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Commit to happiness and health a€“ get your FREE 12-page Keto Starter Guide + weekly recipes, straight to your inbox. After AMJ Campbell picks up our stuff later today, Kevin, the dogs and I will start making our way westward. My intention with this series is to share with you some of the meal ideas that I use to fuel my body when I’m on the go and in need of something healthy, quick and nourishing. I get my veggies in early by frying them up with some apple cider vinegar, spices and a bit of oil.
Instead of drinking up my smoothies in a glass, I serve them in a bowl and top them off with fruit, grains, nuts or seeds so that I take longer eating them. My all-time favorite chicken marinade is a mixture of gluten-free soy sauce and red curry paste. If you’re grain-free, opt to have your burger served up with a couple leaves of romaine instead of the bun. Lemon juice and arugula goes great with barbecued salmon and roasted veggies… a gluten-free, dairy-free meal our friends made up for us during our last week in Montreal. In full on Dessert Freedom style, I fried up some plantains with coconut oil and a sprinkle of cinnamon.
We ordered gluten-free, dairy-free cupcakes from Almond Butterfly for our friend’s birthday this week.
This entry was posted in Day to day, Food, Life, What A Holistic Nutritionist Eats and tagged what a holistic nutritionist eats. I LOVE sneaking vegetables in to my breakfast, it makes me feel like im getting a headstart nutritionally, since it’s the norm to not get any in until lunch of supper.
For those living in Montreal, if you haven’t been to Breathe on Notre-Dame street West (near Charlevoix), now is the time.
Third party links are often affiliate-based which means I receive a small percentage of the sale (at no extra cost to you). Read previous post:How To Make SauerkrautPOWER POSSE POST BY DANA MACHACEK Sauerkraut doesna€™t exactly have a glamorous reputation. For some people, the reason they want to be healthy is about keeping up with their kids, or their grandkids. For me, being healthy is about having the energy and happiness to enjoy my life, and filling it with my favorite things - like running, cycling, doing yoga at the beach, hiking in the mountains, kayaking, canoeing, figure skating and my newest sport of roller derby. I found a way to take everything in my life to a higher level when I finally figured out how to eat healthy food - and make it so tasty that I love every single meal. Most are also gluten-free, soy-free, and sugar-free - or at least free of refined sugars as well as refined oils. And of course how to make an amazing variety of simple, fast healthy vegan recipes that taste incredible for you and your family.
There’s nothing quite like packing up your life, stuffing your dogs, boyfriend and some luggage in a small vehicle, and proceeding to drive for 7 days. 3,4000 kilometers down, 500 to go on our Cross Canada (turned Cross United States when we realized just how huge Ontario was) adventure from Montreal Quebec to Calgary Alberta.
Trenta (31oz!!) Starbucks Iced Green Tea, no water, light ice, no syrup, with 1 cup Valencia Orange Refresher, to be exact. Caffeine aside, Kevin and I have been making really health conscious, awesome choices on this adventure of ours.
Driving times in the double digits or not, Ia€™m happy to report that we havena€™t done the fast food thing at all (!) and no candy has been purchased.
I found these sprouted sweet potato tortilla chips in Tobermory, Ontario and had them as a snack on the ferry. When there are hours between one town to the next, and eating out just doesna€™t interest you after day 5 of being on the road, a can of tuna with loads of fresh veggies starts to look pretty darn good. Instead of paying upwards of $20 for a boring salad at a restaurant, we went to the grocery store and each picked up our own small tubs of lettuce mix, veggies and protein. Ia€™ve been whisking eggs in the morning in my circular Pyrex container, microwaving them for 3 minutes, placing them in the cooler and having the cooled omelet with veggies for lunch. Mixing quinoa flakes (or quick oats) with egg and applesauce makes a fabulous, high protein, breakfast. We stopped at my cousina€™s house for a gourmet meal, Flintstones style, and had a fabulous visit (plus amazing breakfast the next morning!). Another cousin sleepover favorite a€“ a snack plate made up of salmon, jerky, olives, beets, pickles, radishes and artichokes. This entry was posted in Food, Healthy Travel, Travel, What A Holistic Nutritionist Eats and tagged healthy travel, holistic nutrition, travel, what a holistic nutritionist eats. Read previous post:4 Steps To Health On-The-GoPOWER POSSE POST BY STEPHANIE CASEY My two biggest passions in life are traveling and being healthy. I'm here to give you the tools and recipes that work in seemingly small (but wondrously huge) ways to immediately enhance your body and your life. If you want to take everything in your life to a higher level, you need to figure out how to make eating healthy food a part of your routine - and make it so tasty that you love every single meal. If you're confused about how to get started, or how to take your healthy eating game to the next level, it's time to simplify. You can get your energy back, drop the extra pounds, clear up your skin, and build a more vibrant life.
