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THE BRITISH Horse Society has issued advice concerning an outbreak of equine herpes virus (EHV1) in Gloucestershire.
Two horses have been shown to have the neurological form of the disease and one the respiratory form.
Although not a notifiable condition, EHV1 is contagious and does have the potential to be quite a serious disease. In most cases, EHV1 is spread via respiratory transmission so wherever horses are brought together from different yards there is the possibility for the disease to spread if one of the horses present is affected. The BHS says it is important to be aware that the risk of your horse contracting EHV1 is very small and there is certainly no need to panic.
Anyone who has hunted with the Heythrop since January 24 should put their horse into quarantine for a minimum of 10 days. Although aimed at a different disease (strangles) the society’s STEPS leaflet provides lots of useful information about quarantining and isolating horses.
A high temperature is a key indicator and it is essential to monitor the temperature of ‘at risk’ horses. Affected horses will tend to be disinterested and off their food, as well as showing typical respiratory disease signs such as coughing and a nasal discharge. Should you have any concerns at all that your horse may be affected please contact your vet immediately.
Newsquest (Midlands South) Ltd, Loudwater Mill, Station Road, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. This website and associated newspapers adhere to the Independent Press Standards Organisation's Editors' Code of Practice. CUMMING, Iowa – A horse ranch south of the Metro has confirmed several of its horses are infected with a form of the equine herpesvirus (EHV). Reedannland Farm, in Cumming, announced on its Facebook page earlier this week that 14 of its horses are sick with the horse-equivalent of the herpes virus, and four have already died.
The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship incorrectly announced in a news release Wednesday that a horse stable in Madison County also had several confirmed cases of EHV-1, but has since notified the media this was a mistake; the horse stable the department was referring to was in fact Reedannland Farm, located in neighboring Warren County. Four people were injured Saturday afternoon in a head-on crash on Highway 101 just south of the Schooner Creek Bridge.
High school teams from around Oregon competed Saturday, April 23, at the Meet of Champions at Willamette University in Salem. The Lincoln County Fair has been a fixture in the life of Lincoln County for more than 100 years. Cases of equine herpes virus have been identified in horses housed in the Willamette Valley. Columbia, Missouri (AP)--  Veterinarians at the University of Missouri in Columbia are urging horse owners to be alert for symptoms of a potentially fatal virus known as Equine Herpes Virus-1. There are no confirmed cases in Missouri, but the university said Wednesday a regional outbreak of the highly contagious virus is occurring in states to the west.
The outbreak is traced to the National Cutting Horse Association Western National Championships in Odgen, Utah, which began April 30 and ended May 8. The university says any horse that was at the Utah show should be closely monitored for symptoms that include nostril discharge, unusual tiredness, weakness standing and a high fever.
Thanks funkeymonkey000 hes only a yearling i havnt put abit in his mouth yet(and probably never he will have a bosal).I wish i had a picture of summer sores to see if he does have it.I will get a picture tommorrow so watch this post!
This could be just a short lived virus.If there is no fever, he is eating fine, and no other symtoms I would just sit back and keep an eye on it for now. Yup, that looks the same, except my horse has it on the inside of her mouth and your's is larger.
It look like a foxtail wound that is healing nothing to worrie about it will be fine my horses have had those before and usally from the hay that has them in it.
An Oregon horse has tested positive for a neurological form of Equine Herpes Virus traced to a horse show in Utah. Horses that participated in the National Cutting Horse Association’s Western National Championship in Ogden, Utah from April 30 through May 8 may have been exposed to the virus. EHM is not transmissible to people, but it is a serious disease of horses that can cause respiratory, neurologic disease and death. Symptoms include fever, decreased coordination, nasal discharge, urine dribbling, loss of tail tone, hind limb weakness, leaning against a wall or fence to maintain balance, lethargy, and the inability to rise. The state veterinarian advises horse owners to practice strict biosecurity measures and hygiene if they travel to shows and competitions with their animals.

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Two horses in Galveston County have died from a sometimes lethal strain of the herpes virus. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to experience all the custom features of our site, including the ability to make a purchase. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Information on the causes of wquine upper respiratory infections and symptoms of influenza and herpes virus in horses.
If left untreated, upper respiratory infections can lead to serious complications affecting the rest of the body such as kidney damage, laminitis, leg swelling, heart and neurological disease. An upper respiratory infection is caused by various bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.
Viruses such as the Equine influenza virus and the Equine Herpes virus (type 1 and 1V), which are similar to colds and flu in humans, are the primary cause of upper respiratory infections. The diagnosis of an upper respiratory infection is based on the symptoms, a complete physical examination and review of the horse’s medical history. Treatment of upper respiratory infections involves certain medications, supportive care and environmental factors. Avoid giving your horse human cough syrups or decongestants, as these are potentially dangerous. Equine virale rhinopneumonitis wordt veroorzaakt door infecties met het equine herpes virus (EHV). Nieuwe paarden (of paarden die terugkomen van een andere locatie) moeten 3-4 weken apart gehouden houden voordat zij bij de andere paarden (vooral drachtige merries) gevoegd kunnen worden.
Equine viral rhinopneumonitis kan op basis van klinische verschijnselen van de voorste luchtwegen niet onderscheiden worden van equine influenza, equine viral arteritis of van andere ademhalingsA­infecties.
Andere infectieziekten die abortus bij paardachtigen veroorzaken, zijn:Equine influenza Streptococcus equi var.
Het risico op EHV-besmetting is het grootst bij import van besmette paarden op een bedrijf. If a horse is affected by the neurological form of the disease you may see some incoordination or just general “wobbliness”.
If you have a complaint about the editorial content which relates to inaccuracy or intrusion, then please contact the editor here. The horses are suffering from the neurological viral form of the EHV-1, known as Equine Herpesvirus Myeloencephalopathy (EHM). If you’re a horse owner and have questions about the disease, the Iowa Department of Agriculture asks you to contact your local veterinarian. EHV-1 has been reported in 17 horses in at least nine states and Canada, and three have died. Might be unlikely though because they are in the same spot, but may be something to look into. I try to get hay without them but since we just got thru a drought it was hard to find good hay so we had to deal with that.
The virus has been confirmed in other states including Washington, Idaho, California, and Colorado.
Various bacteria can infect the upper parts of the respiratory system and often cause pneumonia and weaken the immune system.
Although fungal infections of the respiratory system are not as common as bacterial or viral, they may also develop.
When a parasitic infection invades the respiratory system, roundworms, threadworms or lungworms travel through the lungs and weaken the immune systems of young and aging horses. Certain diagnostic tests such as x-rays, thoracic ultrasound, endoscopic examination, fine needle aspiration and a lung biopsy may be performed to confirm the diagnosis. In order to speed recovery, a comfortable, dry but well-ventilated barn or stable, adequate rest, palatable foods as well as plenty of fresh, clean water and tender loving care are essential.
Drachtige merreis moeten apart gehouden worden van pas gespeende veulens en eenjarige paarden. Lichte vergroting van lymfknopen Mogelijk oedeem aan de benen Mogelijk constipatie gevolgd door diarree Herstel volgt vaak binnen een week.
De definitieve diagnose wordt gesteld aan de hand van virusisolatie of PCR op neusswabs en bloedmonsters in het vroege stadium van de infectie en via serologische testen in de acute en herstelfase.

