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Whenever the first symptom of a cold sore appears, soak a cotton pad in chamomile tea and then gently dab the area.
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The dread begins when you feel a cold sore developing, but what if there were remedies to stop it forming? Natural Living Ideas has just published a fantastic article sharing the twelve most effective home remedies for cold sores – starting with the most effective.
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Before Providing informations on Natural Remedies For Cold Sore , We must have a clear idea on cold sore . Peppermint Oil : A study tell us that peppermint oil penetrate the skin and It has a direct effect on the herpes virus . Cold sores are a painful blistering condition that is caused by the herpes simplex 1 virus (hsv1). The herpes simplex virus is most contagious during an outbreak, but cold sore transmission can occur through viral shedding even when the virus is dormant. Determining which of the four cold sore stages you are in will help you find the best cold sore remedies. Eating lysine-rich foods and avoiding foods high in arginine can be another way to prevent cold sores. Many people take lysine supplements to prevent cold sore outbreaks or to lessen their duration. If preventive steps fail and you feel the onset of an outbreak, there are several things you can do to help either stop the outbreak or lessen the symptoms. Large doses of lysine supplements at the first sign of a cold sore have been helpful for me in stopping an impending outbreak. Honestly, I am not a big fan of essential oils, but many people I know successfully stop cold sore outbreaks by applying essential oils to the sores themselves. If the above suggestions still result in lip sores there are multiple herbs and home remedies for cold sores that can lessen the pain and speed healing.Anti-viral herbs for cold sores continue to be helpful during an active outbreak.
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Information found on this website is meant for educational purposes only.It is not meant to diagnose medical conditions, to treat any medical conditions or to prescribe medicine. Then apply the cigarette ash to the affected area and dab again again with new cotton pad soaked in chamomile tea. If you want a painless and quick treatment for cold sore that is permanent then this unique and effective treatment is worth a try.
Save a fortune AND your families health with these super simple homemade cleaning products that work BETTER than store bought! But sometime they are confused in canker sore , which are not contagious but produce small , painful ulcers in mouth . It is an important amino acid that we should get it by eating foods or supplements For our Body .
Not only can they help relieve pain and bring quick healing, they can actually prevent blisters from ever appearing.
Once you have an active fever blister it is very contagious and pro-active steps should be taken to avoid cold sore transmission.
Adaptogen herbs can help strengthen our bodya€™s response to stress and, combined with the lifestyle suggestions listed above in the Causes of Cold Sores section, can be a powerful way to bring more balanced health to our lives. If you take lysine supplements for prevention you can simply follow the directions on the bottle.
If you are unable to get these naturally in your diet, supplements of high quality may be considered. Your body is fighting a viral infection and can use rest and support of immune system functions. Many dermatologist research on and find that lemon balm cream promoted the healing of blisters in five days . This article focuses mainly on herpes simplex 1.Once contracted, the herpes simplex virus lives in nerve cells. Colds sores can be spread to others and you can spread it further on your own body.To reduce chances of cold sore transmission ita€™s important to avoid contact with the mouth ulcers through direct contact, such as kissing, or indirect contact such as touching the lip sores to a towel and then re-using that towel. When I take lysine supplements to stop an outbreak or to shorten the duration of an outbreak I take as much as 4 - 6 grams per hour. The best results are when actions are taken at the very first sign of a cold sore outbreak.
There are many cold sore remedies for the different cold sore stages that are safe and effective! It’s important that these treatments are done as soon as you feel a tingling and itching sensation (stage 1). Extract Of this herb has a very active and fast effect on both herpes simplex 1 and 2 virus .
Minimizing stress through self-nourishment such as taking time to do the things you enjoy, meditation, yoga, spending time in nature, getting restful sleep, or whatever you need to do to maintain a stress-resistant life can all go a long way in preventing a cold sore outbreak. When you have a current outbreak wash your hands frequently and especially after touching the cold sores themselves.It is estimated that 75% of the population has the herpes simplex virus, although many of these people are asymptomatic or otherwise do not know they are carriers of the virus. Taking lysine supplements in such a high dosage can often stop an outbreak from occurring to me. Johna€™s Wort oil or tincture can be applied topically, liberally and frequently at the first sign of a cold sore. Essential oils for cold sores include tea tree oil, lavender, lemon balm (Melissa officinalis), and thuja.
