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Alternative medicine: A book on homeopathy and bottles of homeopathic medicine from Britain are sold on the website of Neal's Yard Remedies. Homeopathy is used worldwide and has been spreading in Japan since the late 1990s, experts say. Homeopathic principle has it that the more diluted the substance, the more powerful and effective the medicine.
There are currently 11 schools in Japan that specialize in training people to become homeopaths, according to the JPSH.
Among them, about 560 are approved by the association as homeopaths, or those who perform homeopathic treatment.
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HISTORY-Homoeopathy is a science that was discovered way back in 1790 by a German physician called Dr Samuel Hahnemann.
According to the law of SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURENTUR, the symptoms of a diseased person can be cured by administration of a drug that has been proved to produce a similar set of symptoms in a healthy human being. Ayurveda believes that all diseases originate due to derailment of the three humors of human life (Tridosha) Vaat, pitta and kaffa. Indications for use: For temporary relief of excessive appetite cravings overeating constitutional tendency to gain fat ravenous hunger cravings for sweets and starches excess weight abdominal fat and water retention. Nine medical groups, including the Japan Medical Association and the Japanese Associations of Medical Sciences, promptly supported Kanazawa’s stance, calling on members to steer clear of homeopathy. Today, more than 3,000 different kinds of flora, fauna and minerals are used as materials for making homeopathic remedies, Nakamura claims.

Although there are no data on the size of the homeopathy market in Japan, both practitioners and opponents of the therapy say that use of the alternative medicine has spread rapidly in recent years. During consultations or examinations, physicians or homeopaths ask patients not only about their illnesses, but also about their lifestyles, mental states and other factors so they can provide a holistic treatment, according to the JPSH website.
For example, it is a well-known fact that all human beings experience irritation of eyes while cutting onions.
But, Homeopathy gives the treatment to a 'whole', not restricted to the local parts of the body.
Homeopathic groups released counterarguments on their websites, arguing that many illnesses have been cured by the practice and that the evidence more than counts as scientific proof. According to the website of the Japanese Physicians Society for Homeopathy, the practice is a system of treatment that develops self-healing powers. The exact number is unknown, but the membership rosters of homeopathic groups indicate it is not small.
For those who prefer self-treatment, homeopathic medicine can be purchased online at such websites as Neal’s Yard Remedies.
The Japanese Homeopathic Medical Association, founded in 1998, has more than 1,000 members. According to the JPSH, homeopathy is practiced in over 80 countries, and in Europe, about 30 percent of people use homeopathy as a form of health care.
The association has 250 homeopathy centers across the nation where they conduct consultations.
In Britain, homeopathic medicine has been funded by the National Health Service since its inception in 1948, although the treatment has remained controversial.

Another homeopathic association, JPSH, has more than 400 physicians, veterinarians, dentists and pharmacists. Earlier this year, the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee called on the NHS to stop funding homeopathic treatment, saying that there was no scientific evidence to prove it works and that it only produces a placebo effect. Search A homeopathic remedy kit is the ideal first aid kit to have for a wide range of problems that arise from everyday living while at home or traveling. 24 comments were a response to last year’s death of an infant girl in Yamaguchi Prefecture who died of a vitamin K deficiency when a midwife allegedly gave her a homeopathic remedy instead of the vitamin. Also addresses a wide range of associated mental and emotional factors including: indifference to the way one looks or takes care of themselves aversions to work exertion or exercise. In this way, all illnesses that can be healed by such powers can be treated by homeopathy, it claims.
Having multiple homeopathics close at hand makes dealing with minor injuries like the small bruises when a young child falls or bumps into something to the more seasonal issues of colds, allergies and flu much easier to deal with.Typically when deciding on homeopathic remedies there are many different types of symptoms to look at. Either of these books makes learning about individual homeopathics and how to use them easy for the person new to homeopathy as well as a great homeopathic reference book for the person who is more experienced with choosing the correct remedy.When purchasing a home homeopathic kit, it is important to look for one that meets your needs. If you are going to be using it at home with young children you want to have remedies that are appropriate for childhood situations.
Be prepared and purchase your homeopathic remedy kit and homeopathic reference book today.What's your thoughts?

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