Geaborteerde foetussen zitten vol met virus, waarbij ook de placenta en het vruchtwater grote hoeveelheden virus kunnen bevatten.
Rechtstreeks dier-dier contact is daarbij de belangrijkste overdrachtsroute, maar het virus kan ook verspreid worden via de handen van verzorgers en via de lucht, zeker na een abortus. Confirmation of Equine Herpesvirus Myeloencephalopathy (EHM) has been made on a horse in Clackamas County that was in close contact with other horses that had attended the Utah show. Ensure that your horse is vaccinated against viral infections which will help to minimize the duration and severity of the disease.
In geval van een uitbraak van een ademhalingsziekte of abortus moeten de besmette dieren geA?soleerd worden en moeten maatregelen voor desinfectie van de besmette locatie worden genomen. Dit kan introductie van het virus op daarvA?A?r ombesmette gebouwen en terreinen veroorzaken.
I didn't touch it because I thought it would heal on its own, the vet came out for something else and told me to scrub it everyday with Hibitane (disinfectant soap for animals) and it cleared up in 3 days.
None of these horses are showing symptoms of the disease and have been isolated from other animals at this time.
All the horses infected appear to have come from two boarding stables in or near Dickinson.
Deze dieren zijn vaak de bron voor nieuwe infecties voor veulens van twee maanden en ouder, pas gespeende en jaarlingen.
Paarden mogen de locatie tot drie weken na herstel van het laatste klinische geval niet verlaten.
Het dier kan volledig herstellen, maar een deel van de geA?nfecteerde dieren met neurologische symptomen houdt langdurig restverschijnselen. Volwassen paarden die eerder besmet zijn geweest, kunnen een subklinische infectie krijgen. Both stables are now under quarantine, which affects about 20 horses kept there, according to the vet, whose clinic stables are also under quarantine.
Andersom kunnen jonge dieren die de infectie voor het eerst doormaken veel virus uitscheiden en daarmee weer oudere dieren, zoals drachtige merries, infecteren. Vaststellen van een infectie met EHV is nodig om overdracht naar andere paarden en bedrijven te voorkomen door bijvoorbeeld het treffen van hygiA«nische maatregelen, het isoleren van geA?nfecteerde paarden en eventueel het tijdelijk a€?op slot doena€™ van het betreffende bedrijf. Als dieren niet meer zelfstandig kunnen staan, is de prognose zeer ongunstig en moet euthanasie overwogen worden. Serologisch testen van merries met gepaarde serummonsters heeft na abortus weinig diagnostische waarde, aangezien de infectie meestal langere tijd geleden heeft plaatsgevonden en de merries daardoor een titerstijging hebben doorgemaakt.
Het is niet altijd duidelijk of dit komt door herinfectie of doorA  reactivatie van een latente infectie. None of the animals in quarantine have tested positive for the virus, according to Dr Dennis Jenkins, whose clinic stables were ordered quarantined by the Texas Department of Animal Health two days ago. De op de markt zijnde vaccins bieden bescherming tegen de verkoudheidsvorm, dus de griepachtige verschijnselen. Jenkins suspects as many as 10 more suspected cases in a rare outbreak of the Equine Herpes Virus 1, or EHV1. Er is geen waterdichte bescherming tegen verwerpen; bescherming tegen verlammingsverschijnselen is niet aangetoond.
Post-mortem Ontsteking van de luchtwegen Oedeem in de longenFoetussen geaborteerd voor 6 maanden dracht vertonen veel necrose, vooral in de lever en de longen. It's unknown why the more virulent EHV1 strain develops, but it's often in young horses, and begins with a respiratory infection.
Daarom heeft het de voorkeur om vaccinatie bedrijfsmatig toe te passen, dat wil zeggen A?lle paarden in de stal vaccineren tegen EHV. Daarnaast moeten goede management-maatregelen genomen worden, zoals het in quarantaine plaatsen van nieuwe paarden.
Neither of his horses, or any of those being treated for other ailments have shown signs of infection.
To that end, a town hall meeting will be held Sunday afternoon at the Galveston County Fairgrounds at Jack Books park. A representative from the USDA will attend, and representatives from the Texas Department of Animal Health.

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