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I feel that it is extremely important to pass on my knowledge and training through the Multi-Therapy Centre based in Marlborough, Wiltshire and to my students.
For the past 30 years I have been seeing clients in my clinic and for 25 years running accredited reflexology courses. With this in mind I run various Training Courses - full Diploma Courses in Holistic Reflexology and short certificated courses in other natural therapies.
Other courses may be shorter but this one will truly qualify you to be let loose on the public and make a difference! I run Tai Chi classes in Marlborough and Liddington to help support all aspects of your health. In order to help my students have a greater understanding of the energy flow through the body and its relationship to health I have written about the Human Energy Field in a book called West Meets East. This book has been sub-divided into two handy booklets suitable for both students and anyone interested in learning more about how their body reflects the universal life force. DVD set is a great resource for students wishing to learn a good standard of foot reflexology. The Five Element Foot and Hand Reflexology Charts combine the two aspects of reflexology experience and the 5 elements for improved understanding. There is also an Indian Head Massage Chart This is a double-sided A4 chart designed in a similar manner to the reflexology charts. For instance you may need some temporary dietary support, food sensitivity testing, energy healing or some physical manipulation.
In order for you to try one of the many therapies on offer including Reflexology, Homeopathy, Kinesiology, Massage or Indian head massage, visit the Multi-Therapy Centre.
Aromatherapy is an ancient treatment that uses volatile plant oils and essential oils to treat the whole person by helping to restore the balance of body and mind for wellbeing. Although this therapy is safe for most people, there are a few who should not receive such treatment or should seek their doctora€™s permission before treatment can commence.
Essential oils are the pure essence of plants that can provide physical as well as psychological benefits. The recipient will receive a whole body treatment whilst on the professional couch, with towels used to ensure modesty.
Essential oils have therapeutic properties, thought to be passed on mainly through tissue stimulation, and act directly upon the hypothalamic (brain) centre, which has a balancing effect upon the pituitary gland known as the hypophysis. In order to gain maximum benefit from the aromatherapy, recipients should not bathe or shower for eight hours after the treatment. Tuesday, 28th February, at 19.30, Talk on ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS and the BARS, The Isis Centre, 2 Mealhouse Brow, Stockport Market, SK1 1JP.
Andrea is looking forward to seeing you - please feel free to invite friends and family.
Please join the Healing Circle at 16.30h - an opportunity to request healing for you and others. 6 hours filled with fun and learninga€¦.Amazing Insights and Exercises can change your life. The training will be facilitated by Andrea, to discuss further details and to book your place please contact Andrea by phone on 07906908123 or by email 'Contact us'.
Monday (Bank Holiday) 29th August 2011, at Heaton House Farm, from 11.00 am to 5 pm, Country Fayre and Farm Fun Day. Throughout the day our practitioners will be informing visitors about the various Holistic Complementary Therapies. We inform visitors about the various Complementary Holistic Therapies that we carry out during this week-end and will answer all related questions. Saturday and Sunday, 25th and 26th June 2011, Health And Healing Festival' (MBS) in Buxton.