The best cold sore cures are addressing the root cause of why you are getting fever blister outbreaks so that you never have to have them again!
Take this film of residue onto your fingers while still warm and apply to the area you have the tingling sensation. It is usually used to make proteins and produce infection fighting antibodies , hormones enzyme and body tissue . Once activated, painful blisters erupt most commonly as a lip sore, but can also affect the skin and other mucosal membranes. These sores go by many names, including mouth ulcers, mouth sores, fever blisters, a lip sore and mouth herpes. If you suspect this may be causing your outbreaks, adaptogen herbs, along with slowly reducing the frequency of stimulating nervines, may help to reduce the dependency on these a€?pick-me-upsa€? and reduce the number of outbreaks.Immunomodulating herbs support your immune system, making your body less vulnerable to the virus herpes simplex 1. Please keep in mind that essential oils are not for internal use and can cause irritation when applied externally. Do this once or twice a day for a about 2 days to get rid of the cold sore without leaving a scar. Taken preventively, as well as during an outbreak, anti-viral herbs can help to minimize the virus from replicating and stop it from attaching to cells.
Magnesium helps the body have a better response to stress, which is a common trigger of fever blisters. Leafy green vegetables can be a good source of magnesium, but because magnesium is often not in our soils many people will need to use a supplement.
I especially like to do this with licorice root, but many anti-viral and vulnerary herbs could be used such as lemon balm (Melissa officinalis), calendula, St.
Vitamin D can support the immune system, leaving your body less vulnerable to a hsv1 outbreak. There are many more vitamins for cold sores, but these are the three most important vitamins for cold sores in my opinion. Foods High in Zinc (With Benefits) Foods High in Vitamin D (With Benefits) Foods High in Sodium (Sodium Rich Foods) Foods High in Calcium (Rich Source of Calcium) Foods High in Protein (Protein Rich Foods) How to Make Soap at Home? If you have been suffering from cold sores, then you would know how disgusting they are looking at and the same time, the intense pain that comes with it. Characterizing cold sores essentially for what they will be, they are small, liquid filled sores that pop up generally on or around your lips.
They come in various forms, either individually or as a cluster that ranges from a deep red to transparent clusters with fluid collections within. The blisters regularly gather together, and after they break, a covering structure over the ensuing sore.
No matter what we do, we can never find a cure for cold sore virus, however, it is quite easy to curb the outbreak of such sores or at least make it less painful. The splendid side is that there are preventative measures you can take that reduce outbreaks, seriousness, and term. Now there are remedies that can be bought from the stores or when you can’t go to the store, you can just use some of the items that you have at home. On the off chance that the vexatious blisters do appear, there are a tolerable number of home remedies for cold sores that may facilitate your uneasiness, and help lessen their ugly  appearance. Simple everyday items that you couldn’t have really had a second thought about, can actually help relieve the pain and make the inflammation reduce really soon.
Although there is no proven cure, it does not necessarily imply that you’re stuck utilizing irritating solution face creams or having a cold sore that stays nearby for an unending length of time. Killing it thus becomes a problem and every so often it would rear its ugly head up to remind us that it is still there.
Apply directly to sore, holding the swab or pad in place for a moment or somewhere in the vicinity. Whenever it rears its ugly head up, it surely is a very painful experience and it is also equally unappealing to look at.
There are many reasons that can trigger these viruses, some of the known causes are, lack of sleep, suppressed immunity, malnutrition, stress, PMS and more such reasons can be compiled into volumes. Glycyrhizic corrosive, a fixing in licorice root, has been shown in a few studies to stop the virus cells in their terrible little tracks-or at any rate check the side effects of them. Here, you are going to find out about some of the simplest of remedies that are available for you to get rid of cold sores at the earliest. A way to gather something positive from this isn’t to go crunch on a pack of licorice whips, but instead get some licorice powder, and make a cream.
1.) Build Your Immunity to Get Rid of Cold Sores Like the other herpes viruses, the Herpes simplex virus waits for your immunity to drop.
