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The energy healing movement is increasing in popularity all the time, as many men and women are experiencing results moving energy in the body to eliminate negative emotions.  The Matrix Energetics system of healing is no exception, as it is a comprehensive system of healing and transformation powered by intention that is getting real results. Whether you are a beginner in energy healing or a seasoned practitioner, Matrix Energetics is easy to utilize to experience change and it doesn’t take a lot of time either. Matrix Energetics works on the principles of quantum physics, Sheldrake’s Morphic Resonance, and superstring theory.  With the assumption that everything in the entire world, even humans, is made up completely of energy, Matrix Energetics is able to transform negative energy into positive flowing energy with touch and intent.
Matrix Energetics is a pathway for change at the quantum level, as it is really just the practitioner using intent to transform the material world.  This is great news for those who struggle with old wounds, trauma, and emotional distress. This is great news for beginners because anyone is able to tap into the power of change using Matrix Energetics. Those that use Matrix Energetics advise practitioners to try not to understand the principles behind the technique but rather just experience the results.  The laws of energy and physics are not for everyone to understand and it’s not necessary to in order to experience transformation at the energetic level.
Matrix Energetics, and healing energy in general,  is not necessarily a technique, but a shift in consciousness and the energy field. As an Energy Healing Practitioner + Spiritual Counselor, my passion is to help others become healed mind, body, and spirit. Physically, you have niggly, persistent ailments that are always there like a constant frustration in the background. It’s never too late for a nudge in the right direction… Your path forward could suddenly become clear and you will know exactly what steps to take next. For years I suffered from a list of ailments that just wouldn’t budge, no matter what potions or therapies I tried. Each avenue that I explored wasn’t a cure, but it was leading me closer to the whole solution.
It was only when I started to understand the whole picture of life, and began healing on all levels, that I healed myself completely. Educate, empower and inspire YOU to become a conscious creator of your physical, emotional and spiritual reality.

The wealth of information on this website is my gift to you, from someone who has been where you are and found a holistic healing solution! I am a psychosomatic therapist based in Brisbane, Australia and I offer online courses in psychosomatic healing (find out more by subscribing to my newsletter).
Find out how holistic healing works, how the body, mind and soul works as a system and how you create your own health. Discover the techniques of psychosomatic healing and how they can assist your healing process. Learn about the healing process and how you can best take care of your body, mind and soul.
Use the glossary to find out the psychosomatic meaning of specific body parts, health conditions and ailments. In practice Heather utilizes the healing powers of medicinal plants (in the form of herbs and essential oils), the healing powers of foods and the amazingly resilient mind (with techniques such as creative visualization) to assist individuals in achieving a state of balance.  She encourages moving to a place of optimal health and happiness where the person thrives, using educational tools to maintain this balance. He studied at the British School of Osteopathy and has a post-graduate diploma in paediatric osteopathy from the Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy in London (formerly called the Osteopathic Centre for Children). In South Africa, osteopaths are recognised by the Allied Health Professions Council and can practise under the title of doctor. There may be pain in one area but the problem may be as a result of an injury – or imbalance in another area, reflects Ashburner. Coupled with the medical history, eyeballing of the body, the hands-on physical treatment (palpating from toes up to skull), the osteopath considers the lifestyle of the patient. As the treatment is non-invasive and does not involve the use of drugs, it is ideal for infants, children and the elderly.
In fact, those that experience the technique oftentimes state that they feel waves of energy flow through their body when it is being worked on. When applying Matrix Energetics to your emotional life, you can come to perceive your reality differently, which can instantly transform an anxious, depressed individual almost instantly.

Many experts assert that emotional issues and disease are really a disruption in the energetic system, so if you can get to that system and align the energy at that level, positive change can occur. I was spending almost all of my disposable income on doctors, natural therapists and healers to find the magical cure so I could start living my life, free of anything holding me back.
The training is rigorous and it includes extensive training in anatomy, physiology, pathology, neurology, orthopedics,rheumatology,sociology and psychology. When you are sitting, sleeping, working, exercising, if the spine is twisted or out of whack in any way, you are likely to experience pain.
Just one thought can radically alter your perception of your present life, as Matrix Energetics works at the subconscious level where negative emotional energy tends to lodge.  By using intention at that level, that negative emotional energy can be dislodged and integrated into the body, thus leaving you feeling emotionally free and happy.
When you once reacted angrily to the words of others, you will be apt to not react in such a way. If you’d like to learn more, attend a seminar or find more information at the Matrix Energetics website.
Before you pop a tablet you may want to consider osteopathy as a means of diagnosing the problem. Intrinsic to his approach is that the body is a unit which has the capacity to heal itself.
A massage or having a soak in a spa bath may alleviate your pain but it may mask an injury or condition which requires attention. Why should you go to an osteopath as opposed to seeking other treatment by a physiotherapist or chiropractor?

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