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About the AuthorDogs Naturally MagazineDogs Naturally Magazine is the world's best resource for natural canine health care! Copyright 2016 Dogs Naturally Magazine Inc.The information in this website is not intended to replace veterinary care. Riva’s Remedies offers compassionate and professional health care to all animals as well as their owners. Fleas survive by biting into the skin and feeding on the blood of its host which causes the dogs to itch and scratch. Riva’s Healing Oil (tea tree oil, goldenseal and olive oil) should be applied externally to all allergy reactions, rashes or hot spots.
Was she given a flea spot-on treatment or heartworm preventative and five days later she’s straining to urinate? However the purpose of Dogs Naturally is to show you how important it is to work with a holistic vet.
We provide education, services and natural health products trusted for over two decades with proven results. Once the female flea feeds on blood she will breed and lay eggs which then drop off the host and into the surrounding environment. At the same time the flea’s saliva comes into contact with the blood which is what causes the allergy reactions in sensitive pets.

The surrounding area should be vacuumed twice daily until there are no longer signs of any parasites on the pet.
Then Nux vomica  may be in order.The Nux animal is typically cold natured and can be in a very irritable state, says Falconer.
The knowledgeable staff at Riva’s Remedies is wholly dedicated to a holistic, healthy lifestyle for all of our customers and their animals.
Pets with actual flea allergies will react with more intense scratching over the entire body, biting at the tail, red and inflamed skin, and some hair loss. Then apply a few drops of essential oils on the bedding and flooring to discourage the life cycle.
The flea population consists of 50% eggs, 35% larvae, 10% pupae – all of which live in the environment – and 5% adults all of which live on the dogs. Diluted essential oils can also be used directly on the dogs (not cats) to prevent fleas from jumping on board but should be used with caution – remember a dog’s sense of smell could be a thousand or more times more sensitive than yours.
She also might be constipated and might have gastrointestinal issues, he says.“That cramping issue is really a keynote,” says Blanco.
Dogs living in warmer climates have more of a problem with fleas than those living in colder climates.
Once the temperature falls below freezing for several days in a row, adult fleas outside will die but the larvae will not.

If you see Mercurius vivus or Mercurius solubilis at the health food store or your homeopath prescribes one of these, they are the same thing.“The keynotes with this remedy are again, typically bloody urine, frequent urination and one of the most important things is worse at night,” says Blanco.
This will make about 100 doses.Before administering, stir up the solution for about 30 seconds. If the UTI is showing pretty intense symptoms, dose every 15 minutes for a total of three times. If the symptoms are less intense, you can repeat it every 30 minutes for a total of three times.
If the symptoms are even less intense than that, repeat every hour for a total of three times.Administering a dose is as simple as dribbling a little bit of the solution off of a spoon onto the wet mucous membranes in the mouth, says Falconer.
It’s the same dose for any size dog.Once the dosing is complete, you’ll want to watch and see if things settle down.

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