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Bathroom medicine cabinets make wonderful storage areas for spare medicines, pills, tablets and syrups. The simple wooden bathroom medicine cabinet as seen in the picture above is an ideal wall cabinet for a wide variety of bathroom styles and sizes. For some bathrooms, a recessed bathroom medicine cabinet is a necessity due to space or existing fixtures.
The simple wooden bathroom medicine cabinet in the picture above which comes with a single door and mirror can be purchased from the following lcoation for $546: Simple Wooden Bathroom Medicine Cabinet.
For some people with severe depression, what works for everyone else doesn’t work for them.
While typical therapies for depression usually provide a partial reduction in symptoms, deep brain stimulation has the potential to provide complete remission. Mayberg started this research in 2002 with a small sample of patients at the University of Toronto.
Some of the first patients treated with deep brain stimulation (DBS) have shown remarkable improvement, researchers say. As a rule, the surgery to implant the stimulator is not offered to anyone who has not tried various antidepressant medications and electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). Brian, who did not want his last name used, was 26 when he became one of Emory’s first deep brain stimulation patients in 2007.
His depression started when he was a teenager, and over the years, he was hospitalized a half dozen times in different hospitals. According to both Brian and Holtzheimer, Brian likely would have tried to kill himself if he could have mustered the energy to do so.
The battery generally lasts up to five years, at which time a 30-to-60-minute surgery is needed to replace it. The more direct stimulation of DBS is putting patients into complete remission, unlike VNS. Brian is evaluated regularly by his Emory team and had to undergo another procedure when the battery in his implant died. The Emory team is hopeful that unlike ECT, which isn’t a one-time permanent fix, deep brain stimulation will work for a lifetime for those who respond. If you don’t have the time or inclination to make your own, stop by LisaKathrynDesigns on Etsy, where you will find her version of chic and artistic upcycled luggage side tables. Who knew that vintage luggage could have such furniture versatility?  The creative yorkpatty made this sassy repurposed luggage chair for her lucky sister-in-law’s birthday.  Even the fabric is upcycled from a sheet, accented with hand-stiches.
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I just wanted to comment and say that I really enjoy your site and I ended up reading way more than I expected. I screwed 4 post tops (available at home improvement stores) for legs on the bottom of a large travel trunk.
Down a long hallway on the third floor of the Rollins Research Center, the scientists of Richard Compans' lab are hard at work, imagining the unimaginable: A time when patients can self-administer flu vaccines.

But researchers anticipate that H5N1 might mutate and gain the ability to spread through human-to-human contact. It was exactly what the laboratory scientists had feared, and it was a situation for which they were prepared.
Just a month before the swine flu outbreak, the lab had published a paper on VLP technology, proving that the particles successfully immunized mice and that immunity wore off more slowly than that induced by conventional flu vaccines in humans. In other words, a burdensome delay in vaccine distribution could be averted if VLP technology worked as well with swine flu as it had with seasonal influenza in mice.
If VLPs do eventually prove useful to people, they will not be alone in changing the landscape of vaccinations. In April, Skountzou, Emory colleagues, and collaborators from the Georgia Institute of Technology published a paper in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences detailing the value of skin patches. The microneedle skin patches could bode well for difficulties with vaccine distribution and for those with needle phobias, says Skountzou. In new ongoing studies, the team is testing the microneedle skin patches on animals like guinea pigs. When we have visited the doctors or when we are sick with a cold, we often buy medicines like there is no tomorrow and before the dose has been completed, we have recovered. It’s simplicity means it will compliment most types of ordinary home bathroom without being too heavy on the eye or spoiling the decor. This simple wooden bathroom medicine cabinet can be bought as a recessed or surface cabinet depending on the type desired.
Emory psychiatry and neurology professor Helen Mayberg, psychiatrist Paul Holtzheimer, and neurosurgeon Robert Gross are leading a clinical trial to determine whether a pacemaker-like stimulation implant in the brain can give severely depressed patients motivation to function and live a full life.
She moved to Emory to continue the work with a larger group in collaboration with Holtzheimer and Gross. Though she’s optimistic, Mayberg is quick to caution against inferring too much from the early findings. DBS was first developed in 1987 and has been approved by the FDA for treatment of essential tremor and Parkinson’s disease. And it is only for patients stuck in a major episode of depression, not ones who are chronically up and down.
She was a woman in her 40s whose depression had left her so disabled she had to move back in with her parents. He had tried medications and ECT and was on the verge of trying vagus nerve stimulation surgery (VNS) when he decided against it at the last minute.
The depression had drained his energy to the point where walking 50 feet down a hallway would take five minutes and leave him exhausted. When the battery dies, patients slowly begin regressing to their depressed state within two to four weeks.
Mayberg’s earlier research in patients with treatment-resistant depression patients has shown that their subcallosal cingulate region is overactive.
While VNS studies also aimed to put patients into remission, their response rates were low. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Emory's scientists are fighting the clock against another possible future: a time of pandemic and uncontrollable virus mutation.
Yet that strain of influenza hasn't resulted in many human deaths, because, so far, avian flu spreads only to humans who are in contact with infected birds.
It was his boss, Richard Compans, professor of microbiology and immunology in the medical school.

