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Although massage and Reflexology cannot cause miscarriage, professional bodies prefer that massage is not done in the first trimester.
Our skin suffers from the effects of pollution, weather conditions, indoor heating, air conditioners, poor diets and not drinking enough water. Indian head massage is a technique involving the upper part of the body and which can restore joint movement and mobility, promote hair growth and relieve eye strain, tinnitus, sinus problems, insomnia, fibrous adhesions and pain in the neck and shoulders.
Thai hand and foot massage is an ancient massage technique which incorporates shiatsu, reflexology, traditional Chinese massage, acupressure, Ayurveda and yoga via manipulations and massage. Whether you are new to fitness or need a new lease of life in your training, want to lose weight or looking for a healthy eating regime. Meeting with our co-ordinator we will work with you on your personal goals for fitness and the right kind of diet including tailored training programmes, eating plans and nutritional information.
Pilates is an extremely popular system of exercises that aim to strengthen the body in an even way, with particular emphasis on core strength to improve fitness and wellbeing. Who We AreWe are a Social Enterprise based in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire and offer a wide variety of therapies to help you find your way and find a balance in your life. Indian Head Massage is an ideal treatment to help relieve this uncomfortable build up of tension.
This is an ideal treatment to help break down tension knots that occur around the neck and shoulders. Using essential oils blended to suit the individual, this is a treatment to help balance and uplift the emotions. Why not combine your stay in beautiful Bath with a relaxing massage or reflexology session?
I offer a free initial consultation with a cup of tea to make sure that the treatment session is ideal for you! If you book with any accommodation provider listed on StayinBath.org you will receive a Bath Reward Card free when you stay.
Among the technological innovations and scientific advances , particular attention must be given to color therapy or wellness machine that offers the maximum result of the synthesis application of therapies that medications through relaxation techniques and multi - stimulation help to increase the well-being and quality of life of those affected. In our center, it equipped with this technology (two in the Lazio region) are paid these benefits which are referred to as holistic therapies aiming at the rehabilitation of the senses through the combined action of sounds, colors and scents. Basal stimulation is a form of communication, touch, taste, smell, hearing that stimulates the senses, caregivers come into contact with patients with simple and natural means of promoting the well-being and relaxation stimulated with the help of scents, lights and music.
A combined action between aromatherapy, which is based on the complement of essential oils chosen in function of the patient and in relation to the problem to be solved (eg. Patient alert but not well oriented in time and space; It performs with some difficulty the required tasks.

Cooperative patient with a tendency to depression and negativity, shows difficulty in letting go following requests made to find and benefit from the relaxation. Partially cooperative patient shows difficulty in entering into an unknown context requiring the continuous presence and attention of a person for her more familiar.
Cooperative patient but can d perform the tasks required in part because of its difficulty to relaxation and introspection.
The patient has serious difficulties to approach in a new situation that required during the first sessions the presence of other figures deemed most "family".
Patient very cooperative and interested approach to relaxation techniques as already practiced in the past. The patient was followed for a smaller number of sessions than the other with little information obtained in order to evaluate the effectiveness of such application.
He fails altogether to execute requests that are made but shows little interest in fact probably due to the difficulty of understanding and interpretation of the meaning of these sessions and the effect they could arouse in her. Patient at times collaborating with but need to have during the first sessions a figure who lent more attention and that could contain some attitudes exuberant.
Cooperative patient but has limitations in movement due to joint stiffness; It tends to continue to externalize their own physical discomfort and shows many difficulties to immerse themselves in this environment they prefer silence and introspection. Our range of therapies including various massages, reflexology and Reiki give you that all over sense of relaxation and positive health. The therapist will apply deep pressure using specific hand positions and strokes to release chronic tension and knotted muscles to help oxygenate poorly circulated areas, so relaxing the spine and joints into alignment.
The benefits of aromatherapy massage affect a wide range of health conditions of nervous, circulatory, lymphatic, immune and muscular systems. Primarily, Swedish massage is used to unwind muscle tissue by adding pressure to help with posture, stress and muscle fatigue. The therapist moves the client’s body into different stretches and opens blocked energy meridians. The Rejuvenating Face Massage is a relaxing massage working on the acupressure points of the face, which helps to improve circulation and promote healing.
When our energy is low we are more likely to feel ill or stressed and when our energy is balanced we are happier and healthy.
It is suitable for all levels of ability and fitness and our qualified instructor will tailor sessions to your personal ability and need. We offer a reduced rate for Charities, Local Authorities and those on a low income or benefits. The treatment includes the neck and back, legs (front and back), arms and facial pressure points. Sleep disorders, depression, pain), chromotherapy, through diffused lights so pyramidal the car and soothing music that promotes full and relaxing muscles.

The use of this tool in patients with Alzheimer's disease, senile dementia and related diseases has been proposed to enhance how these holistic techniques can be supportive and exert a beneficial effect in individuals with mood disorders, anxiety-depressive, euphoric states etc. La Respirazione E also valido un ausilio nia soggetti Che presentano Crisi-Attacchi di Panico da proporre also nel contesto familiare OGNI qual volta si presentino Tali Crisi per cercare di ristabilire Una sensazione di tranquillitA  nel Paziente.
During the sessions often they emerge memories related to his family followed by a sense of sadness and anguish; patient sometimes frightened and with continuous headaches. The work focused mainly on the contact and massage of the hands and feet associated with the respiratory training that the patient says to use at other times of the day Duranti states of mental confusion and feelings of discomfort trying immediately perceptions of well-being. During the sessions there are difficulties to execute the required commands with constant distractions and mood swings that make it impossible to carry out the proposed treatment. Work carried out mainly with the program sleep and relaxation alternating bands of color in shades of blue calming and relaxing effect. He fails to perform the demands made although sometimes partially, but because of his difficulty in decoding of thoughts and feelings is not possible during application to get a feedback on the work that was taking place. He fails after the first sessions to benefit from this treatment referring enthusiastically willing to back them other dates pleasurable sensations aroused. It is a pleasant method for mental clarity, relaxation, and assists in stress and headache alleviation.
It is one of the best ways to aid with lymph flow, which helps remove metabolic waste products to detox the client’s body.
This powerful therapy is helpful in improving circulation, mobility, flexibility and alignment. Reflexology is not only relaxing and energising but helps to improve circulation and aids the elimination process. Following the applications, where is able to obtain the beneficial effects of the relaxation times with numbness, it refers to a reduction of the voltage which presented on the head.
He refers to be able to sidestep the reality in order to focus on images and memories that evoke positive feelings. Only during the last two sessions he has shown more predisposed to this type of approach being able to participate in an active manner and enjoying the benefits of the induced relaxation. It encourages the carriage of essential hormones, oxygen and nutrients necessary for healthy cell life, and is a safe and gentle therapy for babies, children and adults.
La scelta del programma varia in base alla tipologia e personalitA  della persona che lo riceve e dalla necessitA  di lavorare su alcuni aspetti piuttosto che su altri.

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