You can likewise try drinking licorice tea daily, however, that doesn’t appear to be as effective as topical treatment. Times when you catch a cold or fever is when your immunity would be compromised and this is when these annoying sores can also be found to break out on your face, neck and other parts of your body. An alternate alternative is to mix it with petroleum jelly, which all alone can help speed up the healing process of cold sores. Always make it a point to keep your immunity uncompromised by eating a lot of vitamin c rich foods.
On the off chance that you decide on this, start with a teaspoon of the petroleum jelly and mix it with the licorice root.
There may not be a way to get rid of them completely, but you can keep them at bay by ensuring your immunity is top notch and always take preventive measure against flu and cold. Gently dab (a cotton swab is convenient for this) a flimsy layer over the sore, making beyond any doubt to get it totally secured. 2.) Rest and Hydrate to Get Rid of Cold Sores One of the simplest remedies to get rid of cold sores would be to rest well and keep your body well hydrated.
If 8 ounces of water is what is required to live on a daily basis, you can hydrate your body with 12 to 15 ounces on days you have cold sore outbreaks. 3.)  Toss Your Toothbrush to Get Rid of Cold Sores Toss out your toothbrush after the blister has framed, and toss it once the sore has cleared up. A toothbrush is the ideal vessel to convey the virus, and you can wind up setting off an outbreak in yourself in the event that you re-utilize the same toothbrush over and over.

Also when your body rests well during the nights, it becomes easier for your body to fight the virus and flush it out with the excess fluids. This is a preventative measure, since it can stop an outbreak or give it the ax, its well worth doing. When you do not sleep well, your body has to concentrate upon a lot of things including putting you to sleep. So when you sleep at least for 8 hours, on a day you get cold sores, your body has one less thing to worry about and it will flush the virus out soon and effectively. 3.) Eat Right and Reduce Stress to Get Rid of Cold Sores The outbreak of cold sores can also be attributed to the kind of diet a person consumes.
Just about intuitively you can wind up pestering it, or intentionally, you just need to peel it off and be finished with it. Whatever your thought process, oppose touching the sore-even just arriving at up to touch it and check whether it by one means or another contracted as those activities can cause a bacterial infection. It would be best to not eat much of the canned or processed and packaged food items like canned soups and vegetables and processed chips of any brand. Even though fruits are supposed to be really good for one’s health, highly acidic food items like citrus fruits, tomatoes, grapefruit and pineapples should be avoided. They are additionally so profoundly infectious that actually touching your sore and afterwards accidentally rubbing your eye, or some place else on your body, could cause them to spread beyond your mouth region. These fruits should not be eaten fresh, cubed and canned, dried, or in pickled forms either. 5.) Use Milk as Cold Sore Remedy Putting an entire milk clamp on your sore can help speed up the healing, and simplicity pain. Milk has a high content of proteins known as immunoglobulins, which are essentially anti-bodies that battle off and prevent viruses-like herpes.
L-lysine aides inhibit the shrewd work of an ammino corrosive called arginine, which has been identified as the main culprit behind cold sore outbreaks.
4.) Do Not Share to Get Rid of Cold Sores Cold sores are prone to activating upon immediate contact with the skin. To help cold sores that have effectively erupted, make an entire milk pack to mitigate the pain and battle off a cold sore. When you share your toiletries or any other personal items, the herpes Simplex Virus will spread and the moment it comes into contact with your skin, it will start acting up.
If you are having guests or friends over at your place, then make certain that you have separate towels and toiletries for them to use. If your friend or guest has an active cold sore episode, the virus would attach itself to one of the shared items. Before commencing the process, you can let  the milk come to room temperature or, on the off chance that you lean toward, you can apply it cold. When you use the same item, it will attach itself to your skin and find a pore to get into your nervous system.
6.) Hydrogen Peroxide as Cold Sore Remedy Any individual who had a parent that put hydrogen peroxide on a scratch knows that its not precisely average. 5.) Avoid Skin Contact to Get Rid of Cold Sores If you think that sharing items made it easy for the virus to spread, then think again because when your skin comes into direct contact with someone else’s skin, the virus jumps and spreads even faster. The good news is that it’s a ton less traumatic to use at your own particular will, nor does it appear to hurt as awful now that you’ve adult a bit.
