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Or at least that’s what a bunch of Facebook posts and fringe articles, one of them written by the girlfriend of alt-med pioneer Joseph Mercola, would have you believe. But in reality, the “dead holistic doctors” story is what happens when a large group of people who are loosely connected to one another (sometimes so loosely that there’s really no connection at all) happen to pass away of the causes that people pass away from. Just like the “dead bankers” meme, even just looking at the professions on the list takes the wind out of the conspiracy. One of the other doctors was a pulmonologist, one was an ophthalmologist, and one obstetrician. Bradstreet was indeed facing down an investigation from the FDA, but not simply for being a critic of vaccines – he was actively involved in selling a quack autism cure called GcMAF. Additionally, Hedendal had served prison time for federal tax evasion, and had been forced to pay nearly three quarters of a million dollars in restitution.
Sadly, three of the doctors on the list appear to have fallen victim to a much too common fate – death at the hands of their spouse.
We’re now at the point in the conspiracy where any doctor anywhere who dies, no matter how old, what their field, or what happened, is going to be lumped in with the conspiracy. Take out the conspiratorial elements (and indeed, the conspiracy posts are full of weasel words, assumptions, and random bits of vague hearsay) and what do you have left? They’re young people who shouldn’t have died, women who shouldn’t have been murdered by their partners, retired people who should have lived out their lives with dignity, not vanished and been found weeks later. This article just makes me laugh because you obviously haven’t done any of research on this topic… Do you even know what Gcmaf therapy is? Rothschild… bad reporting is still evident in American Propaganda, so please play your part to find the truth and not just her say. A major accident occurred this week and the conspiracy set are hoping we havent noticed or posted that it was probably due to poor planning, regulation and inspection.. Sure we would have preferred it to have been channeled to skeptoid but how would we have know the difference between channeled or barking rant? Of course, what a great site and enlightening posts, I surely will bookmark your site.All the Best! Whoa, yeah, like if you weren’t wearing your tin foil hat as protection, you may fall for the double bluff big pharma rays, yeah? Unfortunately there is way too much of this paranoia passed on to otherwise intelligent people via the quack websites.
These scumbags seem to have no limit to the methods of deception they will use to sell their snake oil. When I stumbled across a conspiracy site via a link from a friend on FB (she’s a real life friend too), I went to read it. Are you frustrated that TAM & the JREF are no more, and the skeptical community has disintegrated? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The tragic murder of a Bonita Springs, Florida holistic doctor, Teresa Sievers, 46, who was found brutally murdered in her home on June 29, has taken a dramatic twist.
Teresa Sievers was a well-respected doctor, who after years of practicing conventional medicine decided to switch gears and focus on holistic remedies. What is even more curious of this arrest is that Wright is a longtime friend of Sievers’ husband and even has him listed as a family member on his Facebook account. Though the motive has not been released I am sure there are plenty of theories beginning to float around about why this loving mother and talented doctor was murdered. The only good news from this arrest is that hopefully the family is able to have some comfort knowing that these men are behind bars. Holistic doctors, natural healers who relied on the power of herbs and energy to cure the diseases that science couldn’t, were starting to die mysteriously. The crux of the conspiracy is that the government, their shills in the pharmaceutical industry, and the vaccine pushers at Merck are killing anyone who’s dared to speak out against the racket they’ve got going in making the American people sick, then selling them expensive cures for their diseases. It’s no different than the “dead bankers” meme that was going around last year – a list of people with tenuous connections to the finance industry who died, mostly of suicide, in a short period of time. In fact, Bradstreet’s link to the drug extended to a clinic in Switzerland where five patients took it and died. The three doctors who disappeared in Mexico certainly didn’t – according to Snopes, they aren’t connected to any American medical practice, nor were they being investigated by the US government.

