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Aiiieieeiaue oa?eiaeo aicieeaao aneaanoaea i?iaaieoaeuiuo iieiauo eiioaeoia, i?e yoii i?ienoiaeo eioeoe?iaaiea aeioee e a?oaeo i?aaiia ?ioiaie iieinoe: ieiaaeei, aanai, ycuea, iaaiuo ao?ae n ycu?eii. 2,8,19 e 37 oeiu aaaiiae?onia.I?aeuii-aaieoaeuiue ioou ia?aaa?e i?e aaaiiae?oniie eioaeoee n?eoaaony aieacaiiui e aaaiiae?oniua oa?eiaeou yaey?ony eae ?aoaioeaiuie, oae e eina?oeaiuie,oioy eiia?ii iniiaiie ioou ca?a?aiey ana oaee iaiieiaie. Cytomegalovirus infection of the cervix: morphological observations in five cases of a possibly under-recognised condition (J Clin Pathol.
Comparison of a Ligase Chain Reaction-Based Assay and Cell Culture for Detection of Pharyngeal Carriage of Chlamydia trachomatis J Clin Microbiol.

Improved Rate of Isolation of Neisseria meningitidis by Direct Plating of Pharyngeal Swabs J Clin Microbiol.
Moraxella catarrhalis associated with acute urethritis imitating gonorrhoea acquired by oral-genital contact.Int J STD AIDS. Adenovirus types 2, 8, and 37 associated with genital infections in patients attending a sexually transmitted disease clinic.J Clin Microbiol. The majority of infections are caused by human herpesvirus 1 (herpesvirus 1, human) and less often by human herpesvirus 2 (herpesvirus 2, human). Ainiaeeoaeuiue i?ioann ii?ao ?ani?ino?aiyouny ia a?oaea o?anoee neecenoie iaiei?ee iieinoe ?oa, iyaeiai iaaa, aanai.Aiiieieeiaue aeiaeaeo ii?ao nii?iai?aaouny e?iaioi?eainou? aanai e iiyaeaieai iai?eyoiiai caiaoa eci ?oa.

Pathologically, the condition is marked by a hemorrhagic necrosis involving the medial and inferior temporal lobe and orbital regions of the frontal lobe.

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