Kissing someone who has cold sores or exchanging body fluids with the same person only makes matters even worse. It cleans the area and speeds up the recovery process, while making it difficult for the infection to spread. It waits for the right to make its move and there is no better a time for it than sexual encounters.
The blister is as of now annoyed and tainted, in any event virally, and keeping it clean can at last make it go away faster. Things Required: 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide Cotton balls, cotton pads, or facial tissue How to Use? 6.) Keep Your Hands Clean to Get Rid of Cold Sores Thankfully, the virus that causes cold sores is just as simple as any other virus at times. This particular virus can be killed and curbed from passing on to another person by simply keeping your hands clean.
Place the cotton ball directly on your sore-its probably going to sting-and hold it there for a couple of seconds, or dab it around. If you do not have access to water or soap, then always have a bottle of hand sanitizer with you at all times. Give it a chance to be for 5 minutes or somewhere in the vicinity, allowing it to do its occupation, before washing off. If you had intentionally or accidentally touched a person’s cold sores, then wash your hands with soap or use the hand sanitizer immediately. 7.) Minty as Cold Sore Remedy Peppermint oil is thought to have properties that directly kill virus particles outside of your cells, in the same way as the ones gliding around an erupted cold sore. Upon such a contact, if you put your hands on your body, you can be rest assured of contracting the cold sore yourself. It won’t assist to ingest peppermint oil because it just assaults the virus got away from your cells.
7.) Pain Killers and Anesthetic to Get Rid of Cold Sores Even if you cannot cure the cold sores easily, because killing the herpes simplex virus is impossible, you can still ease the pain and help your body heal itself sooner. One of the best ways to ease the pain would be to use generic pain killers that you can get over the counter or ones that are prescribed by your doctor. You can even try anti-itch creams that are available over the counter and they can definitely help remove the pain that comes with the cold sores.
At the point when applied directly to a cold sore, people have observed that the sore recuperated faster than typical especially when applied at the first indication of one. Things Required: Good quality peppermint oil 1 cotton swab a bit of fresh water How to Use? A cold compress or simply applying ice upon the cold sores is a simple yet effective home remedy that can take care of the pain as well. Doing so gets away a portion of the surface gunk that would make it harder for the oil to really soak in and try its hardest. 8.) Tea Tree Oil to Get Rid of Cold Sores If you want to get rid of cold sores really very quickly, then you must try the tea tree oil.
At that point, dunk a cotton swab in clean water and afterward plunge it into the peppermint oil.
We all know that tea tree oil does work magic for the skin and it sure does work wonders upon a cold sore as well. Just remember to mix the oil in a dollop of the petroleum jelly for it last you for a very long time. Also remember that the oil by itself could be too strong for your skin, hence you need to be careful with the amount that you use. 8.) Echinacea as Cold Sore Remedy There are a few people I am near who drink Echinacea tea religiously and swear by it. Keep a measure of one for ten – for every drop of oil you would have to use ten drops of the petroleum jelly. The reason they escape with their pomposity is because Echinacea supports your invulnerable framework and its safeguards, making it harder to find bugs, and shortening to what extent you are influenced by them.
9.) Vanilla Extracts to Get Rid of Cold Sores Just like the hand sanitizer, vanilla extracts are also known to contain small amounts of alcohol in it. While not yet demonstrated it may help prevent cold sore outbreaks which regularly indicate when the safe framework is debilitated.
It might be in small amounts, but it sure is lethal for the virus, thereby killing it and healing you to get rid of cold sores really soon.
You might have a question now that if this home remedy could kill the virus then why do we get the same cold sores again. Simple, even if you kill just one cold sore causing virus with the vanilla extract, there are many more in your body sleeping and waiting to be activated. One wrong move from our end becomes conducive for the virus to thrive and make your life miserable.
10.) Licorice Root to Get Rid of Cold Sores Some may find licorice to be very repulsive thanks to its strong aroma and taste, but this condiment can be beneficial to stop the herpes simplex virus dead on it tracts. 9.) Load up on Vitamins E and C to Get Rid of Cold Sores Vitamins are good for us, and for our cold sores-and by good for our cold sores, I really mean terrible for them.
