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Herpesvirus: One of a family of double-stranded DNA viruses that cause common infections in humans. It's affinity for sensory nerves allows it to target gene therapy to the central nervous system, while it's capacity for cell destruction could be a powerful weapon for selective destruction of cancer cells. An HSV-1 vector could be engineered to express antigens that induce immunity against a variety of infectious agents.
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In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). All members of this family are double-stranded DNA viruses with large complex genomes that replicate in the nucleus of the cell. Because replication occurs inside the host nucleus, herpesviruses can use the host's transcription machinery and DNA repair enzymes to support a large genome with complex arrays of both essential or so-called dispensable genes. The dispensable genes enhance the cellular environment for virus production, defend the virus from the host immune system and promote cell to cell spread.

The large numbers of dispensable genes are in reality required for a productive in vivo infection.

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