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The original word was ‘hemicrania’ which got corrupted over time to ‘hemigranea’ and then ‘migranea’.
When one thinks of migraine cure or migraine treatment, one has to understand the difference between cure and migraine relief. 5 Best Homeopathic medicines for high blood pressureHypertension or high blood pressure is by and large a product of the modern lifestyle. SlideShare verwendet Cookies, um die Funktionalitat und Leistungsfahigkeit der Webseite zu verbessern und Ihnen relevante Werbung bereitzustellen. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
If you are suffering from IBS you must eliminate following things from your eating habit: skipping meals, low fiber and fluid intake, fatty and spicy food, caffeine and alcohol and if you are sensitive to dairy products stop consuming it.
Normal routine that we all follow is that we take stomach full meals three times a day and snacks in between. Intestinal gas is one of the major problems of IBS patients, factors that increases intestinal gas are: carbonated drinks, staying empty stomach.
Fructose is not digested easily in IBS sufferers hence it causes excess gas, constipation and diarrhea. Diet that is low in fat and high in carbohydrates and proteins such as whole-grain breads, pasta, rice, fruits, vegetables, and cereals. There are wide range of medicines, few of them are: argentum, kali phos, colocynth, lyco, nux-vom, etc.
Dysentery after least food or drink; agonizing cutting pain in the abdomen causing the patient to bend double.
Homeopathy is a highly developed health practice that uses a systematic approach to the totality of a person’s health.
Growth hormone deficiency is a medical condition, caused by problems arising the pituitary gland in which the body does not produce enough growth hormone. Children with complete absence of growth hormone secretion usually present before reaching the age of 3 years. Pituitiary tumors and some of the congenital anomalies that occur in children may require surgical resection. In childhood: When treated with GH, a severely deficient child will begin to grow faster within months. In adulthood: GH treatment can confer a number of measurable benefits to severely GH-deficient adults, such as enhanced energy and strength, and improved bone density. If left untreated, growth hormone deficiency will lead to short stature and delayed puberty.
I’m treating patients in more than 50 countries like Canada, United States, Australia, India, Dubai, China, New-Zealand, Europe, etc. TestimonialsSuffering from psoriasis since last 4 years , my condition was getting worse day by day , and it was spreading to whole body including scalp.Thank you Dr.
Homeopathy is holistic, that is it treats the whole person and not just the symptoms, believing that symptoms are the body's own attempt at self-healing and that any suppression of these symptoms will drive the disease further into the body. It is high time to raise voice by homeopaths by multinational pharmaceuticals companies who motivatedly denigrate homeopathic science.
Homeopathy is based on knowledge of medicine and then disease where is allopathic is knowledge of disease first then medicine.
Homeopaths bother little for diagnosis but likes to hunt finer manifestations of disease through symptoms by which it cures and annihilates the disease.
4) An infant after birth develops otorrhoea, skin problems , sneezing, infantile diarrhea and so many unnamed diseases. So far homeopathy doctors are concerned , I am pained to note many of them today are baptized other than homeopathy. Some homeopaths claim that they cure cancer by homeopathy , they depend much with the leaflets of homeopathy drugs salesman. If any homeopath face difficulty may consult me between 2 to 4pm on Sunday by phone for free advice. Pamela Maloney, PhD, DHM, Lac has been in private practice for over 40 years in Santa Monica, California. Dedicated to teaching others how to achieve radiant health and providing anti-aging, structural integration and holistic education, she has recently launched a series of online courses geared toward providing the general public as well as students who are obtaining continuing education credits, with helpful techniques and information replete with instructional videos, diagrams and visuals. She is a member of the California Acupuncture Association, California Homeopathic Medical Society, and Human Factors Society, among others. CTN – Certified Traditional Naturopath, American Naturopathic Certification Board American Naturopathic Medical Certification and Accreditation Board, Inc.
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February 21, 2015 By Dr Harsh Sharma Obesity is a common problem that has almost taken the shape of an epidemic.