Recently, researchers have found that the roots of licorice contain Glycyrhizic Acid which is known to be one of the best anti-viral and anti-inflammatory medicines available to man. Vitamin C has been shown to support white platelet tally, and white platelets are the body’guards. At the point when something like an infection sets in the valiant little cells head into a fight, and having a greater amount of them means you’ll be more effective at battling off the infection, which for this situation is herpes. Vitamin E, when applied topically, has been found to soothe the irritating and painful distress of cold sores, and in addition minimizing the dangers of scarring. Vitamin supplement, oil (on account of vitamin E) and-the best way-through your eating regimen. You can also make a paste with the licorice powder and some rose water to make an aromatic and soothing anti-viral paste. I would say along these lines, and it can surely help calm the irritated blazing pain of a sore when directly applied.
11.) Lactose and Lactic Acid to Get Rid of Cold Sores If you thought that only people can be lactose intolerant, then think again. The less clear reason in the matter of why cornstarch makes an average home remedy for cold sores is the way that it kills the ph of the sore- the virus flourishes in an excessively the earth and makes an antacid state (basic is the inverse of acidic.) To look for alleviation, and abbreviate the span of your cold sore, basically throw together a satiny cornstarch.
Milk, as you would know well, is rich in immunoglobin simply because milk was actually blood before it was converted to milk. Things Required: 1 tablespoon of cornstarch 1 teaspoon of fresh water to start How to Use? These are antibodies, that are necessary in fighting anything that does not belong in your body. Milk is also rich in lactic acid which works well with the immunoglobins to kill the virus and help to get rid of cold sores. Please do not expect the best of results with the processed and chemically modified milk that you would get at the nearest store in large. 11.) Witch Hazel as Cold Sore Remedy The leaves and bark of North American witch hazel have been utilized medicinally for a considerable length of time, specifically by Local Americans, and have now become very marketed.
These days you don’t need to stress over finding a plant and taking off its leaves and bark since you can discover a flask of witch hazel,in any nearby  drug store or general store. 12.) Use Mint to Get Rid of Cold Sores You can also get your hands on some peppermint oil or mint oil as well. Since it doesn’t deliver enough oil to sell as a vital oil, the hydrosol is a distilled fluid adaptation. All you have to do is wait for the cold sore to erupt and then you can apply the oil on it. It has been shown to help with various diseases, especially in skin mind, with accentuation on skin break out, wounds, bug bites, blisters and, in the event that you hadn’t speculated at this point, cold sores. Peppermint oil would only be able to kill the virus once it comes out into the open and no longer hidden in the safe space of your skin. With just a wipe of the cotton swab that has peppermint oil, you can easily kill the virus. Apply this solution directly on your cold sore an leave it in that condition for a few hours. Remember that drinking the peppermint oil will not help since the cold sore virus does not live in your stomach, rather, it resides directly underneath your skin. 12.) Aloe Vera as Cold Core Remedy The go-to for calming minor skin disturbances, aloe vera gel can give snappy easing from the pain of a cold sore once it blisters. 13.) Hydrogen Peroxide to Get Rid of Cold Sores At some point of time or another, someone or another have used hydrogen peroxide on us. Be it just a scrape or a regular bruise we have had a good cleaning with a large cotton was that had the ever so unforgiving sting of hydrogen peroxide. The reason people use this on wounds, cuts and bruises is because it is a very effective cleanser that bubbles the dirt off of the surface, thus making it even easier to clean.

Being so dependable, aloe is frequently touted as being one of the best natural remedies for skin issues there is. Apart from doing a really good job at cleaning, hydrogen peroxide is also known to kill germs effectively.
Aloe-vera plants are not hard to find , but they are hard to maintain (I got one when I was five and it figured out how to survive my watch over the years,) and best of all, they’re valuable and cheap. It would first thoroughly clean the sore and effectively kill the terrible herpes simplex virus without a problem. On the off chance that you can’t get an aloe plant, discover a good gel sold in stores.
14.) Echinacea Tea to Get Rid of Cold Sores For those of you who did not know this, Echinacea tea actually helps cure almost everything that could possibly go wrong with the body’s immunity.
It helps increase the immunity in your body thus making it very difficult for various viruses affect you. But if you are asking if it would help to drink this tea after catching the herpes simplex virus, then I have to say that yes it would help in a tremendous way.