When my period came back naturally (albeit irregularly), they suggested I take the fertility drug “Clomiphene” to help regulate my cycles.
During the first half of your cycle, your “follicular phase”, estrogen is dominant, your basal body temperatures are relatively low, your follicles are maturing, and your cervical mucus is increasing and becoming more fertile. Around mid-way through, ovulation occurs, where an egg bursts out of the mature follicle and waits patiently (not really – about 12-24hrs, impatient little so and so!) for a super-star sperm to come along and join forces with. For 3 days around the full moon (the day before, of, and after), sleep with your curtains open, allowing the light of the full moon into your room. I know that some of you are probably quite dubious, but is it really so hard to believe that the moon might influence the human body?
There may not be a whole lot of science to support this (or there may be – in all honesty, I have not had a thorough search), but what have you got to lose with trying it? Do you have to start the darkening of the room on any particular day of the cycle like the new moon? Generally your room should be dark throughout the entire month, other than the 3 days surrounding the full moon, to mimic how our life would have been in ancestral times. It’s not exactly free to try when you have enormous windows and nothing to cover them with!

I used to use cardboard stuck over my windows when I was in Sydney….not that pretty, but does the job! HEY GORGEOUS, BEFORE YOU LEAVE, COME JOIN MY TRIBE______________________Be part of my possy to get first dibs on hot tips, yummy recipes, awesome freebies, and upcoming goodies! This weekend just past, I had the great pleasure of presenting at the Ancestral Health Society of New Zealand conference in Wanaka. My topic, which I am absolutely fascinated by at the moment, was “Nourishing your gut microbiome for optimal health”. Now I think we should use the term “share” lightly, because they actually comprise 90% of the cells on and in our body, whereas only 10% are human cells.
What I found in my research is that there are 500-1000 species of bacteria in the gut (and more being discovered all the time), however they are mostly belonging to 2 families – Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes.
We used to think that bub’s gut was essentially sterile until birth, but new research is suggesting that mum’s gut bacteria can actually influence her child’s gut flora in utero.
Within 20 minutes of birth, a baby’s microbial implant is established and will reflect the method of birth.
Fun fact: Breast milk contains oligosaccharides (sugars) that are unable to be digested by the baby, however they provide food for the beneficial bacteria to proliferate, which will help in the development of a strong, resilient system. In Malawi, children who are raised communally, thereby being exposed to a greater range of microbes have a greater microbial diversity and are more resilient. If you’re eating a whole-foods diet, then you can acquire bacteria from your food – probiotic rich foods to inoculate the gut, prebiotic rich foods to feed the good bugs. You know when you get butterflies in your tummy, or ‘that gut feeling’, or ‘the nervous runs’? Organic whole-foods, which are produced in healthy soil and free of antibiotics, chemicals and hormones. So there you have it people – a super long post that only just scratches the surface of this fascinating topic!
There is so much research around these days about the role of your gut bacteria on pretty much all aspects of health, from skin and joints, to digestion, to fertility, and even mood and cognitive function! Most people are aware that these little bugs that live in our belly are important to keep in balance – we want to maximise the good, and minimise the bad. Most people have also heard of probiotics – beneficial bacteria that we ingest, mostly in supplemental form or in food form (such as sauerkraut, kefir, beet kvass, kim chi and full fat yoghurt). Starch, in case you were wondering, is a carbohydrate consisting of a large number of glucose (single sugar) units joined together – also known as a “polysaccharide”.