The foremost cause of obesity is a mismatch between the amount of calories consumed in food and the calories spent.
The modern day diet has to take much of the blame in contributing to this epidemic of obesity. The modern day affluence has provided one with all sorts of machines to decrease the physical workload of a human being. Some allopathic medicines like antidepressants, beta blockers, diabetes medicines, steroids and medicines for seizures are known to cause increase in body weight.
It has been observed that women find it difficult to lose weight that they gain during pregnancy.

When it comes to prevention of obesity, the advice is same as that would be given to an already obese patient.
Cutting down on fat, sweets, aerated drinks, junk food, processed food and other fried foods is necessary.
It is important to mention again here that there are no wonder drugs or magic cures for obesity. The character of the migraine headache is such that it keeps recurring at regular intervals with a symptom free period in between.
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Arunim Maheshwari, a recognized consultant and Doctor for Homeopathy, Gynecologist and Pediatrician. But IBS sufferers need to change a little, instead of having large meals three times a day try eating several small meals during a day because large meals causes cramps and diarrhea.
Food that causes formation of intestinal gas are: Bananas, Beans, Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Garlic, Leeks, Nuts, Onions, Raisins.
Food rich in fiber should be included in diet to avoid constipation, these are: Barley, Brown rice, dried beans, Figs, French bread, Fresh peas, Oat Bran, Pasta, Prunes, Psyllium husk, Raisins, Rice, Sourdough bread, Soy. Medicines are given on the basis of symptom similarity and on the basis of generalities of the patient.
Anyone seeking a fuller understanding of health and healing will find Homeopathy extremely important and applicable.
Growth hormone also called as somatropin is a polypeptide hormone which stimulates growth cell production and cell reproduction.
In adults, the age of presentation usually occur between the fourth and fifth decades of life. In the first year of treatment, the rate of growth may increase from half as fast as other children are growing to twice as fast. The word is coined from the Greek word 'homoios' meaning like or similar and 'pathos' meaning suffering. While many acute and chronic illnesses and functional symptoms can be helped by homeopathy, diseases in their advanced stage and those with major structural changes may not always benefit from homeopathy. Such bluff may help to earn money but in the long run it will help antagonists to homeopath that claiming homeopathy to cure cancer is hoax. She is also featured in several magazines, including Self, and provides a free lecture series for the public. Maloney taught Connective Tissue Cadaver Dissection at Pepperdine University for 8 years and was clinical supervisor for several colleges and Universities.
Pamela Maloney is a featured guest speaker for several organizations, including the YMCA, American Association of University Women and various spiritual organizations.
Maloney lives by the philosophy that anyone can achieve everlasting health and beauty utilizing the treasures of Mother Nature and incorporating healthy body movement and holistic techniques and is honored to be a part of her patient’s process toward perfect health! It can be said to be a condition in which excess body fat is detrimental to one’s health and longevity.
That is because one may be overweight but the weight could be due to increased muscle mass or bony mass. The modern lifestyle, increased intake of fried and junk food, sedentary life and so many other things contribute to obesity.
When one is consuming more calories daily and spending less, the difference is bound to be stored in the body. A physical workout or exercise of 30-40 minutes daily for at least 5 days a week is necessary.
As the intake of calories and the burning of calories directly impact obesity, one should take great care of these issues.
Any medicine can help only to a certain point by regulating your metabolism and curing any underlying cause that may have resulted in obesity. This does not mean that children of patients having migraine will necessary develop it but only that they are at a higher risk. She started her career as a serious student of homeopathy and chose it as her life journey. Note down the food that you eat and when you get symptoms from particular food, mark it as a trigger food. It works on the principle of 'similia similibus curentur' (Let like be cured with like) which means that anything that will cause a disease in a healthy person when given in large doses, will also cure when treated with micro doses of potentized homeopathic medicines made from the same substance. However, homeopathy can have a palliative role even in incurable illnesses, such as cancer, to provide comfort to the patient without major side effects often encountered with conventional medicines. Maloney specializes in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology, Homeopathic Medicine, Ergonomics, and Traditional Naturopathy. Obesity can lead to a lot of other diseases which are directly known to reduce one’s life span. There may be some diseases also that cause obesity, prominent ones being arthritis and hypothyroidism.