In the US, between 20 and 30 percent of female murder victims are killed by their intimate partner, and 3-4 women are murdered every day in the United States by husbands, partners or boyfriends.
And so you’ll start to see more names tacked on to the “death list” and the fervor over “dead doctors” growing stronger among those predisposed to see a nefarious plot.
A group of people in disparate fields spread across the country who died of disparate causes.
These are the stories that should be told about these “dead doctors” – not salacious nonsense about Big Pharma. This is a skeptical look at so-called news claiming that doctors have been killed by the pharmaceutical industry.
However, the arrest of the two men that may have committed the murder of the mother of two is even more shocking and raises more questions than answers.
Her practice was booming as she helped thousands of patients achieve health through healthy lifestyle changes and acupuncture.
When the investigators visited the home of Rodgers, his girlfriend explained how she learned of the heinous murder and said he had confessed committing the crime to her. While some may still feel that there is an underlying connection to the other doctors murdered, only time will tell, and that is if a proper investigation is done and the police are not stonewalled by federal agents. This only goes to show, you really never know people and someone can quickly turn, even if they are lifelong friends.
As a mother, a Christian, and a Libertarian, she believes in God given rights and is passionate about creating the kind of world she wants her daughter to grow up in.
Since 1990, 59 research papers have been published on GcMAF, 20 of those pertaining to the treatment of cancer.Here is a list of the eight doctors we know of who have been murdered or died under suspicious circumstances, the most prominent of whom is James Jeffrey Bradstreet. And while conspiracy theorists saw it as the “powers that be” tying up loose ends, it’s far more likely that when you have a big enough cohort, statistically, some of them will die – especially by their own hand in an industry as stressful as finance.
An osteopath can be considered a holistic doctor, but is still a physician licensed to practice medicine. One is Bradstreet, a controversial figure in the autism field who was derided by mainstream medicine for his assertion that vaccines cause autism. While the cases of Crews, Sievers and Riley haven’t been solved yet, statistically, there’s a far higher chance that they did indeed die at the hands of their partners than at the hands of Big Pharma goons – an occurrence that’s never actually been proven to have taken place.
The fact that a couple of them happened to work in holistic medicine, and a couple of them happened to live in Florida and Georgia is simply not statistically significant. But when you squint too hard, you miss the real story – the human toll exacted by intimate partner violence, suicide, and crime. Although, I’m following and scanning the news and interested about reading how it is all simply a coincidence. Questions swirled around Sievers’ death, as many people wondered if her murder was in connection to the murders of other holistic doctors. And while chiropractic is certainly in the alternative medicine spectrum, it’s not exactly a profession that Big Pharma is looking to rub out on a regular basis. But why kill him, and not a more well-known anti-vaccine proponent, like Andrew Wakefield, Mercola, or even Jim Carrey?
Maybe it was the investigation, or the guilt over the deaths he’d been linked to, or something else that caused him to kill himself.
Millions of people work in the medical profession, and statistically, some of them are going to die every day. If you’ve got something deeper about any of these stories and can present evidence, then please do. Though there has been no link made to the other murders, authorities still contended that Sievers’ murder was not a random act.
On June 16 the FDA obtained a search and seizure order targeting his Buford Georgia medical clinic.Dr. And the alternative medicine community believed Big Pharma was behind it, knocking off the resistors to their plan to force drugs and vaccinations on all of us.
There are over 44,000 chiropractors in the US, and it’s not even close to an outlier for two to die around the same time of natural causes.
It certainly doesn’t mean he was “taken out” by the government, and the fact that he shot himself in the chest doesn’t either.
These are random occurrences that look like a pattern if you want it to, not an actual pattern.

Doctors and practitioners (those who could speak) allegedly said they didn’t knowingly take anything they took that would cause this. While Holt was young (though he might have had health problems), Hedendal was 67, and quite likely had a heart attack after a strenuous athletic event.
I love reading what does not make sense but I can go along with it while laughing at others expense. Some were hallucinating and some still too sick to be questioned and hospitalized.15 ambulances along with a helicopter were sent in to help the holistic doctors and naturopaths at the homeopathic conference. An anonymous source has indicated a cause of death, which has yet to be verified or released.Dr.
From the Independent UK (who initially put their headline – we have screen shots- that “homeopaths get high on drugs” to something much more subtle that reads that chaos ensues at the conference (that sounds a bit more accurate) Torsten Passie, a member of the German government’s expert commission for narcotics, told NDR: “It must have been a multiple overdose. No arrests have yet been made as the investigation continues into a possible violation of Germany’s Narcotics Act.
It is commonly active in the 10–20 mg range, taken orally or nasally and highly dose-sensitive”From the another article:“The questioning begins as soon as the persons are coherent and their statements are useable,” said a police official quoted by the news agency DPA. The patients, aged between 24 and 56, were found suffering from delusions, breathing problems, racing hearts and cramps, some in life-threatening conditions, according to the public broadcaster NDR.Naturopaths, doctors?The news magazine “Der Spiegel” described those affected as alternative and homeopathic practitioners. NDR said doctors were also among the seminar group and suggested that participants might have taken part in a drug experiment.
Read More » Share Facebook Twitter Google + Pinterest 5 Holistic Health Doctors Found Dead In 4 Weeks, 5 More Go Missing a€“ After Run-Ins with Feds July 15, 2015 Health, The State 4 Over the past months, five natural health doctors have either mysteriously died or been intentionally killed, with another five having gone missing under unexplained circumstances.
Some patients were administered sedatives en route to hospital, said the emergency response physician who headed the rescue operation, Dr.
Warren stated that the average person in the USA, the average worker, has not been on the receiving end of the GDP since 1980! NDR reported they were alternative and homeopathic practitioners, and that they were taken to the hospital. Authorities said their preliminary finding was that the group was poisoned with amphetamines, but Koehlbrandt said they didn’t knowingly take the substance. In the wake of my unintentional series on holistic doctors dying, I had several people send this to me the last few days.
Again, the ones who could talk allegedy say the didn’t knowingly ingest anything that would cause them to become deathly ill.
She’s humbled that her site (under 2 yrs old) has cracked the top 20 natural health sites worldwide. You can get Erin’s e-book here for free on how she overcame Lyme, a significant weight gain and more. You’ll also get occasional updates on cutting edge health news and her upcoming TV appearances. If so, question the power of entities that have billions of dollars at stake, then ask yourself, COULD this be true? The more aware we can become of what is going on behind the curtains and most importantly why these deaths are happening the more we can push forward through fear to the other side.The alternative doctors that were killed were all studying and part of a huge discovery about Nagalase and its effect on GcMAF in the body.What is GcMAF? According to FIRSTiMMUNE, “GcMAF is an essential human protein our bodies make that removes a number of diseases including cancer.
All 5 billion healthy humans make their own GcMAF.”Nagalase is an enzyme secreted by cancer cells that is being introduced into the body at infancy or the vaccination stage, as the late Dr. It also causes immune deficiency and blocks GcMAF activating factor in the human body; resulting in serious compromise of the immune system! He believes that if we take care of ourselves and take care of our planet we can enjoy a much more sustainable, healthy, happy and harmonious life.
I’ve never even heard of it, They were creating what appears to be groundbreaking research.

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