Cooked and cooled white potatoes (they must be cooled, which causes something called “retrogradation”, which makes the starch in the ‘tater resistant to digestion. The lovely Jo Fitton recently shared a delicious recipe with me, which I am more than happy to share with you here.
Mixture will look rather thick at this stage and the liquid will need to be added until desired consistency is reached (like a thick batter).
You might also be interested in a new study published in Nature Communications this week which used Hi-maize resistant starch.
We used to enjoy stew with loads of crusty bread, but now I like mine on a big bed of kale and rice. This plate is loaded up with hummus, carrots, fresh fennel, wild rice, romaine lettuce, pickles and chicken. After they were out of the pan, I topped them with hemp seeds (for protein) and fresh blueberries.
That's what being healthy is all about, and that's the point of why we strive to be healthy, right? For others it's about jumping out of bed in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. Ita€™s not easy to eat healthy when youa€™re living out of a suitcase, have access to free continental breakfasts and cheap fast food. This lunch had hummus, black beans, cucumbers and tuna stuffed into my awesome Pyrex container. My Apple Cinnamon Quinoa Flake Bake recipe is the simplest of my quinoa flake bake recipes. Ia€™ve been blending up fresh fruits with water, ground cinnamon and vegan protein powder daily. I found tahini-free hummus at Trader Joe’s – almost as good as my own and has the same exact ingredients!
However, we tend to fly to our road trip destination and rent a car these days… pyrex in the carry-on?
A real time saver for someone like me who wants to eat healthier but is overwhelmed by the tons of info out there with the different "diets".
Last week’s post was a little too straighty-180 for me (although it did generate a lot of discussion!).
I think it all stemmed from an experience with ayahuasca in South America last year, but that’s a story for a different time. That’s right – you (generally) only ovulate ONCE per month and are fertile for about 3 days, if that.
If you live in a city and you can’t remember the last time you saw the moon, have a small 15-20 watt light on the other side of the room, switched on for these 3 days to simulate the moon.
I don’t feel the need to back up this suggestion with science because the worst that will happen is nothing.
If anything it’s a kick in the pants to finally work towards a completely dark sleep environment!
I personally wouldn’t be able to do this with my partner to consider, but the article was interesting none the less!
I did the Full Moon light again this month and I’m waiting to see if it dhortens again.
Question for you: my cycles tend to be on the short side (sometimes only 21 days long), do you know or have you heard whether lunaception can help lengthen a cycle?
Or board the windows up at night with cardboard boxes (I actually did this when I lived in the city). The topic was “Health of the Land, Health of the People” because, let’s face it, if our land and everything that grows on it is not healthy, then how can we expect to be? Because this is where most of these little babies are, the gut microbiome was the focus of my talk – the place where you will get the most bang for your buck, so to speak.
So it becomes clear (moreso than before) the importance of mum’s diet during pregnancy in having a positive influence on her child’s health.

Remember the days when babies were allowed to eat dirt and worms and it wasn’t such a big issue if a dog licked their face?
Studies have found that more of the former in relation to the latter can contribute to weight gain – possible through extracting more calories from your food.
Omega 6 fatty acids (as in those found in crappy “heart-healthy” vegetable oils) have been shown to disrupt intestinal flora and increase inflammation (which we now know to be at the root of all disease).
Studies on conventional farms (which use antiobiotics as growth promoters in livestock) have shown that the chickens (and humans eating them) carry antibiotic resistant bacteria.
This is relatively new stuff, but is showing promising results, having been so far effective 82-100% of the time in the treatment of the pathogenic bacteria, C. Thanks that was quite interesting – a lot of it I already knew but was cool to re-learn! I too have had IBS for 10 years, originally thought I was just lactose intolorent but other things began to develop. If you want to have a read about the role of your gut bacteria in more detail, check out my blog post HERE.
This is one reason why it might not make sense to go on a diet completely devoid of carbs – you could very well be starving your good bugs.
