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Also, the aneurysm are more likely to rupture if you are a smoker, so quitting is highly important. However, people are now realizing the harmful effects of caffeine addiction, which includes constipation, increased blood pressure etc) and are showing inclination towards herbal drinks. Try herb tea, Now-a-days you will find that herbal teas are available in many flavors select one that appeals to you. It’s a progressive disease in which healthy liver tissue is destroyed and replaced by scar tissue, resulting in poor liver functioning.The main causes of cirrhosis of the liver are long-standing alcohol abuse, fatty liver disease associated with obesity and diabetes, and viral hepatitis B and C. Quit SmokingHeavy, long-term cigarette smoking is associated with increased risk of colorectal cancer as well as lung, stomach and esophageal cancers.Cigarette smoke contains many carcinogens that damage the DNA and, overtime, the body is not able to repair that damage. You can always get help from your doctor as well as friends and family members to increase your chances of quitting successfully.8.
Another aneurysm treatment is to keep your blood pressure and cholesterol levels under control. To avoid having to use these aneurysm treatments, you should take all precautions to avoid aneurysms.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
For example, instead of five cups of coffee in a day have three, then one week later two and so on. Caffeine is known to cause slight expansion in the blood vessels which increases the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain, hence, suddenly cutting off caffeine causes headache.If you start having headaches then apply a little herbal balm on your forehead.

You will see for yourself that the caffeine headaches will become less persistent if you have at least eight glasses of water.
If possible for you to take a nap during the day, then this may be the best possible cure for your caffeine withdrawal symptoms. Treatment is usually aimed at preventing further liver damage and reducing complications.Along with your doctor’s prescribed treatment, you will need to make some diet and lifestyle changes.
Aneurysms commonly occur in the abdomen and brain and if not treated can lead to serious health conditions. People that have high blood pressure and high cholesterol are more likely to get aneurysms.
Do not smoke, eat healthy, exercise and maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Caffeine is mild and natural stimulant drug which is consumed heavily across the world.Excessive consumption of caffeine is known as caffeinism and is known to cause several side effects. Like any other addiction, stopping the consumption of caffeine several withdrawal symptoms.Some of the commonly observed symptoms are headache, tiredness, muscle aches and nausea. People who are trying to get off any addiction may feel tired during the day and having a nap definitely helps.
Consult with your doctor or other health care provider before using any of these tips or treatments. Stroke, coma and even death are some examples.The type of aneurysm treatment that you need depends on the severity of the aneurysm.

Also, caffeine addiction is one of the most common addiction and one which usually goes unnoticed.
If you are one those thinking about quitting caffeine then you must follow the below given home cures and suggestion to reduce the withdrawal symptoms. If you levels are a little high, you should speak with your doctor about taking a pill that can help control your levels.
Quit DrinkingQuit drinking alcohol completely, even if your cirrhosis is not caused by alcohol.
Most unruptured aneurysms cannot be cured, but the are some aneurysm treatments that can help prevent and heal an unruptured aneurysm.
EcliptaThe juice of all parts of the eclipta alba plant is useful in treating liver problems. PicrorhizaPicrorhiza kurroa can be useful in treating cirrhosis of the liver, especially when it is caused by viral hepatitis.
It reduces oxidative stress, promotes the secretion of bile juices and improves liver functioning. SchisandraThis herb is used in traditional Chinese medicine to cleanse the liver, protect liver cells from further damage and help regenerate liver tissues.

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