On the off chance that you totally can’t come from  a plant, dab a cotton swab in ? teaspoon aloe vera gel and apply directly.
Even though they are only liquid filled mistakes that blast, blister, and structure a hull. Regular consumption of this tea would also ensure that the cold sores do not last long after an outbreak.
15.) Vitamins to Get Rid of Cold Sores As you would know, we need white blood cells in our body to fight, kill and dispose a virus or bacteria that is not good for us. The herpes simplex virus is definitely not good for us and we need excess white blood cells to effectively take it out! Vitamin C is proven to build our immunity by increasing the production of white blood cells.
To numb the pain that some people just don’t comprehend (and the injustice of everything) try holding an ice cube directly on the sore as far as might be feasible, and afterward put on a dab of petroleum jelly. So make certain that you eat a lot of vitamin C rich food items or make certain that you take vitamin C supplements to help your body fight the cold sore infection.
The jelly will bail keep microbes out, and will diminish that tight, skin-part vibe that at times, happens when a blister gets excessively dry, as it may in the wake of utilizing an ice cube. You can also look for vitamin E ointments to help soothe the irritation and the pain that comes with cold sores.
Things Required: 1 to 2 fresh ice cubes, or an ice pack A bit of petroleum jelly How to Use? Take a nice chilly ice cube, which would be the majority of them, and hold it on your sore as far as might be feasible, or utilize an ice pack. Consuming them will help your body produce more white blood cells, but at the same time, it will also aggravate the cold sores very badly. When you’ve completed, pat any clearly remaining water gently from the sore and apply a dab of petroleum jelly. So stick to supplements or look for food items that are rich in vitamin c and at the same time are not acidic. 14.) Wear Sunscreen – On Lips Also Presentation to light, in particular UV light, is by all accounts an extremely helping variable in outbreaks. 16.) Aloe Vera to Get Rid of Cold Sores Aloe Vera is known to be one of the most effective moisturizer, conditioner and soother available for the skin. When you hit the shoreline, or even just strive for a mid year stroll, apply sunscreen to your face, and apply lip ointment with a SPF estimation of no short of what 15. To be sure, it may take you longer to get an insane tan, yet its a, small sacrifice to make when you think of the painful cold sores ejecting, and harm to your skin. If you can’t, it is still alright to do better with some Aloe Vera gel that you get in the stores. Pay attention to hygiene and don’t forget to wash your hands everytime your hands comes in contact with the cold sore. The gel from the Aloe Vera plant is also known to fight any skin infections and kill the germs that cause it. In the case of a cold sore, Aloe Vera gel can easily kill the germs and cure the sores in just a couple of days. 16.) Quarantine Immediately to Get Rid of Cold Sores The minute you feel the shivering impression that goes before a cold sore erupt, start your treatment. 17.) Sunscreen to Get Rid of Cold Sores When you step out in the sun, it would be best if you can cover your face and other exposed parts of your body with some good sunscreen lotion. It has been found by researchers that the UVA rays from the sunlight are one of the most common causes for a cold sore outbreak.
When everything comes down to it toward the end of the day, The virus of cold sore is very adamant and it will be difficult to get over it totally until a genuine cure is found for herpes simplex.
Every time you step out into the sun, wear a sunscreen that has a minimum 30+ as it is the sun protection factor or SPF.  Sunscreen lotion with an SPF lesser than 30 is just as good as not wearing it at all.
That being said, your reality does not need to come to a smashing stop when a sore pops up.
Make sure that you apply another layer or two of the sunscreen lotion on the cold sore to protect it even further. Use the ability to think, try to get to it before all else, and persistently treat it, keeping as a main priority that the remedy that works best for you will probably take some experimentation.
Such sunscreen lotions would also help your body by preventing it from having a cold sore outbreak. 18.) Prevention to Get Rid of Cold Sores We, by now, have figured out that there is no cure for a cold sore. The only thing that we can do is ensure that the cold sore outbreak is bearable and that it leaves the body soon. We may not be able to flush the herpes simplex virus out of our body completely, but we sure can make certain that it does not activate any times soon. One theory believes in keeping them dry, while the other advocates the presence of moisture.. Some people say the virus putrefies in a the earth, others say it has no effect and you’ll be uncomfortable with a dry, split, part, scab. Like we saw earlier, it would be best to work on your immunity so that the virus doesn’t make use of your suppressed immune system. The pain of a dry scab tearing open over and over is excessively for me also I WILL pick at it in the event that its all dry.