Do you know if cooling the baked goods that have been made with banana flour provide resistant starch (similar to the retrogradation that occurs with cooked and cooled potatoes)? I want to live in a world where every woman loves her body, nourishing fats are enjoyed at every meal, and the word a€?restrictiona€? isna€™t in the dictionary. Once we got to a quiet picnic spot, we used the lettuce tubs as a€?bowlsa€™ and loaded our salads with our fixina€™s. It can be made 100% vegan by using all apple sauce, or add additional protein by subbing out some of the applesauce for egg. I’m happy to report that for the three days and estimated 12 hours in the car, we only ate out TWICE!
So it should come as no surprise that I have gone down the “alternate”, more natural route to solve my menstrual irregularities. And I mean COMPLETE darkness – you should not be able to see your hand in front of your face. The next full moon is the 11th of August, so you would sleep in light for the 10th, 11th and 12th.
I have what I hope is the start of regular periods back…I tried many approaches and stress relief was vital for me as was upping my omega-3 intake (I was vegan but had to give that a rest as I needed more reliable sources of omega-3 for my body).
The next full moon is on the 7th May so I sleep in light for 3 days (6,7,8) & the rest of the month in darkness?
And this – gut bacteria and the immune cells “talk” to each other to produce either pro- or anti-inflammatory chemicals. These are the non-digestible, but fermentable, foods that have beneficial effects by stimulating the growth & activity of bacteria in the colon. I can control it with varying supplements but it doesn’t actually fix the problem, the only thing I found that has is really focusing on my nutritional intake. PLUS – because they are free of nuts, they could make great additions to your child’s school lunchbox! Also, I’m not sure if sweet potatoes have the same resistant starch as white potatoes. And it’s fun to get in touch with the man on the moon (or your night-light version of him) again! So many articles out there tell us how important it is to get good sleep, but so few to tell us how to achieve it! Antibiotic resistance has been named as one of the most significant global threats to public health. There is speculation that it could be helpful for many other conditions, such as IBS, IBD, autoimmunity, neurological disorders, obesity, chronic fatigue and autism.
Resistant starch (RS) is the portion of starch that resists digestion as it passes through the small intestine, to the large intestine, where it becomes a fermentable feast for your good bacteria. Wondering though…if it’s re-heated again after being cold, does that change it? I know it is not easy and takes willpower and thought to do what is ultimately right and more delicious. Pretty surprising for someone who is usually very impatient, wanting things to happen yesterday, right? At first I was dismayed, but then I checked my moon calendar (yes – I have a moon calendar- I told you I was a crunchy hippy!) and it worked out that the full moon would be sitting perfectly on my cycle day 14 – syncing perfectly with ovulation!
Sounds like an effort, but it’s so than going through medical treatment for period problems and infertility. Melatonin is our sleep hormone, which gets released in the absence of light to help as fall asleep, and stay asleep. As much as we should not overuse antibiotics as they mess up our gut, they can be truly lifesaving. Also, if you aren’t tolerating them at all, there is a chance you have something called SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth).
After only two weeks, they found significant changes in the gut bacteria, reduced inflammation and reduced cancer biomarkers in the Americans but increased inflammation and increased cancer biomarkers in the Africans. Sign up for FREE tips, tricks and yummy recipes delivered right to your inbox (promise not to spam you) Want to be kept in the loop? If they stop working, we may be set back 100s of years when we would die of a simple infection.
I would stuff my face with fermented foods and such but yogurt contains lactose (which upsets my digestion) as well as cabbage and so forth.
This is of course as long as I stay away from my triggers which is predominantly dairy but after removing wheat I noticed a significant drop in bloating and generally being uncomfortable plus all the fun toilet trips!! Sign up here, babeTips, tricks and yummy recipes - straight to your inboxI'm creating something super-special for healing HA. Or comme il suffit de peu d'hormone pour agir sur un organisme, et la il y en a vraiment beaucoup. Progressivement, la peau devient plus fine, et le poil lorsqu'il tombe n'est plus remplace.

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