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Stress, anxiety, emotional & physical disharmony manifests itself differently in all individuals. I'm available for phone or video consultation to give you advice on meditation, lifestyle and law of attraction. Maybe it's stress that is getting the better of you or maybe your body really needs a serious injection of nutrition and care.
The world tells us that to be healthy we need to eat our fruit and vege, go to the gym and avoid sugar and you should look great, feel great and the world will be amazing. When it comes to dealing with stress or trying to kick start a health regime we all try many different approaches amidst our despair to help ourselves. Maybe you feel like you know how you should eat, but you end up self sabotaging your efforts.
Perhaps you have a hormonal or chemical imbalance, or another health issue that makes feeling like a healthy person an impossible task? Maybe you struggle to find balance in the madness of the modern world, have lost your purpose or worse feel like giving up entirely. To get the most out of my help and support you need to take advantage of everything on this site and put it into action. Yoga and meditation will ensure you rebuild a deep and kind relationship with yourself and your body & ensure that we can help you restore a connection with your true self and helps us find deep inner peace through times of suffering. The Alive revolutionary Mental Health Detox (for healing depression, anxiety and many other associated nervous system diseases) is inspired by top mental health professionals and will help you repair and restore your digestive system and the health of your nervous system. You can interact with others exploring the same journey through the forum and encourage each other to re create the best version of your life.
When life is busy, crazy, erratic and there never seems to be enough time in each day it can seem a little difficult to feel grateful sometimes for even the simplest and small things that we ALREADY have in our life.
Learn all about how stress affects your body, what your triggers are (perceptions, thoughts, situations) and what tools can help you alleviate the way you do stress (internally and externally). In this mini de stress course you will learn all you need to know about de stressing your life & building compassion for you and your body in times of need.
The Alive Full System Yoga Pack is for those wanting at home yoga and meditation classes to help them heal their body, mind and spirit using beautiful mindfulness meditation, deep relaxation and breathing and yoga classes for all levels taught with passion and care for those in need of self care. Welcome to recovering your sanity and finding your way back to who you really are at your core. This yoga pack will help you learn the basics of yoga, reconnect with your body, expand your breath, calm your mind and explore the full system of yoga. Laurie holds a Bachelor of Science (Psychology and Biology) from Acadia University, A Bachelor of Social Work from Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador, and a Masters in Holistic Nutrition from the Edison Institute of Nutrition. There are so many changes after you have a baby, but among them, the most popular concerns shared at my clinic is fatigue.

Ready to reclaim your life?October 19, 2015 By Lydia Buschenfeldt Hatch Health and Hap­pi­ness is here to help you reclaim your life in the names of exu­ber­ant heath and last­ing hap­pi­ness! Digestive DisordersIt is estimated that 60-70 million people in the United States alone are affected by digestive disorders. Based in Fair­fax, Vir­ginia, Hatch Health and Hap­pi­ness offers full-service face-to-face health coach­ing in North­ern Vir­ginia and vir­tu­ally around the globe!
Maybe you just know that there is simply more to this life for you and your drive for that is so strong you simply just can't do things the same way anymore and you know that something is going to give if you don't change things right now. It does involve some healthy foods but also involves digging deep into your core and getting real about what you want from this life, what you have to offer the world and help you see how much strength you have in adversity. Maybe you are even completely unaware that this is what you are dealing with and you are blaming yourself for how you feel? To make sure you do just that I will support you with our interactive online coaching sessions where we can get to know each other well. Your monthly healthy eating plans will ensure your health is restored permanently and that you have an abundance of inspiration with healthy eating recipes & cooking classes on tap. This blog is about reinstating a sense of gratitude in your life, even when you are busy, crazy and erratic and even when you think that there is nothing to be grateful for. Rarely is this caused by genetic disorders (however you can have a naturopath or good GP test for these), most imbalances are caused from how we manage stress and our lifestyle and the changes that we have made in the last 100 years to the way we live, eat, work, sleep and more. We are about to learn how your amazing body deals with stress and how to care for it in times of need.
She is a Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner who is also a member of The Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists (ANN). Lauriea€™s Masters research focused on the nutrition and mental health connection as it specifically relates to Autism, Anxiety and ADHD. Hatch offers full-service vir­tual and in-person health coach­ing, gro­cery store tours, pantry makeovers, cook­ing lessons and more. When after years of unan­swered ques­tions, false hope, and dead-ends, I’d have a defin­i­tive diag­no­sis. My musi­cal idol, Sara Bareilles, recently com­posed a new musi­cal, “Wait­ress,” (think stage adap­ta­tion of the movie with Keri Rus­sell) and the first sin­gle from the musi­cal was just released.
But all those 'feel good' perspectives and ability to see the green through the trees go completely out the window when life serves you something unexpected, or your body completely breaks or you are just simply too busy to keep up with exercise and eating good food and the lack of self care is where everything begins to unravel. What makes you feel amazing (and I mean on all levels) is not what makes another person feel amazing. It means supporting yourself fully, learning the art of self kindness and implementing some simple but profoundly effective tools.
So it is through those crappy times that one of the most wonderful retreats in the world was created.

Instead I'll pass on all the helpful tools and knowledge that myself and my team have discovered through our own personal and professional experience helping change many lives at our wellness retreats.
As your personal holistic mental health coach I offer you a stack of tools, resources warmth and support within this site. Small changes to both lifestyle and stress management can help to feel more in balance and can reverse the effects of the changes made to our lifestyle that are not serving our health and happiness.
She is a passionate speaker, educator and service provider on the subject of nutrition and its connection to mental and physical health.
You are a unique creature and unique creatures need unique recipes for health and happiness. Those who soar feel grateful almost every day, even when they think there is nothing to be grateful for. The wording that your teacher offers you in a class are the kind words that we cannot utter to ourselves. Below are the physical, mental and emotional signs of your Endocrinatic System doing it’s job. She works with individuals, families, groups and corporations to design and deliver nutrition and wellness programs to optimize health and performance.
The compassion that stems from the wording in the yoga sutras (the yoga bible) is the essence of every class and why many begin to fall in love with the system. With a diverse background in clinical social work, advanced holistic nutrition and physical fitness; Lauriea€™s hybrid of expertise is very unique. The full yoga system also includes breathwork, relaxation, meditation, the physical postures and much more.
If you have read my blog on the endocrinatic system this really helps you understand the delicate chemical system that your body relies on to function on all levels.
With a background that includes 20 years in social work and a Masters degree in Holistic Nutrition, she is well equipped to educate and shift perspectives.
They are grateful for their health, their breath and even the small moments of stillness and peace that can be found in even the craziest moments of our life. It’s helpful to know how to deal with our stress triggers when they become problematic. So check out the below list of signs and see how it is your body reacts when it feels under pressure.

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