Special offer in June 2011: We offer A?10 off any one-hour treatment received in our treatment room in June 2011.
Bradwell Lodge Community Centre, Bradwell Lane, Newcastle-under-Lyme, ST5 8PS (500 yards from the A500, just off the Porthll roundabout, disabled access).
Bradwell Lodge Community Centre, Bradwell Lane, Newcastle-under-Lyme, ST5 8PS (500 yards from the A500, jsut of the Porthill roundabout, disabled access).
Gill and Regina were very busy giving treatments to many people - some of whom even came twice for a therapy! At CCM we make it possible with an intense program of online and face to face training over an 18month period. Our 1-day workshops offer the chance to meet our knowledgeable teachers and discover more about all our courses! We offer a Diploma of Mind Body Medicine to International students, where you will receive world class training and education in the relationship between a clients physical symptoms and their mind. This workshop is designed to enhance the massage practitioner's repertoire of techniques and effectiveness for working extensively on a client's shoulders, a common area of stiffness and soreness.
It covers specific deep massage and pressure techniques for release and re-energising of the muscles.
The workshop looks at the choice of appropriate techniques for each client, ways of moderating the pressure, how to blend them smoothly into a massage session, and relevant exercises to offer the client for self-maintenance. This workshop is designed to build on and extend what you can do in a full-body massage treatment, or you can use the techniques as the major part of a treatment which is focused on this particular area. The workshop begins with a hands-on review of the bones of the shoulder girdle and the main musculature of the upper trunk that is involved in shoulder movements, grouping the muscles of this complex area into functional groups for ease and clarity of understanding. As well as covering firm, deep work, and mobilising the shoulder, the workshop looks at working in small and gentle ways, when this is most appropriate to the needs of the client. Main contact number: (01237) 423006 Please do leave a message if you reach our answer phone as we maybe on another call, teaching or temporarily away from the desk. I am an experienced trainer and qualified teacher and have worked in the private, education and charity sectors over the last 20 years.  I now work as a massage therapist and wellbeing practitioner, running my therapy business, ‘Massage for Wellbeing’ where I offer integrated holistic treatments that address both physical conditions such as stiff necks and tense backs and shoulders as well as workshops and courses on wellbeing to help those suffering with stress and stress related symptoms. I am fully qualified and insured to teach and practice massage, including on-site seated acupressure massage, and Indian Head Massage. I use my massage skills to volunteer for the British Red Cross in the Therapeutic Care service providing the hand, arm and shoulder massage service at a variety of settings including local hospital services for brain injured people and in oncology wards, at Memory Cafes treating individuals with Alzheimer’s and their carers, as well as at larger outreach events.  I am also a trainer for the British Red Cross and train and assess new volunteers in the Hand, Arm and Shoulder massage service and through the British Red Cross I have also trained activity coordinators in the care sector. I treat clients, and train small groups, at my private practice based in Yate, South Gloucestershire.  I look forward to sharing my love of massage with you on my courses and teaching you to give your clients an positive and professional holistic treatment.
There is a cafe and tesco express 5 minutes away, a B&B around the corner and several hotesl in Chipping Sodbury which is about 3 miles away. I can accommodate up to a maximum of 4 students per class and can run most classes with a minimum number of 2 students per class.
He started to show signs of eczema and it did not feel right to go down the traditional medical path.
I would like to pass on all this information to you, so that you can also help and support the people you come into contact with.
After 15 months of Cyla's tuition I feel so knowledgeable about the human body, physical, mind and spirit and confident to start my Reflexology practice. This explains the 5 Elements approach to interpreting what your body is trying to tell you based on acupuncture meridians and the Eastern view of diseases. The 2 DVDs break down the treatment sequence into manageable sections and then put them all together for the complete treatment. They are colour-coded according to the Chinese Five Element theory to help you quickly relate specific reflex imbalances with meridian and emotional imbalances. It has diagrams depicting the acupuncture points and 5 element associations on the face, head and upper torso.

With this in mind I offer a healing programme that is individual to you, your needs and preferences.
Each one of these would be individually beneficial but together they work so much better – The Sum is Greater than the Individual Parts. It is especially beneficial for people with physical conditions including pain, anxiety, arthritis, insomnia, lethargy, and stress.
The term 'essential oil' is used for about 90 oils that are extracts and absolutes, distilled by various methods in order to include all natural plant oils. The oils for the massage are mixed with a a€?carriera€™ oil such as sweet almond, apricot kernel or grapeseed. It is through this penetration of the skin that the effects of the oils reach the vascular system. The oils applied during the massage need to be absorbed fully into the skin to show an effect.
The recipient will gain maximum benefit from the treatment if resting afterwards and drinking plenty of water - being aware of the detoxifying effect for about 48 hours after the treatment.
Please also bring a cushion, pen and notebook as well as a packed lunch; tea and coffee will be provided. We now take your booking for a Tarot Card reading by the experienced and gifted expert, Verena. Tarot reading revolves around the belief that the cards can be used to gain insight into the current and future situations of a person. These are allied with passive movements and dynamic stretches to promote greater ease and flexibilty. The overall aim is to give participants specific techniques and enough experience to confidently work with a range of clients, and the knowledge to offer simple relevant exercises for self-maintenance. I am also an M technique practitioner and a qualified practitioner for the Impact Wellbeing Programme. My research and personal exploration to find ways to help him led me down the road of natural therapies and dietary changes. The natural salts have been used by indigenous people all around the world in some form to help as a deodorant. This means that together we can find the combination of Natural Therapies that will have the most effective outcome for you as a whole. We offer for example Back-, Head-, Hand- or Ear Massages and Reflexology, Energy Medicine, Reiki, Crystal Healing and Chakra Balancing, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and introductions to Hypnotherapy. This therapy is of benefit also for the healthy as it maintains the balance and harmony of body and mind.
For example an aromatherapy that relaxes is carried out with the use of lavender or bergamot whilst a massage that aims at sore muscles might include peppermint and eucalyptus.
If you book an appointment in advance you pay 10% less the above mentioned prices on the day! On offer are for example Back-, Head-, Hand- or Ear Massages and Reflexology, Energy Medicine, Reiki, Crystal Healing and Chakra Balancing, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and introductions to Hypnotherapy. It is very relaxing and calming, thus allowing the recipient to deal more effectively with the stress of everyday life. Therefore we suggest the recipient takes some time to enjoy the deep state of relaxation and to slowly come back to full awareness.
Some people might be too relaxed to drive, for example, until about 15 minutes after the treatment.

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