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Patti knew that just because she offered holistic lifestyle coaching didn’t mean she had to greenwash her brand. To launch her new business we created an identity package for Patti: logo, stationery set and graphic standards.
If your hormones are out of balance, chances are you will not be looking, feeling or performing at your best.
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No formal nutrition training required.Title of “nutritionist”, “nutrition expert” or “registered nutritionist” is not protected or regulated. Hospitals, Public Health, Community Health Centres, Long Term Care, Food Service, Grocery Stores, Private Practice etc. Private practice or group classes.Unable to work in hospitals because not clinically trained with disease management. Private health clinics, gyms, nutritional supplement companies.Unable to work in hospitals.

Use scientific research, practice-based evidence as well as government approved tools.Potential for remedial action from the college of Dietitians if making unsubstantiated claims not supported by research.
Often more “alternative” treatment plans that do not have to be evidence-based with research studies.
Covered by OHIP through hospitals, community health centers, diabetes education programs and family health teams. A Dietitian can call himself or herself a nutritionist (more general term) but a nutritionist CANNOT call himself or herself a Dietitian (unless they meet the eligibility requirements). Since we were branding Patti as a person, we decided to embrace her favorite colour magenta. I focus on having a thorough understanding of your personal goals, needs, likes and dislikes, support networks and lifestyle in order to create a food and lifestyle approach that suits YOU. Let me help you get things back on track so you can start thriving, rather than just surviving.
By looking for the term Registered Dietitian (RD) you are ensuring your nutrition advice is from a person professionally trained in this area and meetings requirements to ensure competence and on-going quality assurance.

The goal of that card was to create something motivational and beautiful that clients are likely to keep in their kitchen. In a world inundated with nutrition information it is important to question the source of information to determine credibility. Rather than building a brand around the stereotypical green and kraft textures Patti embraced the exploration process and we were able to discover a brand that will inspire.
Patti motivates other to live a clean and wholesome lifestyle and this holistic nutritionist brand represents just that. Sign up for FREE tips, tricks and yummy recipes delivered right to your inbox (promise not to spam you) Want to be kept in the loop? Sign up here, babeTips, tricks and yummy recipes - straight to your inboxI'm creating something super-special for healing HA.

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