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Useful in diabetes and pancreatic diseases, especially in those of a tuberculous or gouty diathesis. An exceedingly good remedy in the gastrohepatic variety of diabetes and good results often follow its use. Long before the discovery of Insulin Dr.Pierre Jousset of Paris prepared a pancreatic juice on a glycerine basis which he administered to diabetic patients in doses of 10 or 20 drops a day in water and had results sufficiently good to consider pancreatic juice, orally administered, as a remedy of great value in diabetes.
A microscopic analysis of hair or shed skin can help authentically diagnose a ringworm infection in felines.
Calcaria Carbonica can be used if ringworm is present in the form of small red dots with tiny amounts of blood oozing. Lachesis can be used if your cat is extremely sensitive to touch or its skin is purple due to ulcers and coagulation.
Mercurious Solubilis can be used if your pet is very sensitive to changes in temperature both heat and cold and is always thirsty. Rhus Tox can be used if the ringworm infection is on the face or on the genitals; your cat may be restless because of intense itching. Sepia, Sulphur and Tellurium are also prescribed based of other symptoms and condition of your cat. A homeopathic doctor should be consulted when in doubt or if a remedy does not give relief.
Remedies that react adversely with previously administered remedies are called inimical remedies. If you administer a certain remedy and find it ineffective, consult a homeopathy doctor before administering another just to make sure you are not giving your pet an inimical medicine to the one previously given. All the information I provide here is free and if you want to support my work so I can continue updating this site, please share it. Chlorinum, or Chlorum, works to treat chlorine sensitivity for those who love swimming pools, but afterwards suffer. Homeopathy seeks to naturally stimulate the body’s natural defenses against allergy symptoms. Suggested dose for chlorination concerns: Dose 1 day prior to swimming and day following exposure. If you wish to experiment with homeopathic medicines, here are ten medicines that are used for common ailments. It is generally recommended that people treat themselves for non-threatening acute conditions only and obtain professional care for chronic or potential dangerous health conditions. Allium cepa (onion): Because it is known to cause tearing of the eyes and dripping of the nose, it is a frequent remedy for the common cold and hay fever, especially when there is a thin, watery, and burning nasal discharge that irritates the nostrils.
Chamomilla (chamomille): Many parents owe their sleep to homeopathy, not because it helps them directly, but because it is so good for their infant.
Magnesia phosphorica (phosphate of magnesia): This is the most effective remedy for cramps, including menstrual cramps.
Nux vomica (poison nut): This is the premier medicine for ailments exacerbated by conventional or recreational drugs. Pulsatilla (windflower): Perhaps the most commommon remedy given to both children and women, this medicine is not indicated for a specific disease but for a specific pattern of physical symptoms and psychological characteristics. Homeopathy is highly effective in the treatment of allergies and fully capable of stimulating the organism to heal to the point of complete relief from all allergy symptoms. Homeopaths believe there is an association between allergies, skin problems (such as eczema and hives) and asthma. Many of us have suffered from allergies at one time in our life, and usually the best treatment offered was symptomatic relief through avoidance of the allergen or through medication. Venting clothes dryers outside is important, as is removing damp clothes from the washer quickly so mold does not accumulate.
Success in the homeopathic treatment of any disease depends on following the principles laid down in the philosophy of Hahnemann and expounded by the wisest of his followers as they interpreted these principles in terms which present day prescribers can understand. This means the gathering of symptoms, the arrangement of them for study into the three classes mentioned, making the spiritual the most important, the mental next and the physical last, also making the symptoms predicated of the patient as a whole far more important than those predicated of one part or only a few parts. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which our body’s use of food for production of energy is affected.
URANIUM NITRICUM: This remedy works wonder in patients suffering ascites with general dropsy as a result of diabetes. INSULINUM: Administer this remedy in 30x potency at suitable intervals in diabetes mellitus to improve functioning of pancreas. Back pain or backache is defined as pain or discomfort felt in the upper, middle and lower back, arising from structures in the back like muscles, nerves, bones or ligament.
