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All events, except the May 7, 2016 event, will be held at Spirit United Church, 3204 Como Ave. This exhibition highlighted the life and legacy of Florence Nightingale, in honor of the 100th anniversary of her death. Known as the a€?lady with a lampa€? and the founder of modern nursing, Nightingale made many contributions to public health, statistics, and nursing education. I am on my way to Kennebunkport, Maine where I will presenting a plenary session at the New England Holistic Nursing Conference. I am at the annual conference of the American Holistic Nurses Association in Norfolk, Virginia. I had a great conversation with a holistic nurse yesterday who has a book about integrative nursing coming out in December.
The other challenge in this discussion about terms is the use of the word medicine. My understanding is that physicians practice medicine.
The picture I have posted with this blog is Charlie McGuire, the founder of the American Holistic Nurses Association.
As I contemplate Nurses Week, I am reminded of the many nurses I have met while I have been involved with the American Holistic Nurses Association. In honor of National Nurses Week I have been looking at some pictures of nurses and came across this one of an attendee at the 2009 American Holistic Nurses Association conference in Madison, Wisconsin. In honor of National Nurses Week, I have been looking through my photos for interesting pictures of nurses. I just returned from the Scripps Holistic Nursing Conference in San Diego and had a great time. You, too can bring these powerful yet safe techniques into your work with patients with the new edition of the classic Holistic Nursing: A Handbook for Practice. Manuscripts and books written by and about Nightingale from the HBLL Special Collections were on display on the main floor of the Harold B.
He had a CT scan of chest and abdomen this morning and this afternoon we will see the bladder cancer specialist to discuss the results.
The last two days I have been super busy at work getting ready to take a couple months off. My theme is about co-creating the future of nursing, holistically, and I am excited about it. As usual, I have learned a lot and had a lot of fun connecting with caring, dedicated holistic nurses.
I know when she founded the organization 33 years ago, these same questions about words were discussed.

I came across this picture of three past presidents of AHNA: Veda Andrus, Deanne Aime, and Lynn Keegan. This one is from the American Holistic Nurses Association annual meeting in Snowbird, Utah last June.
Sharon Murnane (pictured) and I spoke to a couple hundred practicing nurses, mostly from California, and was uplifted and energized. With the help of the is inspiring handbook, you can bridge the gap between these therapies and traditional medicine—with an approach that integrates caring and healing into nursing practice. He said the best nurses are the ones who connected with him, were in the present moment, and did not have a personal agenda.
I know that when I or a loved one is ever in need of nursing care, I want a holistic nurse. As a holistic nurse, I want to be able to have a wide variety of treatment options for my patients. I will soon join the ranks of past presidents and feel inadequate and humbled to be in their company. As I view the photo I am struck by how the shadow on the wall reminds me of Florence Nightingale.
As president of the American Holistic Nurses Association I have been inspired by the recipients of the Holistic Nurse of the Year award, many pictured here. If you are a nurse and would like to be a  board certified, visit the website of the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation. I also strongly recommend you join the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA).
The Lee Library was pleased to join with BYUa€™s College of Nursing to sponsor this exhibition. I do my best to take care of him but I am tired and my vision pulsing appears to be worsening this week. With all these terms flying around, it is no wonder our healthcare system is in need of repair. Their servant-leadership is transformational  and I so admire their energy, love and dedication to improving nursing care for all.
Nightingale was a statistician and prolific writer and this photo evokes the spirit of scholarly inquiry and reform that Nightingale represented.
First, many nurses talked about how they were disappointed in the lack of real caring that takes place in our current health care system.
We were in a car traveling to reach the top of a mountain so we could hike down it and back to the conference. Nurses not only help the helpless and give hope to the hopeless, we base our care on sound evidence.

They have improved the lives of not only their patients, but other nurses who look to them as examples of outstanding nursing practice, research and education. That was an interesting symbol – why would I want to hike down the mountain instead of up the mountain?
Another nurse said the whole system she worked with was driven by money and not the best interest of patients. Today a growing number of nurses are using the best of the ancient healing arts to complement traditional medical techniques—with exciting results! Could the mountain symbolize the tumor or surgery and hiking down symbolize my readiness to get over the experience and continue learning (symbolized by the conference)? Many nurses yearned to get back to the heart of nursing by using interventions such as presencing, listening, massage, non-judgment  and having time to support family members. She checked again and said he was out of surgery and the doctor would come right out to talk to us. In the dream I looked out the window of the car and saw a beautiful, huge, very white pelican land on the water in the bay next to the road. I grew up with the tradition of going to our family physician, so allopathic medicine was traditional to me. Perhaps just take a breath and give thanks to those who have done so much to improve all of our lives.
Others grew up using herbs and natural remedies (yet another term that causes confusion) so they think of alternative healing methods as traditional. Patients know that nurses make a difference, but nurses have trouble describing what we do.
It is time to change the health care system to allow nurses to embrace the healing tradition started by Florence Nightingale. And if we can’t describe it, then it is hard to get paid for doing it, and it is hard for nursing to continue to move forward and so what we were educated to do. I looked at the nurses I was with and knew they did not see it and I told them I saw a pelican. My learning point of this story is that family members can get distraught while waiting for their loved ones in surgery. I have always taught my nursing students that family members are included as part of patient care.

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