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Scientists have verified an effective treatment for diabetes, and it’s not some new fangled, FDA approved until it kills more people than they can ignore, pharmaceutical drug.
A 2011 study, published in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, confirms what Ayurvedic practitioners have known for ages: Amla normalizes blood glucose (sugar) levels. In the study, powdered Amla was given to both type 2 diabetics and non-diabetics and their fasting blood glucose levels were measured and compared at the 3-week mark.
The study participants were separated into groups – diabetics and non-diabetics, who were then divided into sub-groups by the dosage of powdered Amla they would be given daily. The 3 grams group, both with and without diabetes, not only had normal fasting blood glucose levels by day 21, but their levels were significantly lower than those of diabetes patients taking the leading diabetes drug on the market – Glyburide (aka Diabeta and Micronase). The 2 grams group, both with and without diabetes, also had normal fasting blood glucose levels, but their levels were slightly higher than those of patients taking the diabetes drug. The 1 gram group, both with and without diabetes, also had normal fasting blood glucose levels, but their levels were significantly higher than those on the diabetes drug.
The study also showed that Amla significantly lowered total cholesterol and triglycerides in both normal and diabetic volunteers. Amla, on the other hand, has no known side-effects and the FDA reports that there is no known drug interaction between Glyburide and Amla. Let’s face it, the lack of side effects are what make Amla the obvious choice to try, if you have not yet begun taking a diabetes drug. The Amla study published by the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition is just one study, however, it validates previous Amla studies as well as centuries worth of anecdotal evidence and first-person testimonials.
If you want to be cured of diabetes, however, you will need to make a commitment to changing your lifestyle, particularly what you eat.
With the growing of abdominal problems, allergies and colds, devastating pains like in rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and fibromyalgia; people are asking me what is the Ayurvedic approach to such devastating and life altering illnesses. In this meeting we'll explore the knowledge that Ayurveda gives us to create harmony and wellness, peace and bliss, mind-body-soul. We will add asana & pranayama (simple movements and therapeutic breath techniques), to open the nadis (channels of energy) and rejuvenate the whole body. As the power of Agni (metabolism) becomes balanced, it reduces toxins (ama), improves digestion and helps reach our ideal body weight.

These meetingsA take each of us through tough challenges in ourA life, to create inner peace. With the teaching of Ayurvedic medicine, meditation and pranayama, we create inner healing and awakening to our divine light. Our world is filled with hopes to prevent & treat obesity, high cholesterol and diabetes. By learning how to balance Kapha, you can create healthy life filled with joy and vitality. When there is lack of balance in the Kapha element, our digestive fire weakens causing nausea, lethargy, heaviness, weak limbs, cough, difficulty in breathing and excessive sleep (Ashtanga Haridaya XI 6-8). Over time, imbalance of Kapha creates dull mind, heaviness, weight gain, high-blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.A  It may lead to tumors and cancer, or lungs and sinus congestion. It’s used as both a food and medicine in India and other parts of Southeast Asia, where the traditional healing system called ‘Ayurveda’ was born, approximately 3,500 years ago.
Fasting blood glucose levels are usually measured after 8 or more hours without food or liquids, with the exception of water. Glyburide has a plethora of side-effects, including, but not limited to: dizziness, difficulty swallowing, hives, shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, unusual tiredness or weakness, headaches, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, and vomiting of blood. As I said earlier, Amla has been eaten and used as medicine for ages and, so far, no negative side-effects have been discovered in all this time. Glyburide is pretty cheap these days, especially if you buy it at a chain pharmacy like Walmart, where a month supply is $4-8, depending on dose. If you wish to switch from a drug to Amla, it is critical that you consult your doctor first. In short, when it comes to successfully treating diabetes without suffering any negative side-effects, Amla works! Any reader who is concerned about his or her health should seek a diagnosis from a reputable physician.
Ayurvedic medicine home remedies for bloating, abdominal pains, GERD, Halitosis, IBS, constipation or diarrhea helps create wellness. Learn how to prevent and ease off conditions such as fibromyalgia, RA, Lupus, Thyroid Disease, and more.

Therefore, it is enlightening when we learn to bring peace and healing to each event and each moment in our life. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!
For those who have been seeking an alternative to diabetes medications and their side-effects, this may be the treatment solution you’ve been searching for. For the purposes of this study, the researchers measured blood glucose levels only 2 hours after meals. This is important to note, because diabetes tends to lower “good” cholesterol levels and raise triglycerides and “bad” cholesterol levels, which increases the risk for heart disease and stroke in diabetes sufferers. Some pharmaceutical drugs require a slow weaning process, and you’ll need your doctor’s assistance and monitoring for that.
As the saying goes, “Old habits die hard.” But remember that Amla is a fruit, and if one fruit can outperform the most effective diabetes drug on the market, in such small amounts, think what adopting a plant-based diet could do for your overall health and well-being?
Jayagopal took his graduates to experience the culture, herbal gardens, and the Ayurvedic hospitals in Kerala and beyond. This condition is called diabetic dyslipidemia, which means your lipid profile is going in the wrong direction. And even though the 1 gram group didn’t see a significant improvement in their lipid profile, their blood glucose levels were still normalized, which is quite a feat for such a small amount of fruit. Blood glucose levels as well as glucose levels in the urine were compared with diabetic mice that were not given the extract.
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