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Holistic nursing focuses on promoting wellness by removing physical suffering and healing the whole person. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Recortar slides e uma maneira facil de colecionar slides importantes para acessar mais tarde.
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Introduction This assignment will present a holistic profile and discuss the plan of care for a selected patient, within an inpatient setting. She is quite independent to do her personal grooming but needs constant reminder and pushing to care for herself. I have been part of the group in doctors round and that gave an overall picture of my patient's medical problem and her advancement towards getting better. This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our University Degree Nursing section. In comparison to non-pharmacological interventions and 'cold turkey' quit attempts, NRT leads to around double the cessation rates (Molyneux 2004). Poor eating habits that lead to obesity contribute to health problems and conditions that will develop in adulthood including high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and problems breathing whilst asleep, cardiovascular disease and certain cancers (Daniels, 2006). As HIV almost exclusively attacks T-Helper cells, a 'count' of such cells is a useful indicator of disease progression as well as the current state of the immune system (Lima et al. It is the initial stage of the nursing process, followed by planning, implementation and evaluation and is a continuous and ongoing activity.
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Health may therefore be defined as physical, psychological, social and spiritual wellbeing, meaning to be in well-balanced eutonic state of feeling and being well in body, mind and soul and in one's social relations.Where one or more of these constituents of health are compromised, we suffer individually and in our social context. This will be through the understanding of the nursing process concluding with the reflection of my learning from assessing and caring for my patient. Controlling body temperature Signs of infection Body temperature Presence of mucous in the feces does indicate infection however her body temperature is quite normal at 37.2.

Thorough documentation is also a valuable source of information to all members of the health team, whether it is the doctor's notes or the nurse's notes. These figures should be encouraging for Hannah, and help her to maintain self confidence should she attempt to quit with this as an aid.
Such pre admission appointments allow for psychological adjustment over a longer period of time, and the opportunity for Mr Jones to share information with his family (Alexander et al, 2006). All Rights Reserved.Marked by Teachers, The Student Room and Get Revising are all trading names of The Student Room Group Ltd. The purpose of the nursing care plan is that it will enrich me to gain better understanding of the patient's individuality, that is, to see the patient as a whole.
Joy has been advised to wipe her hands with antiseptic after using the toilet to control any risk for infection due to Yersinia enterocolitica. For my client, in one instance, I had noticed that throughout my shift she hadn't drank her jug of water. It will enable me to understand of the patient's social status, cultural background, economic level, hobbies and special interests which all contribute to the patient's welfare. This I reported to my nurse in charge and she documented that in her nurse's note so that the next nurse to care for Joy would prompt her to drink her water. This information can come from sources such as the patient, family, significant others, health care professionals and health records.
Social problems (like poverty or interpersonal frictions) will not only cause psychological suffering, but may negatively influence our state of physical health as well.
It will also enable me to understand nursing process, to practice written and verbal expression, to develop observation of the patient and to develop research skills.
She is quite independent and hardly needs assistance in mobilizing, however, she is restricted to one room so as to control the spread of cross infection. It is also important to maintain a professional relationship, and I can see that one can easily get too involved with the patient.
According to Crisp and Taylor (2005), nursing process is a problem solving approach that enables the nurse to provide care in an organized scientific manner.
All I had to remind myself of was that this relationship is essentially a therapeutic relationship whereby there is an explicit time frame and the relationship should end after the process of care giving. It also integrates critical thinking and also involves collaboration with the health care team. I have also realized the importance of families and friends being included in patient care as that are one medium of insuring continuity of patient care.

There are essentially five steps to nursing process: assessment, nursing diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation. Also having family and friends present, provided tremendous emotional support to my client. She is quite dependent on her youngest daughter, has no financial difficulties as the husband has left quite a bit of money for her to enjoy her rest of life.
Observing the effort that Joy has made to fulfill her goals, her strong faith, lively spirit and brave acceptance of her condition is quite outstanding and I have realized that my encouragement has really worked for her.
The patient chosen is through my clinical placement in one of the largest teaching hospital in South Auckland.
The ward provides a culturally safe environment for thirty patients it can house at a time and is a specialized ward for patients with colorectal, breast and stomach complications.
REFERENCE Allopurinol, 171, Diltiazem, 25, Felodipine, 27, Metronidazole, 252, Metropolol, 36, Microlax, 13, Morphine, 142: Mims, New Ethicals, 2007. Different faith-systems of course have different views of transcendence and it would go too far for this paper to reflect on these. Confidentiality is always uphold in this ward and this can be seen by the patients folder being locked in drawers and only health professionals directly caring for the patient gaining access to it. Expressing sexuality Grooming requirements Concerns expressed Needs to be reminded on her personal hygiene though she loves her lacy gowns and loves to shop for new good clothes and shoes.
Informed consent had to be taken from the chosen patient to carry out this project on holistic nursing. Sleeping Hours of sleep, day, night Bedtime - number of pillows Aids to sleep - drink, medications, positioning Sleeps for short period of time.
Patient was informed that any information passed on, either relating to health or private issues will be confidential and the name of the patient won't be revealed at any time.
It must take high priority for us to enable and facilitate these as far as reasonably possible. She prefers not to take anything for sleep as she is quite anxious that she may not be able to get up and go to the toilet in time and have a misadventure.

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