19.) Wash Away to Get Rid of Cold Sores Apart from washing your hands regularly, it would be best to wash your face with a medicated soap on a regular basis to get rid of cold sores.
This would protect your facial skin from all sorts of issues and most importantly, it would ensure that your face does not have a cold sore outbreak often. The medication found in the face wash or the soap will help in cleaning all the germs that could have stuck to your skin. After an outbreak of the cold sores, you have to wash your face regularly with the same medicated soap or face wash. 21.) Witch Hazel Pack to Get Rid of Cold Sores All Native American tribes believed in the miracles of natural medicine. This belief led them to find medicinal plants and herbs that helped in taking care of almost all ailments in the past. One such medicinal plant that can work wonders on cold sores would be the Witch Hazel plant.
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Native American tribes have used the barks of the witch hazel trees and its leaves for a very long time to cure many ailments. Thanks to the advancement in the field of medicine and technology, you do not now have to go on a trip to locate this plant or strip it bare for its medicinal leaves and bark. Once you get it, you just need to put a few drops on a wad of cotton and press it directly on the cold sore.
Wait till the solution is absorbed into the skin and in just a day, you would start seeing a difference in the cold sore on your face.
22.) Cornstarch to Get Rid of Cold Sores If you thought that corn starch came in handy only in the culinary field, then you are very grossly mistaken.
Cornstarch has a really nice texture that can soothe any sore easily and the cold sores are no exception to it.
All you would have to do is take a teaspoon of cornstarch and mix it with a little rose water. This would form a really smooth and aromatic paste which can then be applied to the cold sore. The rose water will add the necessary chillness to the cornstarch thus making it feel very pleasant upon applying it.
You can alternatively use some of the leftover Echinacea tea, licorice root tea or some milk instead of the rose water. 23.) Fuller’s Earth to Get Rid of Cold Sores Fuller’s earth is sworn to be one of the most effective treatment to get rid of cold sores. We all know how fuller’s earth mixed with the right liquid can make the best moisturizing and cleansing paste and not to forget the best scrub available. If you wish to get the best use out of fuller’s earth after an outbreak of the cold sores, then it would be best to make a paste to cover only that area. The wonderful liquid ingredients that went into making this paste would kill the virus while the clay would help soothe and seal the outbreak.
Just make the same pack as mentioned about in large quantities and apply it all over your neck and face. This would provide the same benefits as above for the entire face and also work as a good scrub after it dries. 24.) Azadirachta Indica (Neem) to Get Rid of Cold Sores Azadirachta Indica (Neem) is a medicinal plant that is native to Asian countries and it is quite popular in India. Its medicinal properties are still well known in these countries that people use it for various ailments.
All parts of the neem plant contain anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-parasite properties. The leaf of this plant, however, seems to have much of the concentration of these properties. It would be best if you can make a jar of neem leaf paste and refrigerate it for later use.
Every time there is a cold sore outbreak, just apply a little of the paste on the sore for the virus to be killed and for the sore to heal fast.
Whatever you do, do not ingest the neem leaf since it is one of the bitterest substances that could be found on this planet.
If you do not live in one of the Asian countries, then finding the leaves might be difficult. A quick trip to the nearby Indian store, however, can help you find these leaves in powdered form.
25.) Pharmaceutical Products to Get Rid of Cold Sores There are few pharmaceutical hacks that you can try to help you soothe the cold sore’s pain and to heal it really soon.
This would protect the cold sore affected skin from pollution, dust and the UVA rays of the sun. Styptic pencils can be used to protect your cold sore from bleeding, help it heal soon and also negate the pain caused by the cold sore.
As for the very last pharmaceutical hack, make sure you use eye drops that are designed to remove irritation and the redness from your eyes. Required fields are marked *Comment Name * Email * Website Other Popular Posts How to Tell if a Guy Likes You More Than a Friend?

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