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Indian head massage is a fully clothed, seated treatment and includes massage to the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, head and face.
This induces a pleasant feeling of warmth and balance of pressure in the ears, forehead and sinuses. A powerful ancient massage whereby reflex points on the feet are treated to re-balance all the body systems.
Colour and light therapy is one of the fastest growing areas in natural health with an explosion of scientific research in its ability to heal. Chakras in Colour provides colour and light therapy to treat illness and disease, injury and pain and various emotional disorders. It was thanks to Dr Usui that Reiki has been passed down to practitioners across the World. When our energy is diminished or circulating in a restricted way, due to disruption or blockage in our body’s energetic system, emotional and physical health problems can occur.
It nourishes our cells and organs, as well as our thoughts and feelings attached to our energy field.
Reiki is being used in various settings including private practice, complementary therapy centres, GP surgeries, hospitals, hospices, cancer support groups, post-operative recovery, drug rehabilitation and in the care of the elderly. The Holistic Definition for holistic therapy, holistic therapies, holistic healing, holistic health, holistic medicine, holistic treatment has to do with holistic as a whole. Holistic defines an approach to healing the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical elements of each person. Another Holistic Definition: Characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.
Characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical factors. Holistic connotes what is whole, working with the whole person, rather than just the symptom that is presenting itself. By holistic definition we go to the deepest source of the pneumonia, on the spiritual level. My personal Holistic Definition not only includes those four levels, but also I look at sourcing the weakness that created the imbalance researching relationships. I provide holistic tests to see if movement is creating weakness, movement that is physical, or in your life, in your career, with friends. The holistic definition approach treats you, as a whole person and your whole situation in life! At Hands On Beauty and Holistic Training we offer a number of different holistic therapy training courses to the Bridgend area. Every one of our holistic therapy training courses is taught in an atmosphere where you will feel relaxed and interested that will make you feel at ease within the course surroundings by one of our high quality and experienced tutors.
All of our holistic therapy training courses are fully accredited by the Guild of Beauty Therapists. We have a number of different and interesting holistic therapy training courses available to customers from the Bridgend area where you can either learn or expand on the skills required in order to allow you to be an expert in holistic therapy. Om Holistic Therapy logo was specially designed by Maa Designs, #1 designing company in UK.
At age seventeen, she traveled to Israel where she studied and completed instruction in physical education and alternative medicine in The American Institute in Tel-Aviv.

A dedicated professional with over twenty years of experience with proficiency in the necessary tools, she is dedicated to work with the moods of the body and soul. While it has been effectively used for centuries, the scientific community today is now recognizing the importance holistic therapy plays in maintaining good health and overall wellbeing.
Holistic therapy is being used increasingly by individuals wanting to find more balance and harmony within themselves. Holistic therapy is effective in addressing countless other physical and psychological concerns, from muscular aches and pains to hormonal imbalances, to improved sleep and mental clarity. As well as being deeply relaxing and providing relief from the everyday stresses, holistic therapy treatments can also be a treat for individuals who enjoy pampering themselves.
Many individuals have been dissatisfied with the experience or results of conventional medicine or have had limited success rates or adverse side effects of prescription medicines. Holistic therapy is a completely natural and non-invasive treatment, suitable for all ages, which gently but effectively works to restore and maintain the body’s natural balance to encourage the body’s own self healing.
Holistic therapy offers a more natural approach to body healing, although it can be used alongside orthodox medicines.
I started pursuing my interest in holistic treatments by reading about aromatherapy and using some basic essential oils e.g.
I started to find out the key benefits of holistic treatment such as the relief of stress and tension, balancing the body, pain relief, stimulating the immune system and optimised overall health. On completion of my qualifications, I formed Banyan Holistic Therapy, a home and mobile Holistic Therapy service, based in Southport, offering bespoke treatments in the North West area of the UK.
Professional Holistic and Complementary Therapies are not meant to replace medical treatments or regular check-ups to your GP - Where appropriate, Holistic Therapies can help to reduce associated symptoms, can help you relax and unwind, help relieve aches and pains, and generally make you feel better.
Before any treatment is carried out I will ask you to complete a health and lifestyle consultation form. I am applying to be a member of The Federations of Holistic Therapists and the Association of Holistic and Complementary Practitioners. Orders can be taken at reception and we will be happy to send these gift vouchers directly to the recipient for you. A light suction action (chimney effect) and the movement of the flame create a vibration of air in the ear candle, generating a massage-like effect on the eardrum.
It is soothing and helpful for earache, ear noise, stress and nervousness, it also allows painless and gentle removal of unwanted ear wax. Reiki is made up of two Japanese words: Rei which means Universal and Ki which means Life Force Energy.
Dr Usui was inspired to develop this healing system from ancient teachings after many years of study, research and meditation. Our bodies are made up of energy meridians, which are like pathways for the reiki to flow through. For example, if the symptom is pneumonia, by Holistic definition, the pneumonia would be approached as the physical symptom of pneumonia with coughing and phlegm, as well as having to do with the lungs and bacteria, as well as viewing the entire immune system of the body.
There we would most likely find an attitude of not being one with the Universal Love, God by any name.
Your relationship to yourself, family, parents, home, work, career, friends, the environment etc. Deepika operates a Holistic Health Center in Boulder Colorado that specializes in Alternative Holistic medicine and Holistic Health practices.

All of our holistic therapy courses are taught by a member of our highly trained and high quality team of tutors who work tirelessly to provide you with the highest level of in depth and interesting content in order to ensure successful completion of the course and in turn allow every person undertaking the training course to receive their qualification. All of the content on each of our holistic therapy courses is taught in a clear and organised manner that will allow each participant on the course to be able to easily follow the content and allow for any questions to be asked at any time throughout the duration of the course. Also, any kit that may be required on any of the holistic therapy training course can be purchased at a very reasonable price directly through us. Rather than just addressing an immediate symptom, a holistic therapist will look for the underlying cause by considering current physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual states of health and wellbeing.
Holistic therapy has gained in popularity especially among those looking to manage chronic stress.
To find out about other common conditions that holistic therapists often treat, click here.
I am Cheryl Pias and I have been studying and practising holistic therapies for a number of years. This may take 10-15 minutes before the treatment can take place; it ensures that your massage is adapted especially for you. It involves connecting to this life force energy and allowing it to flow through our own energy system into another living being, for the purpose of relaxation, medication, pain relief and healing. In between the meridians we have chakras, which are energy centres and relate to our emotions. In my twenty five years of holistic therapy work, bacteria indicate the person feels hurt, victimized, and or betrayed. The symptom is the body’s way of saying wake up, I want you to help me so you become your potential of who you are spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. I test to see if there is a financial weakness as one of the major sources creating the weakness. I just worked with a client who had four sick children, here main weakness was empathetically taking on their energy. Deepika covers Holistic Nutrition and provides sound Holistic References here in this website.
They will then work to restore the body’s natural balance, leading to a more sustained and rewarding quality of life.
Studies show that ‘taking time out’ for holistic therapy treatment can help individuals to manage stress; aiding relaxation and improving longevity. Using my healing hands on family friends and even people in supermarkets, I improved my techniques and can channel energy as and when needed. I qualified in Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Lymphatic Drainage Massage.
I didn’t realise what it was at first but through practice and studying, I have come to realise how much it  helps and enhances the therapies.
By holistic definition, the approach has to do with four levels plus social and economical, when holistically treating the pneumonia. Just popping an antibiotic may get rid of the symptom from our obvious view, but it is not a holistic healing.

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