The aim of homeopathy is not only to treat pain in back, but to address its underlying cause and individual susceptibility of the patient. Colocynthis- Pain in the back is so severe that makes patient unable to walk or stand which finally settles down on the upper part of the thigh and buttock. Abdominal pain is a feeling of discomfort along with pain in the part of the body between lower chest and pelvis. Peptic ulcer – Mucosal ulceration near the acid bearing regions of the gastrointestinal tract, pain characteristically sharply circumscribed to an area about 1 inch in diameter between xephoid and umbilicus. Acute appendicitis – Severe colicky pain initially felt in umbilical region and after few hours the pain localizes to the right iliac fossa.
Abdominal angina – Due to chronic intestinal ischemia in which there is post prandial pain usually cramping and radiates to the back. Other causes – Include gastroenteritis, meckel’s diverticulitis, intestinal obstruction, ulcerative colitis, porphyria, pneumonia, indigestion, ruptured spleen, ectopic pregnancy, hepatitis, endometriosis, gastritis etc. Homeopathy started about 200 years ago with a discovery by a German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann. ULCERATIVE COLITIS (UC) is a disease in which the lining of the large intestine (colon) becomes inflamed.
Other symptoms may be fever, fatigue, weight loss, loss of appetite, anaemia from loss of blood, pus in the stool, malnutrition and slow growth in children.
UC can also affect parts of the body outside the colon, causing skin sores, mouth sores, joint pain, and inflammation of the eyes, the liver, the kidneys or the gallbladder.
Homeopathic medicines Merc Sol, Merc Cor, Sulphur and Phosphorus are a few of the important ones used in treating ulcerative colitis.
My wife is suffering with UC, now condition is better and taking mesacol 800 two times daily.what is homeopathic treatment for permanent solution and no side effect.
I am suffering UC from the last 5 years, Now I am taking Medicine Mesacol400, 2 Tabs per day and Normaxin RD 1 Tab in empty stomach morning.
I have been suffering in ulcerative colitis since 2012.I taken Vegaz OD and azo ran 50 daIlyich.
Suffering from inflammatory bowel disease , left side, for the last 2 years and taking mesalazine oral pellets.

Dear sir i m suffering from uc from last 8 month rt now i ve suffering problem when passing stool every time of stool first comes mucus with blood.
Sir I am suffering from ulcerative colitis from last 1 Year, kindly suggest me some medicine. Sir mai uc se 9 month se paresaan hu kya homeopathic me iska pura ilaaj hai pls sir tell us. I want to know that in ulcerative colitis disease, how long time I take homeopathic medicines. Amanda, from my reading and research your husband should start doing garlic enemas daily and eat raw garlic regularly.
I HAVE DIGNOSED IBD HAVING MULTIPLE TINY ULCER IN THE COLON AREA MY STOOL COMES SMALL PICES WHEN RELEASED FROM THE RECTUM MY PRESENT MEDICINE IS MESACOL-800MG TAKEN SINCE JAN 2015. I have been suffering from ulcerative colits for last 10 years and on strong elopathy medicine called Mescol 800 TDS,& Stariods ominacrtil 40mg etc since then, frequent stool, mucus and pain in right side. One and half year back, I felt severe pain in left flank area and I had to rush to hospital where they gave me painkillers and after some tests, I was diagnosed with a very tiny 0.25mm stone which was all clear in next few weeks. But even then the pain in left flank area does not went away and I can feel the pain after the gap of few days. Now it is one and half year but pain of left flank area and pain on left front abdomen (immediately below the ribs) still exists and before it was after the gap of few days but now it is almost daily.
I went to an alopathic doctor who told me after few tests that you might have colitis and prescribed some laxatives, antibiotics, pain killers, etc. I want to do homeopathic treatment therefore request you if any doctor can prescribe me any homeo medicine please.
It suits cases due to grief, worriment and anxiety, those who are indifferent and apathetic, poor in mental and physical force. No remedy has dryness of the lips as a symptom of hepatic disorder more marked than Bryonia, and this is often one of the first symptom of diabetes. Fungal skin infections in cats are usually transmitted through soil, other pets and even infected human beings. Since homeopathic ringworm treatment for cats is completely holistic and based on the principle of “like cures like”, it can be easily administered safely as long as your cat’s symptoms lead you to believe that it is indeed a ringworm infection. In that case, it still acts as a carrier and may pass on the infection to other pets, children or the elderly. Sensitivity may show as respiratory symptoms such as wheezing, sneezing or skin symptoms such as hives or eczema.
