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Dental Alert for HorsesIt is good practice to check your horse's teeth and gums on a regular basis, particularly if he is kept on pasture or turned out daily.
Local measures are important in the treatment of this acute bacterial disease, characterized by severe erosion of the gingival margins, loss of interdental papillae and extreme halitosis.
A microscopic analysis of hair or shed skin can help authentically diagnose a ringworm infection in felines. Calcaria Carbonica can be used if ringworm is present in the form of small red dots with tiny amounts of blood oozing. Lachesis can be used if your cat is extremely sensitive to touch or its skin is purple due to ulcers and coagulation.
Mercurious Solubilis can be used if your pet is very sensitive to changes in temperature both heat and cold and is always thirsty.
Rhus Tox can be used if the ringworm infection is on the face or on the genitals; your cat may be restless because of intense itching. Sepia, Sulphur and Tellurium are also prescribed based of other symptoms and condition of your cat. A homeopathic doctor should be consulted when in doubt or if a remedy does not give relief. Remedies that react adversely with previously administered remedies are called inimical remedies. If you administer a certain remedy and find it ineffective, consult a homeopathy doctor before administering another just to make sure you are not giving your pet an inimical medicine to the one previously given. All the information I provide here is free and if you want to support my work so I can continue updating this site, please share it.

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Fungal skin infections in cats are usually transmitted through soil, other pets and even infected human beings. Since homeopathic ringworm treatment for cats is completely holistic and based on the principle of “like cures like”, it can be easily administered safely as long as your cat’s symptoms lead you to believe that it is indeed a ringworm infection.
In that case, it still acts as a carrier and may pass on the infection to other pets, children or the elderly. The key remedy undoubtedly Mercurius solubilis 30c three times daily, especially where the animal's tongue looks heavily coated. Tinea also spreads on easily to other family pets, young children, elderly people or other hosts having compromised immunity. If one pet is affected, it is best to keep that pet away from others until it is cured to ensure there is no spreading of infection to other pets and humans.
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Thorns, sticks, and various other foreign objects can become stuck in the gums as well and result in an irritation, infection or even an abscess.

The disease affects the skin causing itching, dryness, dandruff, reddening, swelling and sometimes pain and irritation. Continue administering the homeopathic ringworm treatment for cats until the infection has been eradicated completely. Where improvement is slow under the influence of the former remedies and there has been much destruction of gingival tissue from the disease, consider Kali chloricum 30c three times daily.The same remedies apply to mouth infections in horses.
Different types of ringworm infections affect the different parts of feline body causing different sets of symptoms. In this guide, we will study how to treat ringworm infections in cats using homeopathic remedies.
It is not meant to be used as a diagnosis, prescription or treatment, nor is it meant to replace the medical services of a veterinary professional. Such homeopathic ringworm treatment for cats is mild, effective and devoid of harmful side effects. The remedies, approaches, and techniques described in these materials are not to be a substitute for, professional veterinary care or treatment. They should not be used to treat an ailment without prior consultation with a licensed veterinarian.

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