He and his colleagues have pioneered virus-like particles (VLPs), empty particle shells that mimic the shape of viruses and stimulate the body's immune system to fight back against the perceived threat.
Compans' lab has been exploring not just new systems of vaccination but also an alternative to needle-injection vaccination, called microneedle skin patches. The researchers showed that microneedle skin patches were just as effective as injected vaccines in immunizing mice from seasonal influenza. Skountzou is also combining the microneedle skin patch delivery with adjuvants that further stimulate immune response.
Bathroom medicine cabinets therefore provide a safe, dry and space saving storage area for the surplus medicines we have in the house which we keep for a rainy day. In fact, this particular medicine cabinet comes in a variety of colors and finishes which include Antique White, Cognac, Dark Cherry, Light Cherry and White. She had been treated by a psychiatrist and had tried several medications, as well as ECT, to no avail. The electrotrodes were connected to a 2- x 3-inch battery unit that was implanted into the chest. This is done in the operating room so we can potentially move the electrode,” Holtzheimer says.
As they hone their vaccination systems, Emory researchers also are focusing on new implications for their work: If you can give a patient a patch for the seasonal flu, why not also provide a patch for hepatitis or chicken pox? A time when a universal vaccine could protect from all varieties of influenza: swine, avian, seasonal, and strains still emerging. The recent emergence of H1N1 and H5N1, known colloquially as swine flu and avian flu, have added an even greater sense of urgency to their task. Unlike conventional immunizations, VLPs don't actually contain viruses, and their use dramatically limits the possibility of side effects. The Georgia Research Alliance awarded the lab and the CDC a grant to test out the VLP vaccine system with the H1N1 virus in animal models. Some people live far from doctors, and others avoid vaccinations because of fear of side effects or needles. She's hoping that adjuvants boost immunity, permit lower doses of vaccine, and drive per-patient costs down even more. Skountzou, Kang, and their colleagues have found better ways to prevent illness and contagion. Since then, the team has implanted the stimulator in 16 other patients, most of whom have seen at least some improvement. Also unlike conventional immunizations, they can be produced without using chicken eggs to cultivate the vaccine.
It can help eliminate side effects caused by the vaccine (skin irritation, swelling, pain), and it is less costly but can still cover the population needs," Skountzou says. Now, as they hone their vaccination systems, they're also focusing on new implications for their work: If you can give a patient a patch for the seasonal flu, why not also provide a patch for hepatitis or chicken pox?
The patches are temporarily applied to the skin like a bandage, and the vaccine is slowly absorbed through the skin. If you can create VLPs mimicking an influenza strain, why not try a VLP to trick the body into fighting other diseases, or all influenza varieties at once?
Compans was getting the first of what would be a blizzard of calls from journalists, all trying to make sense of what was happening.

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