This allows the natural defenses to properly adapt to the allergen and no longer react to it adversely. Homeopathic potenized allergens balance and allow the body to react less frequently and less severely to allergens.
If swimming daily, dose before and after swimming.General dose for chronic conditions is 3 pellets 3 times a day with less frequent dosing as improvement is made.
The selection of remedy is based upon the theory of individualization and symptoms similarity by using holistic approach.
Containing a known allergen just under the surface of skin, if there is reaction, it means test is positive and if skin does not react in any way this will indicate a negative result. Generally, if there is minor pain or discomfort, you should take the medicine three times a day, stopping once health has been restored. Typically, the person’s symptoms are worse in a warm room and are relieved in a cool room or in the open air. It is also a common remedy for treating symptoms of overeating or from drinking too much alcohol. It is best not to suppress the symptoms of the skin or mucous membranes since that can actually drive the process of irritation further into the system, creating such conditions as asthma or perhaps joint problems. Keeping windows closed during the summer and fall when the allergens are high in the air can be of help.
Most of the food we eat is carbohydrates, and this is broken down by the digestive juices into a simple sugar called glucose. No other remedy causes such a marked degree of diminution and disappearance of sugar in the urine.This remedy acts rapidly and reduces extra sugar immediately.
3 to 4 drops of mother ticture, 3 times a day are to be given to the patient till his thirst and hunger return to normal. It was usually associated with certain medical conditions such as spine curvature, tumor, infection etc. For this patient’s current symptoms, past medical history and family history are taken into account.
Especially suited to people working for long hours in an air-conditioned office and sitting in a chair for long periods. The abdominal cavity consist various structures like stomach, liver, gall bladder, small intestine, large intestine, pancreas, kidney, cecum, appendix, ureter, spleen and also possesses abdominal muscles. This inflammation leads to the formation of raw sores, or ulcers, causing pain and bloody diarrhea.
Vikas Sharma ) was earlier published in The Tribune(north India’s largest circulated daily newspaper).
She is taking allopathy medicines prescribed by gastroenterologist- sazo500 thrice a day since a year. For the last few days I have been having stomach cramps at times along with rectal discomfort accompanied by blood in stools.
Stool is not hard but full evacuation needs almost half hour time and I could not leave in between because I can feel that next part is coming and it does come. I thought that stone still exists but after 6 months I did CT scan again and found that stone was all clear.
It is unquestionably curative of diabetes mellitus in the early stages, great debility and bruised feeling in the muscles. Natrum sulphuricum corresponds to the hydrogenoid constitution, with dry mouth and throat,and Arsenicum should be studied in diabetic gangrene, thirst and emaciation.
The symptoms are: urinates copiously and freely, urine light yellow and saccharine, thirst, nausea, debility, voracious appetite and costive bowels. There is a persistent bitter taste, the patient is languid, morose and dispirited, thirst may not be extreme nor the appetite voracious, the patient may lose strength through inability to eat. Cartier, his practical successor, praised it insisted on smaller doses given by mouth as larger doses and hypodermic injections of it had no effect in ordinary diabetes. Tinea also spreads on easily to other family pets, young children, elderly people or other hosts having compromised immunity.
If one pet is affected, it is best to keep that pet away from others until it is cured to ensure there is no spreading of infection to other pets and humans. This is the only way through which a state of complete health can be regained by removing all the sign and symptoms from which the patient is suffering.

If there is more severe the pain, you can consider taking the medicine every one to three hours, decreasing the doses as symptoms are reduced. The infant cries incessantly, and nothing seems to provide any relief, except carrying them, and even then, the crying begins recurs as soon as the parent puts the child down. It is one of the leading homeopathic medicines for acute grief, anxiety, and depression, especially after a death or separation from a loved one. Psychologically, they are a gentle, mind, and yielding person, with a quickly changing emotional state and a strong tendency to want to please others. It is also often given to people with the flu or arthritis who experience this similar rusty gate syndrome.
