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Chronic constipation (irregularity of bowel movement) tends to be a subject of worry for most people and interrupts in day-to-day activities. However, chronic constipation can be effectively treated with herbs that have no side effects and root out the disease completely though gradually.
Quite popular among native Americans, this particular herb too is a very effective natural laxative.
It does not induce bloating, cramping or gas that other laxatives do.Besides, it is very simple to use this herbal supplement. Originating from plantain plant, these psyllium seeds comprise of soluble fiber as well as insoluble fiber.
This particular herb acts as a natural emollient and so it soothes the mucous membrane and lubricates intestinal tract. Constipation is the unstable process of hard stools, difficulty passing tools, or an incomplete emptying after a bowl movement. You should take like warm water every day early in the morning that can help you to cure from the constipation. It is better to nip the problem in the bud; hence, eating right food and avoiding foods that cause constipation is the simplest way to keep this discomforting health problem at bay.
Some dairy products, especially cheese and ice cream, have been known to cause constipation in many people. Red meat is not a cause of constipation in itself, it has been proved that people who consume red meat on everyday basis reduce the amount of fiber rich foods from their diet.
Snacks items usually are high in fat which makes the digestion process sluggish causing you to feel bloated and constipated too often. Cookies and other refined food products cause constipation because of three main reasons; they are low in fiber, and have high fat content in them and low fluid content, in them.
Oily, fried foods (like finger chips, onion rings or Indian samosas) tend to make the movement of food through the digestive tract sluggish.
Foods such as fish and chicken are good for health but having fried chicken or fried fish is bad for your constipation. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

The conventional drugs and treatment methods for chronic constipation grant only short-term relief from the disorder. The laxative character of the herb is owing to the presence of anthraquinones that are powerful laxatives. These remedies are quite safe, as they contain some exercise that keeps the people far from constipation. You can take Psyllium husk powder in a tablespoon and add this in 250 to 300 ml of water.You must drink this solution quickly, and for a better result, it is recommended to take this solution twice a day.
You can also add half of the lemon and a tablespoon of honey in it that can clean your system. So that the fruits can provide you vitamin C in a very good amount and 1000 mg of vitamin C, three times in a day keeps you far from constipation. The daily required amount of fiber from food is 20 to 35 grams for every person, but studies have shown that people on average get only half the required amount of fiber from food, chiefly because of your dietary choices. Cheese and ice creams have high quantities of fat and very low fiber content which is stressful for the digestive system.
Hence, you must make sure that you add lots of salads with your serving of red meat to avoid constipation.
People replace fiber rich foods with snacks items all the times, depriving their body of the required amount of fiber in it.
Replace unhealthy snacks with low fat foods that contain whole grains to avoid constipation and improve your digestion process. One must try and replace them with high fiber desserts such as fruit salads to avoid constipation. These foods are binding in nature and cause constipation as they take a long time to digest.
Cooking methods such as steaming and boiling are healthier options.You can definitely find constipation relief by replacing the above foods that cause constipation with healthier high-fiber choices that helps to prevent it. While constipation is defined as the condition of less than 3 stools in a week, severe constipation can reduce this number to just one in a week.
These anthraquinones account for colon contractions (peristalsis) and initiate bowel movement.

The aloe latex (the sticky yellow part besides the aloe gel that is found in the plant) comprises of anthraquinone glycosides. It also stimulates colon movement.In fact, Psyllium is an integral ingredient in most over-the-counter laxatives and fiber supplements.
Since it is a gentle and mild laxative, it is perfect for curing chronic constipation in children.
Generally, people feel weak because of dehydration, which normally takes place in constipation. Small kids face constipation more than people of other age groups. It is very much harmful for your health.As the constipation is a natural process, we cannot avoid it, but we can prevent ourselves from constipation by controlling our daily food. Some people also get constipation by having milk, this is more commonly observed in small kids. Common causes of constipation are low fiber diet, laxative abuse, certain medications, hormonal imbalance and any other underlying disease that has close connection to the colon. Recommended daily dosage of cascara is 300mg that should be taken in the evening for smooth bowel movement in the morning.
Since psyllium creates bulk in the intestine, it should be supplemented with adequate water to avoid blockage in intestinal tract. It soothes irritated stomach and hence is useful against constipation and many other symptoms of IBS. Its effectiveness is increased when used along with slippery elm and cascara sargada.Besides, it treats ulcerative colitis, liver congestion and gall stones. Here are some home remedies for constipation, which are helpful to relieve constipation in 2 to 3 minutes.
In the morning, eat high-fiber cereals, which are very useful for the treatment of severe constipation.
However, people suffering from colitis, ulcers and other such chronic gastrointestinal problems should not use buckthorn for long term.

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