de esta pagina web se ha llevado a cabo mediante la tecnologia uniweb, desarrollada por intelligenia. El virus de Epstein-Barr (VEB) -perteneciente a la familia de los herpesvirus, que tambien incluye el virus del herpes simple y el citomegalovirus- es uno de los factores ambientales que podria desencadenar la Esclerosis Multiple, una enfermedad que afecta al Sistema Nervioso Central y cuyas causas se desconocen. La Esclerosis Multiple es una enfermedad desmielinizante que afecta al Sistema Nervioso Central.
Pese a que varios estudios han intentado determinar como la infeccion por el virus de Epstein-Barr se podria considerar un factor de riesgo para desarrollar la Esclerosis Multiple, los cientificos granadinos han realizado un meta-analisis de estudios observacionales de casos y controles, cuyo fin es determinar esta asociacion.
Ademas, en un grupo de pacientes con Esclerosis Multiple (formado por 76 personas, y otro de sujetos sin enfermedad (75 personas) se busco un patron que intente asociar el virus y la Esclerosis Multiple. Esta investigacion ha sido realizada por Olivia del Carmen Santiago Puertas, del departamento de Microbiologia de la Universidad de Granada, y dirigida por los profesores Jose Gutierrez Fernandez, Antonio Sorlozano Puerto y Oscar Fernandez Fernandez. Los cientificos han obtenido una asociacion estadisticamente significativa entre la infeccion virica y la Esclerosis Multiple, a partir de la deteccion de marcadores que, fundamentalmente, indican infeccion pasada y no con los que indican infeccion reciente o reactivacion. Olivia del Carmen Santiago Puertas afirma que, debido a que todavia se desconocen los factores que desencadenan esta enfermedad, “es importante empezar a estudiarlos y, si es posible, desarrollar algun tipo de profilaxis frente a estos”.

En este estudio se ha encontrado asociacion con ciertos marcadores de infeccion del virus, “pero para poder obtener una conclusion definitiva es necesario que se desarrollen nuevas investigaciones, con un numero suficiente de pacientes, que utilicen la combinacion de varias tecnicas microbiologicas, donde se determinen los diferentes marcadores de infeccion virica valorando la situacion clinica del paciente, incluso anos antes de la aparicion de los primeros sintomas de la esclerosis multiple”. Some people call it a cold sore, others a fever blister, but this annoying and often painful chronic condition is caused by the same virus: herpes simplex. Characterized by blister-like lesions that occur over an eight- to 10-day period most often around the lips, oral mucosa, or tongue, the virus is highly contagious and can spread easily by direct skin-to-skin contact. The two most common forms of the virus are herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) and herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2). Since HSV is transmitted through direct, physical contact, such as kissing and sexual contact, the best method of prevention is to avoid physical contact with the HSV sores when someone is experiencing an outbreak of the disease. Initial infection of the oral herpes simplex virus may cause no symptoms or may cause severe flu-like symptoms with mouth ulcers.
Symptoms may begin with redness, swelling, heat, and pain in the area where the infection will erupt. The symptoms of an oral herpes simplex virus may resemble other conditions or medical problems. This is a sexually transmitted viral infection that can be triggered when one comes into contact with an infected person through oral sex, anal sex or normal sexual intercourse. When the infection reaches the skin, one may notice sores and blisters around the affected area. On the other hand, herpes simplex virus – type 2 triggers blisters and sores in the genital area. Genital herpes is mainly spread from one person to the other primarily through sexual contact with an infected person.
Due to lack of symptoms or less signs showing up, most women do not know that they are infected. Asi lo han confirmado cientificos de la Universidad de Granada, quienes han analizado la presencia de este virus en enfermos con Esclerosis Multiple, mediante el estudio del indice de anticuerpos, es decir, los anticuerpos que son producidos en el interior del Sistema Nerviosos Central y que por lo tanto podrian estar directamente implicados en el desarrollo de la Esclerosis Multiple. No se conoce la causa que provoca la enfermedad, aunque parece existir cierta susceptibilidad genetica en los individuos que la padecen, asociada a ciertos factores ambientales que podrian desencadenar la enfermedad. Para ello, se determino la presencia de anticuerpos frente a los antigenos del virus, sintetizados en el sistema nervioso central, asi como la deteccion de ADN virico para investigar el indice de anticuerpos frente al VEB en el Sistema Nervioso Central y la presencia de ADN de VEB, respectivamente. HSV-1 is most often associated with infections of the oral cavity, with 90 percent of the US population exposed to this virus.

However, genital herpes can be contagious without causing any symptoms of the disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
In recurring infections, sores tend to erupt in the same area (some patients never have any more symptoms beyond the initial infection). Often confused with many other infections, such as allergic reactions, the herpes simplex virus can only be confirmed with a virus culture, blood test, or biopsy.
The study went further to reveal that roughly 60% of adults who are sexually active are carriers of the virus.
Once the virus gets into the body, it stays incubated for a couple of days prior to the lesions developing. HSV-2 is most often associated with genital herpes infections, with 30 percent of the US population ages 25 to 45 exposed to this virus. However, the location of the blisters usually is, to a physician, a positive indication of an infection.
The instant the virus gains access into the body, it is transmitted to the nerve roots close to the spinal cord. The situation is complicated further by the fact that there are fewer indicators as well as outbreaks the longer the virus stays dormant in a woman. During the seven days the virus is dormant, there are no signs and symptoms and as such, transmission cannot take place. However, research suggests that both types of HSV can infect both the mouth and the genitals.
When the immune system starts to weaken, one may start to notice the signs and symptoms since the virus stays dormant in the body. Then again, the virus can be cleared from the cervical area and into the vaginal area in a number of women who do not experience the signs and symptoms.
Some people never have any symptoms from the virus, others have periodic outbreaks of infections.

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