Running a clean air conditioner in the summer months may also help take mold out of the air. He has high blood pressure also.This patient may have hidden suicidal tendencies,fear of crowd. There are many homeopathic remedies which cover the symptoms of back pain and lumbago and can be selected on the basis of cause, location, sensation, modalities and extension of the pain.
UC usually begins gradually with bloody diarrhea, rectal bleeding, cramps or pain in the belly, and growing urgency to move the bowels.
During flare ups I have to go to the loo about 8-9 times with semi solid stools with blood. After this I felt some relief but some days later ei after 15 days I felt pain, nausea,vomiting,light fever lost of appetied and weight lost.
There will be loss of appetite, sometimes unquenchable thirst and perhaps the patient will be troubled with boils. Sudden and extreme dryness of the mouth and marked physical restlessness are also guiding symptoms to this remedy, especially with a dark watery stool. Baker advises the homoeopathic strengths of Insulin 3d to 30th and reports happy results therefrom.
The disease affects the skin causing itching, dryness, dandruff, reddening, swelling and sometimes pain and irritation.
Continue administering the homeopathic ringworm treatment for cats until the infection has been eradicated completely. The aim of homeopathy is not only to treat allergy but to address its underlying cause and individual susceptibility. If you do not observe some improvement after 24 hours in an acute condition, the medicine is probably not the correct one. A low-fat diet is recommended and avoiding foods that are mucus producing, such as dairy, yeast, and sweets, is important. After digestion, the glucose passes into our bloodstream where it is available for body cells to use for growth and energy. For individualized remedy selection and treatment of back pain, the patient should consult a qualified homeopathic doctor in person. The aim of homeopathy is not only to treat pain but to address its underlying cause and individual susceptibility.
When patients pass large quantities of pale colorless urine or where there is much phosphatic deposit in the urine it is the remedy. Acetic acid is also a valuable diabetic remedy, and it has passing of large quantities of pale urine, intense thirst, hot, dry skin and marked debility Carbolic acid may also be found useful. Different types of ringworm infections affect the different parts of feline body causing different sets of symptoms. As far as therapeutic medication is concerned; several well-proved remedies are available for homeopathic treatment of allergy that can be selected on the basis of cause, location, sensation, modalities and extension of the complaints. It is particularly indicated when a woman’s cramps cause her to bend over and when they experience some relief from warm applications. We strive to learn the patient’s reactions to the disorder present, reactions in the spiritual, mental and physical spheres.
Insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas, facilitates the entry of glucose into our cells.
For individualized remedy selection and treatment, the patient should consult a qualified homeopathic doctor in person. Symptoms asking for Merc Cor are nearly the same as those of Merc Sol; it is only the intensity which contributes to the selection.
It is when the disease is due to assimilative derangements that Uranium is the remedy, and symptoms such as defective digestion, languor, debility and much sugar in the urine, enormous appetite and thirst, yet the patient continues to emaciate. Chionanthus is a remedy used by the Eclectic School upon the indications of thirst, frequent and copious urine; constipation with stools light colored, devoid of bile.
Boericke says that it maintains the blood sugar at a normal level and the urine remains free of sugar. In this guide, we will study how to treat ringworm infections in cats using homeopathic remedies. We become acquainted with him and try to separate the abnormal or morbid in his case from that which is normal. When we eat, the pancreas is supposed to produce the right amount of insulin to move the glucose from our blood into our cells. This remedy can be given in 30x ,3times a day in starting and gradually reducing it to twice a day.
Syzygium jambolanum is a remedy capable of diminishing the amount of sugar in the urine, especially when used in the tincture and lower triturations, and some cases have been reported cured, but it cannot be considered a reliable drug , and its use seems entirely palliative. Epileptic convulsions and mental derangements have been produced by hypodermic use of this hormone. Such homeopathic ringworm treatment for cats is mild, effective and devoid of harmful side effects. In diabetics, the pancreas either produces little or no insulin, or the body cells do not respond to the insulin that is produced. Due to this, glucose levels rise in the blood, floods into the urine and passes out of the body, making the body lose its main source of fuel.
Phosphorus is indicated in cases which have painless and profuse stool passed involuntarily and freely.
Hahnemann suggests the use of this remedy in diuresis, it is decided use in diabetes insipidus. It has polyuria, intense itching of the skin, especially upon the upper surface of the thighs.

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