Multiple pregnancies and having pregnancies late in life have also been known to cause obesity. In some diseases like hypothyroidism, there is a direct correlation as the metabolism of the body slows down. At the outset, I want to highlight that dieting is not something that I am going to recommend. Similarly, Homeopathic remedies help by curing any underlying cause that may have contributed to obesity.

This is often therefore considered as one sided headaches, though strictly speaking it does not mean only one sided headache or half headache.
Sometimes, there are other migraine symptoms like nausea, vomiting or some visual symptoms like stars floating in front of the eyes. In the present day scenario, it is almost impossible to completely abolish stress, one has to condition oneself to respond in a better manner. This increased appetite leads to increased intake of calories thus contributing to obesity.
In other diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, backache or even an injury to the leg or foot, one is forced to cut down on walking and any other physical activity. When it comes to the musculoskeletal system gout, osteoarthritis and backache are common problems seen with obesity.
Homeopathy can help by improving your metabolic system, which may have been a contributory factor to obesity.
The pain may be in the whole of the head or in front part of head or the back part of head. There may also be some gastrointestinal symptoms like lack of appetite, aversion to food and diarrhoea or constipation.
Lack of sleep, mental stress, bright light, hunger can all be migraine triggers in susceptible patients.
This concept has been known since Hippocrates in 450 BC, and has been further developed down the ages until full scientific examination was undertaken by a German allopathic physician, Dr.
In the circulatory system coronary artery disease, stroke, blood pressure and high cholesterol levels are seen as a result of obesity. There are no magic cures and no magic diets that can cut down your obesity in a matter of days.
It is important here that one should follow these things in a consistent manner for some time to get good results. Diabetes is another major disease that has been known to have a direct correlation with obesity. It is a corrective process that needs to be adopted in your daily life that will help you in the long run. Graphites, Calcarea Carb, Phytollaca, Silicea and Capsicum are some of the frequently used homeopathic medicines. On the other hand, sleep, pregnancy and a calm state of mind often relieve migraine headaches.
At the same time, one should understand that these things cannot be a substitute to treatment, rather they should be seen as good supportive measures. While the number of calories obtained from a gram of fat is 9, that from protein happens to be 4.
One is fast becoming a part of the rat race where everything is measured in terms of financial success. In the respiratory system asthma, bronchitis and sleep apnea are seen much more frequently in obese people. So follow the advice given below, adopt these practices in your daily life and results will surely follow, even though it is going to take some time. When it comes to Homeopathic treatment of migraine headaches, Homeopathy works on altogether different principles and does not resort to painkillers.
She has diverse clinical experiences, specializes in diagnosing and treating all kinds of difficult disease.Dr.
In the digestive system fatty liver and gall stones are commonly seen in people with obesity. On the contrary, Homeopathic migraine headache remedies aim at eradicating the tendency completely. The increased consumption of beverages like aerated drinks too cause an increased buildup of calories.
Even the kids are spending far more time on computers and in front of televisions as compared to playing with other children. Homeopathic medicines like Belladonna, Sanguinaria, Glonoine, Spigelia and Lycopodium have been known to give very good results in the treatment of Migraine.
She always takes part in workshops and seminars by world's renowned and specialist doctors & academicians. Similarly in other parts of the world, the calorie consumption has been increasing whether it is Europe, Asia or Africa. After taking Homeopathy treatment for migraine headaches for some time, you will be completely cured of it. This helps to improve more her clinical skills to provide best possible treatment to her patients.
There will be no recurrence of the headaches or any other migraine symptoms and you will be able to live a normal life, free of all migraine symptoms.
Also, number of complications during pregnancy and delivery are much more common in obese women.

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